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Art: Snake Bangles


Art: Snake Bangles

Ok, yesterday I went to watch War of the Worlds at GSC 1Utama with some friends.

The movie was......indescribably *incredulous* in plot........*seriously*.

I have no idea what exactly the movie was trying to portray to us..

Ok, next time I will try to read between the plot before deciding to watch it.

But nevermind, the company yesterday more or less made up for the less of the plot.

Ha ha.

There are some things running through my mind now...but nah. I won't share it with you guys.
Just something I have gotta think about.

I was complaining about the sun being really harsh on my skin to my mother, so she got me these green arm covers (which the administrator had chosen the colours apparently) to block away the sun. I had to pay her back of course. My mom is not so generous!

I was driving the children back when I asked Nicholas.N if he knew Lilian wore a jacket , but instead Nicholas.C told me the answer instead! I asked him how he knew, and he told me that he saw Lilian wearing it everyday. Lilian sends Nicholas N back every day.

Eh? Didn't I ask Nicholas N ?

Why is it that Nicholas C is the one answering instead?

This morning, Angel's mother asked me for another sheet of the paper with the url of the online gallery. Apparently, she has given it to Zhi En's mother, whose son is Angel's cousin and is also studying in the same school but a year senior than Angel.
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*Iguanas* ahoy!


*Iguanas* ahoy!

I was coming through the gate this afternoon when I saw this *huge* iguana at the garden patch of my gate....when it saw me, it quickly crawled into the litter cubicle & disappeared. first instinct was...Bobby!!

So I went and looked for it.

It was alive.....

*heaves with relief*

When my mom came home later, she told me about the iguana that had come in in the morning.
Apparently the dog was so scared it started barking so loud.
Obviously my dad came out to check what the matter was...

The dog was so frightened that it refused to go back into the cage...


The iguana is huge enough that it can swallow Bobby, you know?

I had meant to take my dog for vaccination, but I guess not today?
Nah..that's also coz the maid is away somewhere else today as well.
Classroom expectations


Classroom expectations

Yesterday I made a point of printing out the addresses of the online gallery I had created, and this morning I passed out pieces of paper with the hyperlink address of my online galleries. I have emailed the parents a while ago, but a lot of them had no email addresses or had neglected to give me theirs since the schooling year started.

I did not give the children any free choice activities this morning as I had to handle a reading session with another class
*And when they are up,
They are up!
And when they are down,
They are down!
And when they are only halfway up,
They are neither up nor down!*

This refrain from a well known nursery exactly captures the scene at our class today!
The children were up and about and practically could not sit down.

I know that the children in the original Casa De Bambini had such discipline and were so well and orderly as detailed by Montessori in her book. But I think for my children, it would be a long time before they could even reach such feats. The children in her school spent the whole day in school (meaning they spend almost 9 hours in school!), and have the time to work on whatever materials they want.

According to my course mate, even the children in her Children's House school could only be normalized (as in be disciplined) at about the age of 6, what more so are my children at the age of 3 and 4 only.

So I should not expect too much or too soon for mine yet! The children are able to help out in cleaning up the class, packing the materials and things away, and even take the initiative to help without asking. I should thank my lucky stars that they are capable of this much.
One thing I can say is that when they start running up and moving about, it takes totally forever for them to settle down!

Ok, my point is, the children drive me *NUTS* everyday..and almost on a daily basis.......
but I still *love* them!!
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A wise man overlooks an insult.

A wise man overlooks an insult.

Proverbs 12:16: A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent and wise man overlooks an insult.

Proverbs 17:19-10: He who covers an offence promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends. A rebuke impresses a man of discernment more than a hundred lashes a fool.

I was driving back on Tuesday afternoon when this truth was brought home to me. When I say insult, I mean for example, when a driver is driving his car, and the person can see the signs made by some other driver in another car.

Yes, I was almost pissed off by watching some people drive & the signs they made. But I tried to take it *coolly*

This also applies when a salesperson is trying to sell you a product and deems you a loser or someone who is not goal-driven when you do not purchase the product. Bad move, Audrey!

Why did I think of it? The verse just came to my mind as I was preparing my lunch earlier. I rarely read the book of Proverbs, but sometimes the word just comes to me....and the Word (Logos) just became Rhema.
You know what? I felt much more at peace after that.

I brought this up with my administrator this afternoon. (27/7). And she said that was an *immensely* wise proverb! Having lived through it, I realised the wisdom of it.

How many times have we been offended by what someone else had said, and we get all pissed and angry with hatred, whilst the other person probably didn't even realise it at all. I know that happened with my case of JK.It took me a while to forgive him over some petty issue, but I am glad that it is over....

When we let our anger get a hold of our emotions, we get angry and say things which we may regret later. I have done that many many times...and I tell you, when that happens, it is not easy to take back the words that you have said.

Even harder is to apologise to the other party.

So, seriously, if it is something petty, try to control your anger and cool down before making decisions. You will be glad you let yourself cool down.
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Your sons shall prophesy, and old men dream dreams.

Your sons shall prophesy, and old men dream dreams.

I was reading some chapters in the Old Testament yesterday and I came upon some verses that reminded me of a conversation I had with my dad last week.

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: Joel 2:28

And I will cause wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below-- blood and fire and clouds of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon will turn bloodred, before that great and glorious day of the Lord arrives. And anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Acts 2:19-21)

But seeing visions in bright day light?





I was on my way to prayer meet last Friday when I asked my dad this question.

Did he ever had a vision from God?

I really was curious, as I had never once in all my life actually asked him this question.


He said yes!

My dad told me he actually had a vision from God about the time I was still in elementary school.

He said it was about 4-5 years after he had accepted Christ and was driving. (I don't know where the locations were.....coz he got me so confused, but he said something about near where my grandmother used to live).

He said he saw a flight of golden stairs going up the the one that Jacob saw in his dreams... *woah*. It was for almost less than 15 seconds, and then it disappeared. It was *that* brief.

There were no angels.

There were no cherubims.

There was no bright light shining down from heaven.

The heavens did not break forth with *singing* and no angels were dancing

But there was a flight of stairs.

I was pretty surprised when I heard it. My dad said that was the only time he had ever had a vision in his entire years after having accepted Christ. He had never told me this ALL these years!


My mom said that only those who are close to God will He reveal His visions.

I do not agree.

I think that God only gives visions to those He wants to show them a vision of Himself, or those who seeks it. Or, mostly to those who are seeking for an answer.

Sometimes God chooses the ones who dont even seek for a vision, but is a result of many prayers by the loved ones of the said person.

But one thing I agree. If God gives you a vision, you would never forget it till the day you die.

This was so for Joseph. He was hated by his brothers for his dreams!

************************************************************************************* Ok. I am worried. I am really worried.

I am worried that he will die.

When I hear these news of people who die in earthquakes, or tall buildings shaking, panic just strikes me.

I try not to get paranoid, nor show it.

But I do.

I just dont like to feel so worried.

But I am.

I really am. I don't want to worry about him. It is not my place to think of such things.

I care a lot that I worry too much sometimes!

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If Men Were Like Buses.


If Men Were Like Buses.

God bless me.

God makes me fertile.

I am going to have lots and lots of babies.

God give me my period back.

*Waha ha hahahhahahahahaah*.

I took this off Char's blog.......

So curi-curi yeah...okay lar..

It's a summary..but you get the gist. If you want to read the longer detailed one go here.

If Men Were Like Buses, How Do I Catch One? By Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Answer: You only take the the bus that is headed the RIGHT direction.

Whenever you meet a man, you need to get clearance from God, check out his attributes, and then allow your heart to engage.

Friendship is two people walking together in agreement and accountability, learning and growing together.
Courtship follows the mutual agreement to commit to one another exclusively. It is the decisive turning towards the agreed upon goal of the marriage altar.

A checklist in comparing it to clothes shopping.

1. Check out the fabric.

Is he mate material?

Does he care what God thinks about his behaviour?

