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Photos: Bobby, my cute dog

I currently only have one dog....the pictures I have arranged are of Bobby. The female *bitch*, which was Bobby's companion, ;-) has since been returned to the owner whom we got them from.

* can I have a cracker now?* Posted by Hello

*look at me!* *look at me!!* Posted by Hello

*awwww...doesn't he look sweet??* Posted by Hello

*paw* *paw* *paw* Posted by Hello

Puppy chewing on rubber ball...*chew* *chew* *Chew* Posted by Hello

Puppies being manhandled by THE BROOM! Posted by Hello

Puppy chasing its own tail! Posted by Hello

Two new dogs for the family...he he...pictured here is the maid, Satma. Posted by Hello

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mistyeiz said...

OMG...!!! so cute!!!!! reminds me of my pups when they were little. cute little things but NOW...haiyoo!!! i call them the deadly duo. *slaps forehead*

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