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A case of suspect ADHD.

Today, the kids were pretty active. I would say that they are active *everyday*, but it seems like they took forever to settle down today. More so, with two new kids in tow. The two have been in our school for about a week. The elder one, about 3 is a suspect case of ADHD whilst the younger one seems pretty normal.

JW: He is a suspect case for ADHD. Although so, he seems pretty intelligent. He is able to read short phrases and sound out letters of the alphabet, recite from rote memory numbers 1-50. However he seems to have trouble socialising with the other children and his speech was not intelligible.

The principal noted that he could not sit still for a moment and was always running from place to the other. In fact, today he ran from one place to the other, and was crying and crying and screaming half the time in class. His grandmother, who was with him, could not do anything about it, but just watch and restrain him each time he became disruptive.

The principal had informed that if that be the case, the current school settings may not be suitable, nor relevant to this child, as his ways are pretty disruptive. Probably even in a play school, although mine is not one. However, the principal seemed to have conceded today, and said that if he comes with a guardian, which would be a domestic help, who would be able to give him personal one-to-one attention, then he could stay under observation for a period of time.

The grandmother agreed to do so. However, the parents did not agree but has agreed to seek professional help. Well!

I am not sure how the parents will take to it. ADHD is a genetic disorder, which is something still new to Asians. It something which is due to nerve imbalance, and needs the medication, Ritalin to help the child gain control of his hormones. Whether the parents are accepting of this fact or whether they deny it or not, they have the responsibility to take the child for professional diagnosis and observation.

The sooner they are able to look into this child's case and deal with it, the better it would be for the child. Because if steps of precaution are not taken now, it could adversely affect the child in terms of emotional, social and mental growth. More so as he grows into an adult, and he may think that there is something wrong with him, when in all, he was just misunderstood, without proper help from authorities in charge.

I just found out that another child in school may be a suspect for Tourette Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder characterised by tics, involuntary, rapid, sudden movements that occur repeatedly in the same way.

And all this while, we thought that the girl was normal. But then again, the girl did not have normal physical appearance to begin with. Her facial muscles already show it, but we are still unaware of it. These children in class will have to learn to socialise with other children. Regardless of whether they have ADHD or Tourette Syndrome.

Banyak orang. Banyak ragam.

1st May 2013: (8 years later!): 
Thanks to a reader, Mitko Ivanov who brought my notice to the broken link for ADHD on this post.

He also recommended me to add a link to this post, which is a work by Gabriel Hershman: "The hidden price of ADHD"

17th October 2018:
13 years later, someone sends me an email from a mental health site. Hence I write an updated post here:  ADHD vs Autism Spectrum.


Final Organ music class!: 

Anyway, I finally had my last music lesson for today! He he.....well, temporarily anyway. I have been suffering a burn-out for many things, and I really need to focus my time and energy on things which are more relevant in my life now. Well, I am taking a break from music lessons for a while, and would like to see how it would affect me as time passes. Well, I still have my final month deposit for my music lesson. So there, I can't miss out on it even if I want to!

Dog to the Vet: 
Just brought my dog to the vet for vaccination. The vets are having a Pet Vaccination Campaign this month. It is about RM25 now, whereas normally the vets charge RM45. Since Bobby is a puppy, it needs about 3 jabs over the series of 9 weeks. Oh well. Better jab than have rabies!!

The vet, a Dr.Bun was very friendly..ok. You could say this could be attest to the fact that the clinic was pretty empty except for the barkings of the dogs behind the vet. I must have spent about an hour at the waiting, including the waiting time. (The vet was out for a while).


april yim said...

I myself have ADHD actually. It was quite bad until very recently it toned down abit.

It felt like I had to feed on attention to live. My parent;s didn't realise this was happeneing until some friends asked me if I lacked attention sometimes. But it wasn't so bad until I had to take medication.

cheayee said...

Hmmm...could you care to share more about it?

I mean, more so from an adult's point of view would be good.

Well, firstly, how did you find out that you do have it?
If I look at it from that way, I will probably think that I suffer from it..*lolz* Ha ha...

But did you go for professional counselling or anything of that sort?

Benoit Lapierre said...

ah ouais c super des blog évangiliste

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