Who is he accountable to should he decide to make decisions?
Accountability is an important factor to maintaining a committed relationshp.

Do you have common interest and values and agree on the same things?
Like minded folks fare better together.

Do you both want to get married? If a guy says he's not looking for anything serious, take his words seriously. If he's not going in your direction, get off the bus & wait for the right one.

2. Does this man want you? Is he pursuing you?

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22). is the THE MAN that FINDs the Wife.

A man should recognise you the woman, as the pearl of great price in his life and is willing to sell all in order to gain your hand.

So women, take the chill pill. Relax, sit prety and allow yourself to be found.

WAIT until the man voices his intentions. He should take the lead in establishing the relationshp. Allow him the opportunity to woo you. This is your first act of submission. Jesus set the standard for all men to follow. They should love us first. And they should lead the relationship.

3. This man in your life should not desire to move into your home, only into your heart.

A man should have the means to be a suitable lover for you.

4. Check out his buddies.

A man's pals tells you a lot about the person that you haven't seen yet. They reveal things about the guy's character that might be hidden when he is on good behaviour.

5. Check out his relationship with his mother.

How a man treats his wife will be an indicator of how he treats you. Unresolved issues will continue between husband and wife.

How does he talk to his mother?

How does he treat his sisters?

6. Remember that a man's family reveals the cloth from which he's cut.

Take note and decide whether you want your future with the man in your life to look like his present family situation.

7. Check out the patterns of his life.

Do you see repeated cycles of drama in his personal kingdom?

Broken relationships?

Does he embrace responsibility or shirk it?

Is he always changing jobs?

Can he keep his promises?

Can he keep his commitments?

8. Does this man have a vision for his life?

Is he running with that vision?

Is he guided by a sense of destiny and purpose, or does he just allow life to happen around him?

A man who is not certain of his mission can be a most miserable person- and you'll be miserable too if you know where YOU want to go in life.

A man who has vision is not intimidated by a woman whose mission statement is clear.

A man who shirks from his responsibilities as the father is LAZY (in Capital letters).

We are looking for a man who will be priest and leader of his home. His first instinct should be want to cover you, redeem you, and provide for you.

Your job is to decide if this is the man God has ordained for you to complement.

9. Complementary.

Do your talents and gifts complement his? Does his to yours?

What about your temperaments?

Can you co-ordinate your gifts in an attractive and effective way?

If I find that I am going to have to buy shoes and matching accessories o go with a new outfit, I leave it right on the rack. It is too expensive a proposition.

Is this relationshp expensive spiritually, emotionally or physically?

Does your longing for a mate make you willing to forfeit who you are in the process?

Any relationship that causes you to feel unworthy, unlovely, unacceptable, undesirable or that you have to work for love, is too expensive!

10. Does he have a healthy love & acceptance of himself?

Has he taken time to heal himself from past hurts and relationships?

How he cares for himself is how he will care for you.

A man's relationshp with God is crucial here. His love for himself will only be as strong as his love for God. This is not something you can impart. You cannot be his saviour or teacher. That is out of spiritual order.

If you and your man can't soar in the Spirit, when the force of your love for another is tested by the pull or gravity of the world, your union will not be able to survive. So you decide.

How much is your life worth? How much is your love worth?

You will be able to accept only what you believe you deserve. God himself calculated the worth of your love as a bride, and decided it was worth His life. He now pledges you His Love for eternity.
Yes, Jesus sets the example for all others to follow when He paid the ransom for His bride. Should you expect any less from a mortal man?

Throughout the biblical age, men were willing to pay the cost for the hand that they desired. The truth of the matter is, everyone knows that anythng worth having, costs.

And no one gets a ride in this life for free.
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JK's birthday.


JK's birthday.

Talk about caffeine overdose. Okay, let's just say that it is not good to have that coz I would start ranting rubbish when that happens. Amos had a dose of it...*lolz*....Well, serves me right for wanting to go shopping on a Sunday noon. When Amos called on the same afternoon, I was talking rubbish through the phone coz I was halfway sleeping at almost 2.....ha ha ha...

My Sunday was spent mostly sleeping. Oh well. Ha ha.

I didn't join the Connections on Saturday, but made my way straight to Midvalley on Sat after PDL. It was to celebrate JK's bday mostly. PG brought me to this place called Gusto near Li Shuan's Passion Cafe. Then we went home about 12. ( I remember the time coz my watch was ringing really loudly!). No pictures this week, except for JK and PG...but *nah*, I dont feel like putting up any of their pictures. If you want, go through the archives.

I will be busy this weekend onwards as I will be having classes weekly on Fridays and fornightly on Saturdays. It will be good to catch up Mr. Chang and Dr.Leow after a long lapse. I was afraid my grey cells would be going into hibernation. My Semester 2 will end sometime in October, but classes will not be that often though.

Anyway, this coming week is the end of our PDL, so it will be a Saturday of testimonies, yummy food and lots of fellowship and hand clapping. I wont be able to go out for 2nd round with them *just to tell you guys in advance, yeah!* as I have to turn in early for Sunday (have song-leading duty lar!). If anyone else wants to join us, please come and do so. but actually, anyone can join us anytime, regardless of the events. The more, the merrier!
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Anecdote: Children's *inane* memories!


Anecdote: Children's *inane* memories!

I remembered something amusing that happened yesterday when I was sending the kids back. I was in the car, and was waiting for the kids to come out. As the children entered the car, I was looking at this coupon from Mcdonald's.

XinQiao saw me looking at it. When she entered the car, she asked me if I was going to get lunch?
I said no. Then I asked, you saw the coupon from Mcdonald's earlier, isn't it? She nodded yes. Then I said, I wasn't sure yet, that maybe I would or would not go to Mcdonald's for lunch. She looked so disappointed!
Why, are you disappointed that I am not going to McDonald's? She said no and looked away...
So I started teasing sure or not?? And then I started to laugh.

Well, today, the children were already gathered in the car. As I drove off, the first thing that Jasper, who was sitting in the front seat asked, teacher, your lunch? My lunch is in the fridge. It is waiting for me in the fridge.


Well, my point is, sometimes children remember the most *inane* things that you would never expect them to remember at all!!

Nico is like the most disgustingly affectionate girl I know. I was in the office right before I left, and she came down to the office. So I gave her a hug. And then I told her to go. She went out the office into the Red class.
I went in to get some files just before leaving and she was there in the classroom.
I asked her, do you want another hug?
She said yes. Then I went into the office. She followed me in.

Why did you come into the office?
I came to look for you mah.
Okay, I give you another hug. *and hugs her*.
I think you better go up, or else your teacher will come look for you.
When I go out the office, she followed. Then I gave her another hug.
Okay, okay. You better go up.
As I left, I waved good bye to her.
She ran and shouted to me, Bye-bye teacher.
Okay, Bye-Bye Nico.
I love you teacher!!!
Ok, I love you too, Nico.!!


Anyways to digress, something happened to Bobby. He hasn't been barking for two days. When my dad was leaving the house, the dog was still unbound. The dog got "caught" in by the electrical gate....(which is how my neighbour's dog died!). I thnk the dog may still be in a shock, as he has not been barking for a while....!

I just found out that XiaXue's blog has been hacked.Kenny Sia's relationship with his gf is...*well* a bit cold. Well, stranger things have happened, isn't it? But one thing. It does serve to say that nothing is permanent. Even popularity. And with pride, Pride comes before a Fall !

And oh yeah, about time I changed my passwords!! You'd never guess what I use for mine!
Montessori: Transferring buttons (using tongs).


Montessori: Transferring buttons (using tongs).

The most interesting thing happened today. After break, I was at the store room looking for some art materials when I heard a loud booming music. Initially I thought it was one of the other classes doing their dance practice so I didn't bother. When I came out, I saw the children running back and forth in the hall. They were really noisy and I noticed that the road outside was parked with cars all over.

