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Parent Teacher Conferences

If there is one thing I discovered, it is what goes on in the children's home during the Parent Teacher Conference.

The feedback of the parents were that, after we had Art sessions on tearing and pasting, and of handling the scissors, is that practically ALL the children went home and did the same thing.

Like Jingle Bell's mom, initially she was surprised that he asked for glue and newspapers and magazines.
Then she realised it must have been something that he was doing at school, so without asking much,
she observed exactly what it was her son did. She observed that when she did not give the scissors to her son, her son went and tore the magazines and pasted it on the paper (in no particular order, that is). She asked the son was it something that they did in school, and he said yes.

Then she told me that he started asking for scissors, but after observing, she realised that he knew how to use the scissors without being a danger to himself nor to anyone else around the house, so she left the scissors in a safe place where Jingle Bell could have access to it when he wanted to some art and craft activity.

Now, she tells me that she collects old magazines, brochures, flyers and tells him that those are for him to use for his art and craft.(well, at least it is something to do instead of running around the house with nothing to instead!)

The thing I found out is that practically ALL the children refused to sleep until practically midnight each day!!

And practically all the children displayed a dual personality whilst at school, and whilst at home!
When parents do not know what is going on in school, they tend to reinforce old behaviour patterns without realising it. For example, for the 3 & 4 year olds, the children are expected to be independent.
They eat their meals without being fed, they place their bottles and bags in allocated places, they put on their own shoes, they go to toilet by themselves and they put things back in where they find it. But when they go home, they have either a helper or parents will feed them during meal times, carry their bags and books, put their shoes on for them, and do not expect them to keep things in order.

How do you NOT expect children to display dual personality lar???? And the children are pretty intelligent enough to NOT tell the parents that !! *lolz*.


Anyway, to digress....the sermon preached today, it is practically like a summary of all my thoughts in the past one week. One thing I can say, I think that my time in the wilderness, like Moses, being moulded by the great I AM, is almost up. I can somehow feel that I am being led out of it, and instead of being anxious, I am actually encouraged and excitedly awaiting the next Big Thing that will happen to me.

Well, in fact, I think that something Even Bigger is awaiting beyond the door that I am just about to enter.
Just as many complain about having to experience the bitterness and painful memories of a divorce or break up, yet it is through these experiences that we actually find out who we are. The person that we really are. The strength and resilience of our character to be overcomers.

When we show strength through our choices, it actually prepares us for the next thing that comes along the way. Something bigger. Something better. Something we know that we would have the maturity to handle because we had the training through the time we had to develop.

Just as I told someone this morning, you may think that your separation with your spouse is something bad, but look beyond that and ask yourself,

Has God shown and developed something positive throughout this period of wilderness in you that you know you would not have had if you did not go through it? What do you think could be His Purpose for you through this time of trial and testing?

And the person quoted to me, Psalms 23:4,
Even when I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I shall fear no harm for You are at my side;
Your rod and staff, they give me comfort and strength.

Amen to that!

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