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Classroom expectations

Yesterday I made a point of printing out the addresses of the online gallery I had created, and this morning I passed out pieces of paper with the hyperlink address of my online galleries. I have emailed the parents a while ago, but a lot of them had no email addresses or had neglected to give me theirs since the schooling year started.

I did not give the children any free choice activities this morning as I had to handle a reading session with another class
*And when they are up,
They are up!
And when they are down,
They are down!
And when they are only halfway up,
They are neither up nor down!*

This refrain from a well known nursery exactly captures the scene at our class today!
The children were up and about and practically could not sit down.

I know that the children in the original Casa De Bambini had such discipline and were so well and orderly as detailed by Montessori in her book. But I think for my children, it would be a long time before they could even reach such feats. The children in her school spent the whole day in school (meaning they spend almost 9 hours in school!), and have the time to work on whatever materials they want.

According to my course mate, even the children in her Children's House school could only be normalized (as in be disciplined) at about the age of 6, what more so are my children at the age of 3 and 4 only.

So I should not expect too much or too soon for mine yet! The children are able to help out in cleaning up the class, packing the materials and things away, and even take the initiative to help without asking. I should thank my lucky stars that they are capable of this much.
One thing I can say is that when they start running up and moving about, it takes totally forever for them to settle down!

Ok, my point is, the children drive me *NUTS* everyday..and almost on a daily basis.......
but I still *love* them!!

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