One of the children said, "I saw a grandfather go up the sky". I was surprised when I heard that. Anyway, I went out to the gate and looked out and noticed a lot of people moving back and forth.
It was only later that I remembered that there was a funeral procession nearby that I understood what the boy meant by "go up the sky", which in other words meant, the grandfather died, or went to heaven! It was most amusing. I had actually that there was a lion dance at someone's house or something!

Okay, there were three interpretations of the entire scenario.

One child said that it was Chinese New Year because it was noisy!

Another saw many flowers on the cars, so he or she said it was a wedding!

The last one said "grandfather went up to the sky".

Anyway, after that that, we practised the music for the concert. Actually, we were not too sure which music to choose, as the principal found the song "Wheels on the Bus" too slow for dancing, and without much movement. So finally we decided on two short songs, but ones that the children seemed to know and enjoy. I think we played it like more than 5 times for each song.
Jasper didn't like any of the songs, and requested for the marching song. To appease him, we let them dance to it for the last song!

I assessed the children on their knowledge of the letters. Qing Zhe and Eugene could only do up till letters G, and Zhi En had a random overall knowledge of the sounds of the letters.

So I revised with them the sounds of the letters up till the letter P, before working with them on building letters using the Pink Series Box 2 cards, which was to build letters for van, cap, men, tap and hen. I did not revise with them using the sand paper letters as taught during the course, as the teacher who teaches them do not use it.

Overall, most of the children have an overall knowledge of the letters and are able to point out the letters when asked. Even those who do not know when asked, the others will point it out for them instead, so basically I do not do much but ask them to point out the letters when asked!

I prepared the art materials for Friday after school ended. We are going to do a collage group activity for our theme this week, which is Wild Animals. We are going to do an art collage for alligators using egg trays and paint it with varying shades of green. It is the first time the children will work as a group collectively to do it, one separately for the boys and the girls. I am quite excited but let's see how it turns out.

The class will be very messy tomorrow! I am not going to wear anything fancy tomorrow in that case!
Area: Practical Life

Activity: Transferring buttons using tongs (in an ice cube tray).

Reason: To observe child's grasping skills.
-To observe child's perseverance at the activity.
-To observe child's intellectual level.
- To observe child's concept of one to one correspondence.

This is a one-to-one activity. I asked Guo Xuan to the shelf to choose an activity. First he wanted to choose some activity from the Sensorial area, but I did not allow him as I had not taught him to work with it before. Then he went and took the transferring buttons using tongs tray and took it back to the table.
I showed him how to work with the tongs, that is, to grasp the tongs to transfer the buttons from one section to the other.

He started off using his pincer grip, so I showed him how to grasp it again and then let him work with the activity.
He started transferring the buttons to the other sections in a random order.(The box is half filled with buttons). I noticed that he sometimes used his fingers to hold the buttons and transfer it to another section.

I observed that Guo Xuan worked with the activity for about 5 minutes and then indicated that he didn't want to work with it. The buttons were placed all over the sections in a random order.

Then I showed him how to transfer all the buttons with the tongs and transferred it all to the other side.
He then took the tray and placed it back at the shelf.


The observation that Guo Xuan used his fingers to transfer the buttons instead of using the tongs shows that he still had difficulty with grasping the tongs and needs more practice with it. He was holding the tongs like how he held a pencil instead, which is not the correct way to.
The fact that he was using his fingers also shows that he probably wanted to take the easy way out for this activity as well, and not do the activity as shown or told to.
Guo Xuan did not do the activity for very long, so that could be attributed to either his age(which he is about 3 only!) or that his attention span is still not there yet, which is still difficult for me to judge at this point of time yet.

Guo Xuan placed one button in one section, so I could see that he knew that one section was meant for one button and not two, and no trouble with his one-to-one correspondence concepts.

Personal Learning: I can learn much about a child's perseverance and patience by the way he transfers the buttons! Whether by using fingers or using the tongs.
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Photos: *Brazenly* Red.


Photos: *Brazenly* Red.

This afternoon, I had my hair coloured red as a model at Hankel Malaysia, at Menara TM, Bangsar.

It is actually supposed to be a surprise! Hehe. I was told the day before about it only!

The saloon has many trainees coming from many hair academies all over to work on their friends that they ask to come in as models. They even work on each other....(that's a way to get free hair colouring services eh?) ;-) As for the colours on the hair....*well*, let's just say that it is not something that you can have for your hair colour if you want to work as a judge or wear in to court leh.

The hair colour brand used on me is from Schwarkorf.

The person working on me, Kelly, is local but educated in Kiwi for more than a decade. She has a nice Kiwi accent, but she speaks Cantonese quite fluently though being abroad so long.

Kelly first dyed the ends of my hair with 9% Hydrogen Peroxide. Then after, she waited about 20 minutes. The roots she dyed with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. I think she waited about the same time as well after that.
When my hair was dyed on the roots, there was first a cold sensation. Then a stinging sensation all over the scalp, but not focused in one area alone.
After which, she washed my hair. I am told not to wash my hair for the next two days so that the hair colour will not lose its vibrancy. The whole procedure took about almost 2 hours plus.

Well, I am still in shock with the results! Will put up the pictures later.

You have to be a judge of whether you need sunglasses the next time you see me!

From this.....

To this.............



Tell me which is scarier, ......the *colour* or the *look*?
Montessori: Short Bead Cards- 11, 12, 13.

Montessori: Short Bead Cards- 11, 12, 13.

Well, today I am almost back to my old self. *I think*.
Still a bit sickly, but better and more energetic.
Spoke to Chew Foong yesterday about my internship, and she gave me some pointers. *Not for disclosure.*

Summary: Nothing much happened today.
Today the kids were all present except for Zi Jing. He didn't come for the past few days as he was ill.

This conversation took place between Joyce and Seen Yan. Joyce was telling Seen Yan that the latter shouldn't "stick" so much to her as they were older. I am not sure what that means!

Every morning when Angel comes in, her mother gives her a bags of sweets to persuade her to come in. Her mother calls her "baby", so I told the mother that in class, Lillian calls her "Jeh-Jeh", being that Angel has already either a baby brother or sister waiting in her mother's stomach. (Angel's mother was pregnant lar!). So her mother at once called her "Jeh-Jeh". Angel became shy all at once, protesting and turned away from me!

I gave the children these Practical Life activities for the first lesson of the day:

1) dry pouring (pasta) into two identical jugs: Nico, Jasper, Zhi En, Annette, Guo Xuan.

2) dry pouring (pasta) one jug pouring into two smaller identical cups: Joyce, Nico, Nicholas.
I told the children that if they worked with the materials so roughly, how could I give them liquids to work with in the jugs?

3) spooning (pasta) using two identical bowls: Cheng Wei, Guo Xuan, Eugene.
Guo Xuan was observing Eugene doing the activity and went to him. After Eugene was done with it, he brought the activity to Guo Xuan. It is surprising that Eugene was so considerate.

4) grasping buttons using tongs: Qing Zhe, Moreesh.
Mooresh took forever to work with it as he was dreaming when he did. In the end, I took it away.

5) Opening and closing bottles: Eugene, Guo Xuan, Seen Yan, Joyce.
Eugene had brought in the activity from the shelf in the hall. After he worked with it, then Guo Xuan took it from him and worked with it. Seen Yan and Joyce then took it and worked with it. The children will put the two smallest bottles (which is one shampoo bottle and one brown glass bottle) into the tupperware and try to shut it. I always have to ask them to take it out.
I have observed that the girls like to think of this activity as 'masak-masak', and then the boys will follow suit.
Nico will take the make up container and pretend she is putting on makeup!

Activity: Revising with Short Bead Cards.

Area: Mathematics.

Reasons: To revise the short bead cards with the children.
- To revise numerals 11, 12, 13 (and so on, if children are capable of doing it).
- To revise bead cards with children.
- To ask children to compose the correct amount with the bead cards corresponding to the numeral cards.
- To see if children are able to compose the correct amount of bead cards corresponding to numeral cards.

