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Art: Snake Bangles

Ok, yesterday I went to watch War of the Worlds at GSC 1Utama with some friends.

The movie was......indescribably *incredulous* in plot........*seriously*.

I have no idea what exactly the movie was trying to portray to us..

Ok, next time I will try to read between the plot before deciding to watch it.

But nevermind, the company yesterday more or less made up for the less of the plot.

Ha ha.

There are some things running through my mind now...but nah. I won't share it with you guys.
Just something I have gotta think about.

I was complaining about the sun being really harsh on my skin to my mother, so she got me these green arm covers (which the administrator had chosen the colours apparently) to block away the sun. I had to pay her back of course. My mom is not so generous!

I was driving the children back when I asked Nicholas.N if he knew Lilian wore a jacket , but instead Nicholas.C told me the answer instead! I asked him how he knew, and he told me that he saw Lilian wearing it everyday. Lilian sends Nicholas N back every day.

Eh? Didn't I ask Nicholas N ?

Why is it that Nicholas C is the one answering instead?

This morning, Angel's mother asked me for another sheet of the paper with the url of the online gallery. Apparently, she has given it to Zhi En's mother, whose son is Angel's cousin and is also studying in the same school but a year senior than Angel.

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