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A Canon Ixus L1 for sale.

Yup. I have the Analog camera, APS Format Canon Ixus L1 for sale.

Brand new and hardly used...*ha ha* .

I want to sell this and get a digital CANON instead. So, if you know anyone would would like to get an Analog camera for FILM photography purposes, please contact me!

*Let me tell you a story behind my camera..

When I was in high school, I wanted a camera. Those days, we only had *film* camera. Coz everyone had a camera, and I had none.....

Some how by a stroke of luck, I won this camera in the mail.

Coz I posted a picture of myself (then it was my taekwondo martial arts uniform) to the sponsors, which would be ZA *yes, the cosmetic company!!* coz it was some modelling contest in Singapore then, or something. ...
I think it is by far, my most expensive prize I have ever won....But now, I would like to sell it off....

So, if you know anyone who is looking for the above, please forward this entry to them!!!

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