Presentation is done on a board. Children are seated at their chairs. I lay out the number bead cards and children call out the corresponding amounts.
I show the numeral card "11" on the board and show the children how to build amounts using the cards.
Joyce and Nico were not watching the presentation initially, as they were busy with their own worksheets. I asked the both of them to come and build the amounts, but they are unable to do so. Lillian then asks them to keep the worksheets in their backpacks, and join the group in the lesson.

The other children are able to build the amounts using the bead cards. Even Guo Xuan and Jasper are pretty enthusiatic about being called out to build the amounts, although they may not really know what it means.
Joyce and Nico are able to build the amounts using the bead cards after observing the other children working with it as well.

I asked the children to build amounts for 12, 13, and 14 as well. I stopped the lesson soon after as the children were getting restless.

Evaluation: The children find it harder to build using the bead cards when I give the oral instruction in English. They find it easier when I give the instruction in Chinese, as the Chinese vocabulary for amounts directly addresses the amounts of the beads which is not so in English. So I explained it in Chinese as well as in English.

Then I pointed out that one number on the numeral card signifies a certain amount on the numeral card, and the amounts have to be corresponding.

The children are able to build the amounts after watching the other children build the amounts. I always find it easier to work with the children as a group than in solitary, as the children can learn from watching the others, therefore saving unneccesary presentations on my part.

Personal Learning: Although the children may have worked with worksheets on the amounts up till about 14, they are still not fluent in building amounts using the bead cards yet. It is definitely easier for the children to learn the amounts in Chinese than in English.
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I am sick.


I am sick.

I caught a flu & fever on Monday. Came home right after school and slept the whole day.

I had to miss out on going on to both the gym and also on JK's birthday. So PG happily went along went and celebrated it wit JK alone lar. Damn. I ranted coz I couldn't go. Well, I am sick. I will rant if I want to!
I don't care. I will sulk if I want to as well, PG. So, don't complain.

*I have my personal reasons why I wanted to go not by myself*. Couldn't and didn't do any lesson plans with the kids.Too sickly to do anything.
Clocked in but was like a zombie the entire morning. Same as didnt teach lar! You ask me, how am I supposed to do that?!!

Called Sutha to return my CECE reference textbooks. The principal insisted I do it right in front of her.

None of the kids were absent this morning. Zi Jing came for a while and left coz he said he want to "hui jia".

They worked with some threading (Seen Yan, Annette, Ai Lin, Jasper and Qing Zhe). But they changed their minds once I took out the binka cards. Then they put the threading beads back into the box and did the binka cards instead.

Guo Xuan and Qing Zhe insisted on sitting at their own places, so I had to rearrange the tables back for them (or else they would start quarrelling among themselves). I didn't do any presentation with them today, so they went up for computer during that period instead.

Went home right after I school. My mom was sick as well!!! Well! Well ! Well!! So was my father. He wasn't sick though. They both came home and didn't leave the house. Guess who still had to pick the maids up??

I asked the maid later...she said that a lot of people seemed to be sick as well!. Probably the change in weather or something. Postponed the meeting with my trainer to next Monday instead of tomorrow. I doubt any kind of exercise in the next few days will be conducive to my recovery.

Nevermind that I am getting my hair coloured for free tomorrow! Am also going to watch Fantastic Four at IOI Mall on Thursday. Who wants to join??

Slept the latter half of the evening. Head still felt heavy after I woke up, but better than yesterday, nonetheless.
Madeline read my blog...wahhhhhh...all my dirty secrets come out liao....wahahhahahahah. She texted me about it..(and she'll be reading it here as well....muahahaha).

I found out that one of the main characters in Harry Potter 6 died. The one which is instrumental in developing Harry's character. However, I am sure that Rowling will have a way of bringing "that" character back, just as Gandalf's character was done so in Lord of the Rings. There's something called the Hall of Pictures, or whatever it is in the hall that the students have to walk through anyway. Nevermind that I spoiled it for PG....muahahahah. I only just found out that he didn't know about it. Well, I DIDN'T know what!!
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More photo-whoring!


More photo-whoring!

At Honey Star, OUG on Saturday night with the Connections CG for dinner.

The bday babies: Sophia, Kien, Simon, Madeline, Katherine, Gladies, JoJo..
(if those are their correct names lar...).
Notice the red eggs? So retro, but cool idea!

Bevy of beauties: yours truly, Pat, Kathleen, Katherine, Jess, Madeline.
The thorn among the roses: See Hon.

Kathleen and yours truly.

Kathleen and cousin, Madeline.

At Decanter's, Hartamas on Friday night. Last night of Celyn in KL.
*ok, the place was truly smoky, coz everyone was practically chain smoking there.....*
Oh, I ordered a Jack Daniels, as opposed to the beer that everyone had..

I'm High maintenance. What can I say?

Dan Morgan, Gary Ng, Aaron's gf.
Yours truly,

Yours truly and Celyn
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A believer's water baptism.

A believer's water baptism.

Just came back from Honey Star with the Connections group. I will post up the pictures of the birthday people.

Anyway, I will be getting water baptised today at the pool in Templer's Park.
This is actually my second time doing it after ten years. But does it mean anything?

Water baptism is immersion in a pool of water, whether at a park, the sea, or even in the swimming pool. To do it is a commandment to believers to do so. It signifies to others of the public confession and declaration of a believer's faith in Christ. It is also a step of faith that is taken by believers. Signifying the crucifying of death to self.

Yet, many people still hesitate about doing it. (partly due to the fact that they may be not willing to publicly declare it...or make the commitment. It could be also some other mental factor or barrier that is stopping them from doing it. Only they would know, but that is not for me to judge).

Even Jesus himself was water baptised by John the Baptist. If Jesus himself did it, who are we to forgo this beautiful act of water baptism?

When the church said that it was going to have its water baptism a few weeks ago, I didn't think about it.
But as the days approached, and on Friday, somethng pricked my heart, and I was thinking about it.
When the pastor mentioned whilst praying that those who have the faith to retake their water baptism to do so, I just said yes!

Now, you have to know that I don't actually have to do it again, but I wanted to, coz the first time I did it , ...*well*...I was much younger, and it was just something I did coz I was supposed to.

Well, after what I have been through this year, I told myself that perhaps it is time to do it again.
It is time to do this again. Being water baptised with the understanding of what it means.

When I told the CG people, they sounded pretty *excited* for me..haha. Some of them wanted to come and witness it, but, to begin with, they didn't know where Templer's Park was. Oh well, as long as you had the heart to.


John 3:5: Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and [of] the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

At Templer's Park this afternoon..

before the immersion...

As Christ himself was baptised in water, let your act of faith show others of your faith in Christ.
May your sins be washed away, and let your old self die with Christ in the water, and Rise Up to a new life in Christ!


The *perfect* mousepad.


The *perfect* mousepad.

I stole this off Chua's.

Good for those aching arms. ;-)
Montessori: Long Rods lesson presentation


Montessori: Long Rods lesson presentation

Today, ZJ, the youngest boy in class (only about 2 years was absent today).

JW, the boy with ADHD is no longer attending school.

In a way, it does makes things easier. Not just for us, the teachers, but for the child himself as well.
The school is not able to provide for the child's developmental needs, nor does it have the staff to provide the personal and individualised learning program for the child. To do so, would be detrimental for the child's self esteem, especially if the teacher has not had the experience nor knowledge in dealing with such a child of such circumstances. It would be better if the child found a school which was appropriately trained to support and guide these children with such a learning disability.

I was feeling a bit of trepidation to start again on the Long Rods presentation. Not to mention the fact that Mandy is keeping my Sensorial File, and there is no way I can actually contact her to get my file back, neither through e-mail, nor cell.

Activity: Long Rods

Reasons: To work with the long rods (1-5 or 6).
- To revise the activity with the children. To ensure that the children are familiarised with the first 5 or 6 rods before moving on the rest of the rods.
- To ensure that the children keep repeating the exercise, so that they would not forget what they have learnt, and the duration of time between the lessons given are not too distant in between.
- To revise the concepts of "long" and "short".
- To work from the longest rod to the shortest rod.

