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Photos: *Brazenly* Red.

This afternoon, I had my hair coloured red as a model at Hankel Malaysia, at Menara TM, Bangsar.

It is actually supposed to be a surprise! Hehe. I was told the day before about it only!

The saloon has many trainees coming from many hair academies all over to work on their friends that they ask to come in as models. They even work on each other....(that's a way to get free hair colouring services eh?) ;-) As for the colours on the hair....*well*, let's just say that it is not something that you can have for your hair colour if you want to work as a judge or wear in to court leh.

The hair colour brand used on me is from Schwarkorf.

The person working on me, Kelly, is local but educated in Kiwi for more than a decade. She has a nice Kiwi accent, but she speaks Cantonese quite fluently though being abroad so long.

Kelly first dyed the ends of my hair with 9% Hydrogen Peroxide. Then after, she waited about 20 minutes. The roots she dyed with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. I think she waited about the same time as well after that.
When my hair was dyed on the roots, there was first a cold sensation. Then a stinging sensation all over the scalp, but not focused in one area alone.
After which, she washed my hair. I am told not to wash my hair for the next two days so that the hair colour will not lose its vibrancy. The whole procedure took about almost 2 hours plus.

Well, I am still in shock with the results! Will put up the pictures later.

You have to be a judge of whether you need sunglasses the next time you see me!

From this.....

To this.............



Tell me which is scarier, ......the *colour* or the *look*?


w3s said...


w3s said...

Just joking..

But I can boldly say, "GREEN IS WORST!"

& I used 2 have that.. & get tons of stares as though I am some endangered species in a cage..

cheayee said...

whahahah. You mean you looked like an iguana just released from the zoo?

Ha ha hah

I saw a guy with blue hair yesterday at the saloon. He had very very fair skin.
He looked a bit like Lee Hom. Cute though! *lolz*

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