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ok...i have already written this earlier, but the computer in my room crashed...So I AM PISSSSSEDDD.

I can't imagine Li Ann dancing salsa..(Oi...are you readin this, LI Ann??)...... She dances ballet...but as it is, she is the...*umm*..*ahem* *umm* non-skirt wearing kinda girl with short hair and will probably never wear makeup or cant!, ...who claims she looks good in bohemian clothing...(ok, I will take a picture of you when you are dressed up bohemian and put it here, and all of you can then tell me if she looks good or not, okay?!!)

So, we shall, me, Kath, and if any other of the gals in Ruggeds are interested in Salsa, we shall take her to a salsa bar, and hope she learns up the steps and see what the rest of the male population of the Ruggeds say in response to that..yeah?? he he he he he.

Anyway, updates. updates. updates.

Monday: Went for Rev. Rudy's homeschool centre. Since I am going to feature an article based on it, I might as well ask him, since he is one of the best persons with practical experience on it. According to him, homeschool centres actually complement the Education Policy with all the political agendas that the govt has in line for the country...which, as it is, does make sense at the rate this country is going at anyway.

After that, I met up with Myat Thu and we had laksa for lunch at the new mall at Jln Telawi.

The same evening, I met up with Amos and Bell for supper at Citrus Park...*damn*. I totally vented that night. Maybe I was too overtired kwah.

Tuesday: Hmm.....went for organ class in the morning. Then, headed down to Midvalley. Had dinner with Vivien and beau. Then we headed off to Berjaya Times Square to watch StarWars episode 3!!

Wed: Went to Berjaya Times Square Borders. Met up with Kathleen. Second time ever, I was Khaki and Tee-shirt free in front of the Ruggeds...*wheeee** Kat is the first of the Ruggeds to have the honour to mee PG....Heheh.....actually it was not my intention, but, somehow, I guess, God reminded me that in order to live in accountability, that was the first step towards to actually obey it!!

What are one's reasons for keeping things in the dark? And God shall bring things to light, in the fullnest of His time. But for me, I think it is best to have things IN THE LIGHT right from the beginning itself....

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