I placed about 5-6 of the rods on the mat and did the lesson lesson individually with Joyce first.
Since the rods not only involved the visual sense, but the kinaethestic and stereognostic sense as well, I showed Joyce how to feel the rods using the two fingers if she had difficulty telling the length of the rods.

The week before, when I did the lesson, she was complaining that "it was too difficult!" and went off in a huff! This time I broke the lessons into smaller steps, and she was able to do it. After which, the rest of children from class came out and joined us at the mat.

I repeated the presentation twice. I gave the children verbal guidance to help them compare and pick the longest rod. Although it was only 5 rods, it seemed like too many rods for the child to compare, so I placed 3 contrasting rods of length side-by-side each time to help the children accentuate the length of the rods for the children to see.

The children who could more or less arrange the rods in sequence from the longest to the shortest in the first try itself were Nicholas, Zhi En, Seen Yan, Cheng Wei, and even Jasper!
The rest who could only do it after observing the rest do were Qing Zhe, Annette, Monnaesh.
Could not arrange even after observing: Guo Xuan. Nico & AiLin ran off after first attempt!
Did not attempt at all: Angel.
Although some of the children were busy not watching the lesson, they seemed to have no trouble arranging the rods, whereas there are the rest, or some who were observing the lesson in progress, yet still did not know what to do when it came to their turn. I was amazed! Cant really fathom how that happened.

Practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes prefect.

Ok, it was an overlook on my part to give the children too many rods at one time at the previous Long Rods lesson. Well, this time, I was a bit more vary about repeating the same mistake, so it was good that I made sure that it doesn't happen. But mistakes are there to help us learn. That's why it's called mistakes!

Perhaps I was a bit more paranoid this time around. However, paranoid is good, and it is better to be prepared than not. I would have to repeat this exercise many many times before the children are actually able to internalise the concept. I reckon that his exercise is much harder than the Number Rods, as Number Rods are compartmentalized with alternating blue stripes, whereas the Long Rods really require the children to feel, look, compare and measure the length before arranging the rods.

The children will take some time to do fairly well in the exercise, as I have been not been doing that many sensorial lessons, but focusing on lessons on other areas, such as threading beads and binka cards.
The children have much more interest in threading beads than doing the Long Rods (anytime from what I can judge!), and they like to take that particular exercise from the shelves themselves without my asking them in the mornings when they come in.

Arranging the Long Rods still needs participation and verbal guidance from a directress to help scaffold their learning at this age level. Besides, I won't let the children work with this lesson independently as they may start fighting with each other, and it is better that the children work as a group, as they can observe and learn from one another when the others work with it. That way, I don't have to keep repeating the presentation and tire myself each time!

The children are learning number 13 this week, and have not as much trouble counting as measuring.
I have to keep remembering Montessori's concept, go from where the child is, and move from easier to advance, and break up the learning process into smaller steps. This applies not only to children, but even for adults as well! But keep practising and they will know eventually, and it is just a matter of practising.

Personal Learning: Keep on practising with the children regularly.
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Journal: Mrs.Smith

Journal: Mrs.Smith

On a fun loving 'kinky' note....

Do you like the pictures below in my previous entry? Well, they are much better looking thanks to Photoshop Elements 2. I still need to work on my skills...*but nevermind*. There is no rush. I am still looking forward to getting a new digicam. Whether Canon A400 or a Kodak C series, only time will tell soon. :-)

The movie was incredibly sexy. Well, if you dont mind having two hours to ogle at both Pitt and the really sexy Angelina Jolie. *laughs*

Angelina was really kinky. Well, the thought of being almost half nude and whipping some almost naked hunk with a nice long black leather whip.....and that the sound of the whip.

Sounds like S & M to me.

S & M.

Sadism & Masochism.

Well it IS S & M.

Mmmm Mmmmmm.. Sounds very very very *kinky*.

Sounds like something I would do.


Strawberries & whipped cream.

Honey & Lemon juice. And sticky all over.


Slow music.

Prancing and dancing all around the room.


Man, never mind that I have such pervert thoughts in my mind and probably its all about sex half of my working day.

Yes. Sex to me is something beautiful and meaningful.

But you already know my thoughts on it. (if you don't know, well..*too bad!!*)

So no need to elaborate any more on it.

On a serious note however.....

Yours truly and some friends from Connections headed down to Berjaya Times Square to watch the show earlier. We were late....*nevermind* you dont want to know the details. Nor do I feel like sharing. I had to drive down though, but at least I had company with me. ;-) The jam wasn't so bad.

I found out from Jessy, that Josephine, *the Oh-So-Familiar-looking-girl-that-I-have-seen-somewhere-before-but-could-never-figure-out-where* from Connections is actually a senior in Sri Inai......haiiiiiiiii. Say so lar! Wasting my time trying to figure it out all this while..*sigh*.

Whilst on our way back, after dinner with Amos and Bell at Subang yesterday, the former told me this story about King David who bought a particular plot of land. The land was meant be used wholly for God's kingdom. The point of the story was, if it was not bought at a price, nor if it didn't cost him anything, King David would not give it to God. In modern translation, it means, a sacrifice is not a sacrifice unless it costs something.

Jessy noted to me, "the Devil knows our weaknesses. He uses the point of our weaknesses to try to bring us down and shame us. The Devil knows what our needs and wants are, and he will try to lure us by bringing something into our lives that we have a weakness for and try to keep us there. The cunning Devil will use the point of our weaknesses to have a strong hold on us.

*note, hence the term, strongholds*.

For me, I interprete it as although it is a weakness, but yet the Lord uses it as a testing point for us. What the Devil intends to harm us, God intends to make it as a turning point for us.

I am going to take that first step towards giving up the rest of the remaining 20 % more to God. I know I have a circle of friends who are going to help me along the way to complete my journey. I am not sure how long it will take before I can finally cross the bridge. But I have a peaceful assurance, that even if I fall, the friends that God has placed by my side, will help me to pick myself up again. Thanks Jess, for reminding me on this!

It doesnt matter if I fall. I wont feel ashamed if I do. For I know I will fall, but if my heart is right, I know that in time, I will be able to pick myself up and cross that bridge when I come to it.
Wanna *Picture Whore?*


Wanna *Picture Whore?*

Did I ever mention that my boy, Jasper is *cute*?? Hehe..Well, today his uncle Alex dropped him off.
Well, the uncle is also *very very cute*. (WITH EMPHASIS)

How old is the uncle? *I dunno*. But he's in his 20s. That I know lar. ;-)

A very *cute* Jasper.

Jasper feels my hand.

Jasper makes *face*!

The following are pictures at Feelings, near The Mines taken on Saturday.

Damn chio leh? ;-)

The indisputed *leng chai* Winston, David, Sophia and Phoebe.

Jess, Pui-Pui, Julie, AiLing, Asta and yours truly.

A bevy of beauties. Yours truly, Katherine & Madeline.

The following are taken at the Steamboat in Sri Petaling.

Porridge steamboat at Sri Petaling. *yum* *yum*

Porridge *upclose* and *personal*. PuiPui & Jacqueline in the background.

Me having a drink at Yummy at Kuchai's.

So, Are you Done picture whoring yet??



I was just reading my friend's blog. Can't reveal where it is. She'll kill me if I do...

I have never had any trouble expressing my feelings. More so, if I like the guy. I have always been more of a guy-girl than a girl-girl. Never the type who would wait for a guy to actually tell me how he feels. blah blah blah.

But the point of it all is, *what is the point* of expressing how you feel for someone if you already know that the person is not right for you? The thing is, I have done it before.I am not going to tell you how many times though!! *laughs!!*

Do I regret it? *Ummmmmm*

No. I don't and I still don't. Coz I made that choice. I dare to do it. I dare to admit it.
But if you falsely accuse me of something I didn't do, I will fight till the day I die and not admit it, because I was falsely accused of something I didn't do.

