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Day 3: PDL

Today is the 3rd Day of the PDL journey.
There are some questions that come into my mind as I go through today's chapter.
What is God's purpose for me in my current job?

That is a question that I posed to a cellmate of mine. I know that God has opened the door for me to write freelance and to use my talents and gifts in that field. But having a family business in education, where my passion seems to be wavering from one end to the other, yet I am really wondering if there really is a purpose for me in what I am doing now. Yet, I know that in all things I do, it should be done not only for my best, but for God's glory as well.

I feel that God's hand has been upon me from the start. If there is one thing no one knows of me is the fact that I do not really like socialising. I have complained endlessly to a cellmate of mine, that he knows it when I start doing it. :-P

Yet, when I bring it up, he says that perhaps God's hand is upon the fact that He wants me to change my non-social ways to perhaps something better, (which I would probably be able to only tell in future.....). :-P

Just as others, what would God's purpose for me to go into relationships that did not work out? I could say that He only just gave me the answer recently, which would be that I would not be where I am today.

That is, I would not have sought out God's hand upon my life, (which I know is God's hand working upon me all this while, and therefore I shall not deny it). I know that it was His Spirit talking to me from the start up to the exit of my relationships, and it was also His hand and spirit that has given me strength in the past few months. God heard my prayer to find a group of young almost like minded people that I could fellowship with and opened the door to meet people that I have would not had I decided to follow my own way.

His strength has been upon me all this while as I learn to pray for my loved ones, and I would not have done many of the things I have if I didn't have my experiences that I did.
I guess sometimes God has to do what He has to do in order that us stubborn humans would learn.....I guess.


Sometimes I say to myself, would I ever have to worry about faithfulness when God brings the right one to me?

Yet, I know that if God were to bring the right one to me, I should not worry about it.

If the man I chose is close to God, as the preacher says,
when I pray,
I know that God would speak to the man or the husband I would have,
as his heart would be very attuned to God.

Hmm....It is something GOOD to look forward to!!

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