I was willing to make the choice to go first with it. I am a risk taker, you can call me that. Even if the guy didn't like me! *laughs*
Sometimes we are just thrown into a situation where we absolutely have no control over. Sometimes we just end up liking someone, and we can't exactly control whom we choose to *fall in love*, can with?

Do I fall in love easily?

Not really either. Not these days anyway.

It is true that when we like someone, even silently, much of how we feel will still show in the way we interact with them. Am I afraid of rejection? The answer is NO. (But it really depends on the situation, still)

I am a risk-taker. Always has been. Always will be. I guess that is the way I was created to be, even though God said, "Oh child of mine, please wait upon me to send the right one". I absolutely do not think it is crap. However, I think I may jump the gun each time. *lolz*.

Howver I can be too much of an optimist and whiny at times!! *laughs*.

The only thing now is that I am now wiser from my experience. I mix wisdom + experience + God = Godly choice.

*sticks tongue out*. *makes face*.

Am I still single? Well, *Duh* Obviously.

I am only just waiting.

Trying to wait. *laughs*.

And here I digress.

But I have already given my heart away. I am asking God to help me close my heart to the past and give it back to me. There is the point of surrendering my heart a few months back, and there is the process of keeping it surrendered. Even now.

I feel emotional each time I think about how great it is that God wants me to give up the most important thing that to me is worth more than gold. My thoughts and feelings.

But cant you see that I am a fighter? I am no Jonah, but I am a fighter. I don't give up easily.

I fight with God each day. And each day, He tells me the same thing over and over again. Give it up. Give it up.
And I resist. Resist like mad. I hear His voice. I give Him 80 percent, he wants the left over 20 percent.
He wants every thing. I am so frustrated coz I want to keep some.
But He is there. He hits. and hits. and He demands more. He wants 100 percent.
And I keep saying No.
Sometimes I feel like saying, "God cant you leave me alone, and let me be by myself??

And he wants my heart. And my love. Yes. My love.

My love. Yes. My love. My sweet love for that someone that is almost driving me insane. Insane enough that I know that it is what is driving me further away from God's presence.
Insane enough that i would keep questioning God. Insanely still stubborn.

And I know it. I know it. I feel it every day. I feel this pain of my love everyday. It makes me cry everyday.
He is asking me to give up my love onto the altar. But when I do, it keeps crawling off.
Yet I know my love for God is more than my love for him. That is why I let it go.
I know. I'm trying really hard. I really am.

But God said, It is not enough. You need to give me more than that 80 percent. Where is the rest of it??

God wants me to put my love for him on the altar.
I know I have to obey. I know I have to. And yet I keep resisting. Sometimes I just give up and give in. Sometimes I don't. Then I take it back. And He is there wherever I turn. It is so scary.
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The live band at Feelings


The live band at Feelings

Well, there was *finally* a good turnout for my PDL small group on Saturday. *lolz*.

It was Asta & AiLing's first time in meeting the Connections group. Not to mention meeting each other!

The Connections group decided to go HaloCafe at SouthLake City, but the place was under staffed, so we decided to check out this cafe with a live band af Feelings nearby.
Well, the Ruggeds wanted to go to Passion Cafe, but I didn't feel like joining them coz the travel itself was a bit too far away, and I wanted to check out some newer place I had never been before.

I told Alex A-Y that I curi his verses to put on my blog....Ha ha...he seemed fine with it. At least someone is putting it to good use..*lolz*

There are some nice pictures that I have taken, but yet to upload. So, wait up, k!

On the other hand, I just found out accidentally through Technorati that someone found my entry on Sound Boxes useful. *laughs*. Hehe. I thought the lesson itself was frustrating, but I guess that is part & parcel of teaching, I *guess*?
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Would you remember me after I *die*?


Would you remember me after I *die*?

Well, I am not going to *die* any time soon. But then, I can't be sure, right?

My mom noted earlier (whilst we were in the car), that *life is pretty fragile.*
That we should not go around getting upset over little things around us. Fighting over miniscule matters. Life is too short to go on hating others.

Well, this is in retrospect in the aftermath of the London bombings. How ironic, that it should be, after London was declared the winner to host the 2012 Olympics. Not to mention the rcent earthquakes and tsunamis in Asia, post Easter and Christmas Day....

Would you remember me after I die?

It is a morbid subject, but DEATH is a subject that all of us have to go through eventually.... I read that God intends me to wait upon Him. Thing is, I could die even whilst waiting upon Him.....I never know, could I? I don't think God would let me *die* like that, but then again, I wouldn't know, right?

IF there is any problems left unresolved, or sour between the both of us, I hope we would be able to resolve it soon.

If there is anything in your mind that you would like to say to me that could be an encouragement to me, please say it as well.

If you have any words of LOVE that you could encourage me by, say it to me as well.

Please do not wait till I have passed away from this Earth to do so.

However if I die before you could have said it, please do not cry. I guess it was intended to be so.
I was in the school computer lab yesterday. Well, my school subscribes to a computer learning program, and the particular lesson that I clicked on yesterday featured a number of Nestle cereal/ food cartoon characters!


It features ALL the characters from the cereal going for a Jungle Adventure. Really, I can imagine that Nestle's characters actually started a cartoon series by themselves *soon*.....Well, we'll see how it goes, wouldn't we?
Just like how Coca-Cola's song, "I'd like to teach the world to sing" which was to promote the soft drink actually took a life by itself and became such a famous children's number now...
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Alex's Psalm SMS.

Alex's Psalm SMS.

A text from Alex A-Y on 16th June 2005. I keep it in my hp and read it from time-to-time, whenever I feel discouraged and need God's touch upon my life.

O Lord, would you make me a place for your glory to dwell?

Would you test me,
Would you break me,
Would you humble me,
Refine me,
Would you use me,
Lead me.
Guide me.

Would you strip me of everything I am,
Till only you are left in my life.

"For His sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish,
in order that I may gain Christ and be found in Him. Phillipians 3:7-8.
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Starlight Cinema- Kingdom of Heaven.


Starlight Cinema- Kingdom of Heaven.

Well, to continue the saga of JW, the principal has requested the child not continue his tutelage in the school. I am not sure how the parents of the child would respond, but that is totally not of my concern. If parents choose to ignore the fact that the child can't be controlled in one school, they would have to continue finding one that does. It is a fact that they cannot escape.

The school settings simply are not suitable for the child to be enrolled in. Not when the child keeps on screaming and running from place to place!
Even the grandmother of the child, with personal one-on-one attention, is unable to control the child in the school settings, what more the teachers?!!
Anyway, the principal is being helpful and taking the initiative by trying to get help and advice from the related authorities.

Anyway, today I went to watch Kingdom of Heaven. I received about 6 free passes for this movie, and Amos and Bell came under me. Jacqueline was absent however, she was sick and had fever, and Jason fly aeroplane lar........ Li Ann and her friend, Abigail came under her.
Amos and Bell were so late...Well, I know that they have to work... *oh well.*

How was the movie? It was slow moving, but the plot was good. I am not too sure how much of the plot is fictionalized, but the character of Balian really spoke to me.
I doubt they speak the same way as we do (but then, this is a modern movie, and I doubt they would speak Shakespearean English, nor speak the same way as in King Arthur .

He reminded me of King David. Now for all those who are unfamiliar with the story of King David, he was a shepherd boy ordained to become king of Israel and Jerusalem. However, his predecessor, King Saul, wanted him dead, and there were many times and chances that David could have taken to kill King Saul off, but he refused to play nor use underhanded tactics to take his kingdom by force. In fact, King David waited paitently for almost 20 years before he could finally ascend the throne.
King David was a man who loved his enemies, and showed love in favour of revenge, and refused to give in to what he desired and supposedly have and waited until the right time came, and was duly rewarded for his patience. Many times Saul wanted and attempted to kill him, and even descendants of who had self proclaimed themselves the king, he refused to kill nor seek revenge.
Many did not understand why he would not kill nor take advantage of the situation.

As like Bailan, he refused to kill a man for the sake of gaining his wife nor for the city of Jerusalem's peace. I am sure he desired the wife of Guy immensely, but refused to go the wrong way, *although he did commit adultery to begin with*.
I admire the character of Bailan for not giving in to it. In the end, he gained the wife of Guy in the right way. And not by mis-use of his power, which is something I really admire.

Ironically, a thousand years later....Which is now, a thousand years after when the movie's timeline is set,
peace in the city of Jerusalem is still unresolved. *LOLz*

And by the same people as well!!

Perhaps this movie is timely, and has a message to tell the viewers.

Perhaps this movie is a door that would open and pique people's understanding and to find out more about the importance of the land of Jerusalem is, and the people would not simply march around picketing for peace without an understanding of the underlying beliefs that motivates these different faiths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, whose roots are after all in Jerusalem.

Not to mention, that Abraham is the Father of all these three different faiths and where it all started.

Funny quotes from the movie:
"Convert first, Repent later". (the Catholic priest said after the city of Jerusalem was under seige by Saladin, the Muslim leader)..
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A case of suspect ADHD.


A case of suspect ADHD.

Today, the kids were pretty active. I would say that they are active *everyday*, but it seems like they took forever to settle down today. More so, with two new kids in tow. The two have been in our school for about a week. The elder one, about 3 is a suspect case of ADHD whilst the younger one seems pretty normal.

JW: He is a suspect case for ADHD. Although so, he seems pretty intelligent. He is able to read short phrases and sound out letters of the alphabet, recite from rote memory numbers 1-50. However he seems to have trouble socialising with the other children and his speech was not intelligible.

The principal noted that he could not sit still for a moment and was always running from place to the other. In fact, today he ran from one place to the other, and was crying and crying and screaming half the time in class. His grandmother, who was with him, could not do anything about it, but just watch and restrain him each time he became disruptive.

The principal had informed that if that be the case, the current school settings may not be suitable, nor relevant to this child, as his ways are pretty disruptive. Probably even in a play school, although mine is not one. However, the principal seemed to have conceded today, and said that if he comes with a guardian, which would be a domestic help, who would be able to give him personal one-to-one attention, then he could stay under observation for a period of time.

The grandmother agreed to do so. However, the parents did not agree but has agreed to seek professional help. Well!

I am not sure how the parents will take to it. ADHD is a genetic disorder, which is something still new to Asians. It something which is due to nerve imbalance, and needs the medication, Ritalin to help the child gain control of his hormones. Whether the parents are accepting of this fact or whether they deny it or not, they have the responsibility to take the child for professional diagnosis and observation.

The sooner they are able to look into this child's case and deal with it, the better it would be for the child. Because if steps of precaution are not taken now, it could adversely affect the child in terms of emotional, social and mental growth. More so as he grows into an adult, and he may think that there is something wrong with him, when in all, he was just misunderstood, without proper help from authorities in charge.

I just found out that another child in school may be a suspect for Tourette Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder characterised by tics, involuntary, rapid, sudden movements that occur repeatedly in the same way.

And all this while, we thought that the girl was normal. But then again, the girl did not have normal physical appearance to begin with. Her facial muscles already show it, but we are still unaware of it. These children in class will have to learn to socialise with other children. Regardless of whether they have ADHD or Tourette Syndrome.

Banyak orang. Banyak ragam.

1st May 2013: (8 years later!): 
Thanks to a reader, Mitko Ivanov who brought my notice to the broken link for ADHD on this post.

He also recommended me to add a link to this post, which is a work by Gabriel Hershman: "The hidden price of ADHD"

17th October 2018:
13 years later, someone sends me an email from a mental health site. Hence I write an updated post here:  ADHD vs Autism Spectrum.


Final Organ music class!: 

Anyway, I finally had my last music lesson for today! He he.....well, temporarily anyway. I have been suffering a burn-out for many things, and I really need to focus my time and energy on things which are more relevant in my life now. Well, I am taking a break from music lessons for a while, and would like to see how it would affect me as time passes. Well, I still have my final month deposit for my music lesson. So there, I can't miss out on it even if I want to!

Dog to the Vet: 
Just brought my dog to the vet for vaccination. The vets are having a Pet Vaccination Campaign this month. It is about RM25 now, whereas normally the vets charge RM45. Since Bobby is a puppy, it needs about 3 jabs over the series of 9 weeks. Oh well. Better jab than have rabies!!

The vet, a Dr.Bun was very friendly..ok. You could say this could be attest to the fact that the clinic was pretty empty except for the barkings of the dogs behind the vet. I must have spent about an hour at the waiting, including the waiting time. (The vet was out for a while).
Peng Guan *amuses* me.

Peng Guan *amuses* me.

He's a darling, btw. Yes. He *amuses me*. And I think I *amuse* him as well. ;-)

* I hope you don't mind me putting this up* *Smiles cheekily*.

This are snippets of the exchange that took place last week. It was too funny to resist putting up. ;-)

PG: I'm here already...I'm in my car.

*Me going around looking for the car. Wondering where it is...*

Yah...I finally see it...and walk towards the car.

Me: Oh, your car looks like a red Kancil from the back.

PG gives me an insulted look. (He doesn't drive a Kancil. I 'm sure you can gather from that).

I laugh at him..

later in the car....
Me: I thought you had to meet some friends tonight?

PG: I postponed it to tomorrow.

(he had called me after two hours when I asked him earlier. I was taking a nice long nap)

Me: Oh how come, ah?

PG: Wah, you ah. People come you also complain.

Me gives puts on a face and tries to appease him....

He laughs at me this time....

At Nathan's. Before the waiter comes.

PG: What would you like to order?

Me: Hmmmmm. *Giving him a cheeky look.*

I would like to have some Fried PG's fingers with ketchup and chips...mmm mmm *Yummmy!!*

PG: *Gives me a dirty look* Ok, let's try that again.

Me: I would like to have some Fried PG's fingers with ketchup and chips ...Mmmmm Mmmmm

PG gives me a dirty look.

PG: Ok, nevermind. Waiter!

After the meal..............

PG: I wonder how much the meal costs?

Me: Not much??

Waiter comes. The bill comes up to RM3.80.

Me: Well, I didn't have Fried PG's fingers with ketchup and chips on the side....that's why it's so cheap.

PG: It wouldn't be able to cover the medical fees then!!!

We reach the car. He goes inside the car and I stand outside waiting and refuse to go inside.

PG waits...and waits and waits....

*Finally uses his brain and opens the door*

PG: You know, I could just drive off without you.

Me: I am sure you will. *smilling wickedly* *tosses hair* .

PG gives me a dirty look.

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I was on the phone with a particular person on Sunday just after dinner time.

YTL: We were just talking about you.

Me: Why is it that you guys were talking about me?

YTL: Oh, how come we don't see you in any of the services on Sunday.

Me: How did you manage to find out that I don't go for the services there?

YTL: From some of the Connections people here.Why not?

Me: Why not????? Because I have my own church service to go for??
And how come you don't know that I have my own church service to go to??

YTL: Because I am not that close to you?? You can come for our church services you know.

Me: What for? I have my own to attend in the morning. I don't want to go for two services in a day!!

YTL: Why not? Well, you are so free, what.

Me: ( ..Like I have nothing else better to do lar??Who said I was free...?? )

YTL: You work in the pre-school line.

Me: (..... So?? )

I was so fuming!!! He was impossible!.I remembered telling the people from Connections at least once, coz they bothered to ask, and they can AT LEAST remember that tiny detail....
I don't know WHY he had to ask the people from Connections, or even mention their group. I know that I told some people from the Ruggeds on countless times...But Why Mention the Connections group?

Why can't you tell me that it is the other Rugged members who told you instead?? *Oh, please don't tell me NOT ONE of those Rugged members with you didn't know or could remember?*

Hello? Hello? Hello?

How come you even have to come this far down so many months before actually NOTICING that I don't attend your church service??


HELLLLLLLOOOOO??????!!!!!!! Anybody at HOME??

THAT'S COZ YOU DON'T CARE ENOUGH TO EVEN ASK ME TO FIND OUT!!!!! What Have You Been Doing the many months I have been there???


Day23 PDL: funny observations

Day23 PDL: funny observations

Just an interesting anecdote I observed of one of my kids, CW today. I just had to blog about it.
One of my kids, Jasper was absent from school today. I am the "chaffeur", that sends them home after school.

Ok, kids ARE observant.

Normally, after sending ZE home, I would normally use the road that leads straight from her house to this alley between two houses.
So, today instead of doing that, I turn right, and drove.
"Teacher, are you buying lunch today?", CW quipped.


"I am going straight the other road, CW".

And then I had to explain to CW why I was not buying lunch. (which, normally if I did not follow the normal route, it normally meant I was going to order take-away from McDonald's nearby. *lolz* And the first thing they would demand for is ICE-CREAM!!! I would have to tell them, GO HOME & EAT YOUR LUNCH! THANKSSS!!!!!

Man, dont think kids are blur. CW may sound and look blur, but that simple observation shows that he is FAR from being blur. Although he is ONLY 4 years old.


My PDL reading is a few days behind time...but I shall not compare it to Amos...who is still probably in Week 1 (I think!!!) Ha ha ha.
I saw my brother reading his PDL textbook earlier. Seriously, the PDL book is very useful especially to believers whose faith is floundering, or someone who need or wants new insight. I need to read it as well.

As Jess noted, yes I am quoting you here ;-) The PDL serves as a blueprint and a key to unlock the bible readings.

Which in a way, I do agree too as well! I was out with the Connections CG on Saturday and we had steamboat porridge at Sri Petaling. I will post up the pictures later when I do have the time to do it. It's pretty interesting. Using porridge as the base soup for your steamboat.

How was the group? *Hmmm* *Hmmm*

I think the guys from Ruggeds should get to know BETTER the girls from Connections.

I wonder why they don't? They would be pleasantly surprised. *lolz* ;-) I like the group. Not AT ALL quiet. Not the quiet group as people would think. Ha ha.

Jacqueline noted this......."I am sure that many guys are after you"...

HMMMMMMMMMMMMM Oh don't know what you are talking about. ;-)

Anyways, AL came over to my house on Sunday night. It was 10pm, so we didn't go out for supper as I had an early day. Instead, we made some hot drinks in the kitchen.

AL: You know, it is getting hot here in the kitchen...
Me: You can always remove that shirt, you know. No one will see it.. *and winked at her*.
AL: *Right*.What if your dad comes down for a drink?
Me: Ahhh...What are the chances of him coming down?

Less than 5 minutes dad walks in. "So, you want a drink, girls??"

We both took one look at him and started to guffaw loudly at him!

AL: You are lucky that I didn't take up your MAD idea!!!!
Me: Actually you should have. It would have been fun to watch... Ha ha ha

Then I told her my observations of the past week.

AL: You really are siao lar. You are siao personified....
Me: Oh darling. I am such a good girl. How could you ever say that about me?? *with a twinkle in my eye*
AL: *Right.........*
Me: hmmmm...have you forgotten about Annie?
She is a THOUSAND times Siao Personified than Me lar..
AL: OH, you mean the one that SCREAMED in the car whilst I was driving???
Me: Uh..yesss
AL: Oh, THAT girl!!! Oh yes....I shall forever remember her for that.......!


AL: You know, if ever you are quiet, it means that there is something wrong somewhere.
You are by nature NOISY. Prim and proper was never you (or something along that lines).
Me: Oh really?? *winking*
AL: *Oh Yessssss*
Me: Hmmm...I know. You are not the first to tell me....even JK and PG used to tell me that. Ha ha ha ha.... Even my uni classmates say the same thing. When I am not there, they say that the class is QUIET.....
AL: I am sure...

Me: Oh when I am not, it either means I am halfway sleeping through class or tinkering with my mobile..
AL: Uh huh...

Journal: Honesty


Journal: Honesty

Blogging sure is big business these days. Or right after the PPS 2nd anniversary meet up....not to mention that the Star Paper made a huge write up on it.
Ok, I seriously had no idea what PPS was nor what it stood for, before the whole Kenny Sia winning the Blog of the Year awards or reading the IreneQ on why she didn't Ping at all. Hmmm...Hmmm...Hmmm..

Basically, blogging was to me, a medium to let others keep in touch with what I am doing....But these days, blogs are major things. A medium to sell your vision. ideas. personality. Regardless if that is really your true self or not...

Anyway, my point is....I was ruminating over something that IreneQ said in one of her entries recently. Basically, she stated the reason why she didn't ping when a fellow blogger at the PPS asked her..


I don't know if anyone who will read this. Nor will they care. Most of the people I knw in real life have never actually heard of blogging, nor are bothered or actually heard of it. But then again, I don't go around advertising my blog.

I am currently doing the 40 Purpose Driven Life with a local church. Yet before all this happened, as anyone who does reads my blog, would know that I am trying to recommit my life to God.

If anyone is familiar with the words or teachings of the Bible, it basically states that we are to sacrifice our own desires and wants for the sake of others. Yes. Is that impossible? Of course not. Joshua Harris has done it, to name one. He stopped dating for 3 years. His act of faith which is written in his book, Boy Meets Girl, has inspired many others to do the same as well. His act of faith was to stop dating and wait upon God, that God would bring the right woman into his life. And he got married in within less than 5 years?


Some of us can't even find the right one after 5 years!!

Which comes now to my point.
You know, sometimes I want to do right, but, when I do, I get reprimanded by others for my good intentions. Or my actions. Coz people misconstrue it.
Or, I want to dress appropriately, because I want to be a good testimony for my faith. Or I refuse to go to certain places, because it would reflect on my testimony.
As it is, how can I be a light, if I hide mine under a bushel? or let my light shine so that others can see it and praise my Father in heaven. Matthew 5:13-17. etc?

You know, sometimes it is hard to sacrifice what you really want to do, with carnal and worldly thoughts, such as swearing, dressing like a slut, not thinking dirty thoughts, masturbating, making a stand for what you really want, flirting and all that kind of thing, because you want to think of the good of others.
But yet, when we see how others are getting the benefits instead, or having the attention that you so really want and crave as well (though you may not admit it), you would (undoubtedly) start complaining to God.

Yet half of my waking hours (oh yes!), I am deluged and barraged by a whole lot of swearing here and there, advertising that promotes the use of women's sexiness. Sex is sold everywhere. Ironically, it is something that gains the attention of others. As human creatures, all of us crave attention. Regardless good or bad. Some have stronger self restraint and will power. Some like me, have less.

My carnal self is fighting the desire between trying to be good and protect my fellow spiritual brothers and sisters, and the other half, to act like a slut and dress half naked and talk and swear at the same time. Yet, over the past three months, I have succeeded in the first half. Which is to do good, and not the latter half.

Hmmm....I was looking at the mirror whilst at the gym today. And I said to myself, you know, I could walk out of my faith and just indulge my slutty self and carnal self.

Dress like a slut. Dress half naked. Talk like one.

Go barhopping and disco-ing.

Indulge my carnal self.

Find someone to hump.

Have a one night stand with someone from the bar.

Have multiple boyfriends.

Have sex without a condom.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Thoughts like actually finding some guy and putting whipped cream and strawberries on some naked guy's body and licking it off and humping him away like rabbits the whole night without a care of what will happen the next day, and at the same time having voyeuristic thoughts of being secretly or openly video-cammed or thoughts of such...*damn*.

But I haven't. I have not done any of it. Much as I think I would like to do any of the above.
Indeed these are the thoughts that pervade my mind for the past 3 months.
You won't get this complete honesty from me in real life.

Coz *something* stops me from proceeding with it.

I guess it really is God's strength upon my life daily, because I know I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself. In fact, I may have actually gone out and do whatever it is I have listed out.

And I really think that that has made all the difference.

It is not because the Church tells us that sex is wrong. But it is remembering the love and what Christ has done for us is what keeps me going. That He has sacrificed everything for us, so that we could have everything! Amen!
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