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Photoblog: Pixs my kids took! Cool leh? (2005)


Photoblog: Pixs my kids took! Cool leh? (2005)

Ok, here's a picture some of my kids took in class today..I wouldn't mind putting their pictures here...but seriously, there is too many to nevermind lar...

Pretty okay, huh? ;-) I did some editing with the filling in flash functions on Photoshop and contrast.

The children were most excited at the prospect of using a digicam...that they started posing for each other..*laughs* It looked like some modelling class there for a while!
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A Canon Ixus L1 for sale.

A Canon Ixus L1 for sale.

Yup. I have the Analog camera, APS Format Canon Ixus L1 for sale.

Brand new and hardly used...*ha ha* .

I want to sell this and get a digital CANON instead. So, if you know anyone would would like to get an Analog camera for FILM photography purposes, please contact me!

*Let me tell you a story behind my camera..

When I was in high school, I wanted a camera. Those days, we only had *film* camera. Coz everyone had a camera, and I had none.....

Some how by a stroke of luck, I won this camera in the mail.

Coz I posted a picture of myself (then it was my taekwondo martial arts uniform) to the sponsors, which would be ZA *yes, the cosmetic company!!* coz it was some modelling contest in Singapore then, or something. ...
I think it is by far, my most expensive prize I have ever won....But now, I would like to sell it off....

So, if you know anyone who is looking for the above, please forward this entry to them!!!
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Balls... Not the kind you are thinking!

Balls... Not the kind you are thinking!

How's my day?? Well, I've been left with LOTS of time these days. I actually cant wait for USQ Semester 2 to start. Since I won't be going to the gym as often, I would definitely have more time to study and focus on my studies...

Damn it. I cant believe I actually like talking dirty. But only did that with Peng Guan recently.

It started off coz I asked him, is it okay if a person asked for a massage from someone of the opposite gender (if they are tired, that is).

My answer would be a straight NO, coz I know that I would feel guilty, and I would not like it if my partner's friend offered to (NO MATTER how close the friendship was even offered!)

Peng Guan said it depended on how close the friendship...but in the end, he concluded NO as well. (stupid fella. Why didn't you just say NO in the first place? Wasting time trying to answer a question where the answer is already NO!!!).

Ok, basically I have got shoulder rubs from guys before...and well...the verdict is, yes, it does turn on both parties. Just that it actually does more harm to the male than the female!

In all fairness, I would NOW say NO, (at my state of mind that I write this), because it would affect the guy more (I think!!) than the person who receives.

Technically, I was tired when I received it. The last time I received a shoulder massage was from a lady. Ironically, I FELL ASLEEP right after that!! Talk about being even more tired!!! Ha ha ha ha....

Anyway, *back to the story*....

I think my face *blushed* as red as carrots and I probably made him just as *red* in his neck (as much as he is denying it over the phone earlier...*ha ha*)

Well, its all his fault that he started it! *Damn* *damn* *damn*.

We were talking about Wimbledon......and then............







I said, I was never good at playing with anything that has balls...

Hello??? I meant eye hand co-ordination with volley ball, basket ball, tennis balls, table tennis balls??

What were you thinking about lar???????

My mad dog


My mad dog

Dont get your head *spinning* by the end of the video yeah.......

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Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent Teacher Conferences

If there is one thing I discovered, it is what goes on in the children's home during the Parent Teacher Conference.

The feedback of the parents were that, after we had Art sessions on tearing and pasting, and of handling the scissors, is that practically ALL the children went home and did the same thing.

Like Jingle Bell's mom, initially she was surprised that he asked for glue and newspapers and magazines.
Then she realised it must have been something that he was doing at school, so without asking much,
she observed exactly what it was her son did. She observed that when she did not give the scissors to her son, her son went and tore the magazines and pasted it on the paper (in no particular order, that is). She asked the son was it something that they did in school, and he said yes.

Then she told me that he started asking for scissors, but after observing, she realised that he knew how to use the scissors without being a danger to himself nor to anyone else around the house, so she left the scissors in a safe place where Jingle Bell could have access to it when he wanted to some art and craft activity.

Now, she tells me that she collects old magazines, brochures, flyers and tells him that those are for him to use for his art and craft.(well, at least it is something to do instead of running around the house with nothing to instead!)

The thing I found out is that practically ALL the children refused to sleep until practically midnight each day!!

And practically all the children displayed a dual personality whilst at school, and whilst at home!
When parents do not know what is going on in school, they tend to reinforce old behaviour patterns without realising it. For example, for the 3 & 4 year olds, the children are expected to be independent.
They eat their meals without being fed, they place their bottles and bags in allocated places, they put on their own shoes, they go to toilet by themselves and they put things back in where they find it. But when they go home, they have either a helper or parents will feed them during meal times, carry their bags and books, put their shoes on for them, and do not expect them to keep things in order.

How do you NOT expect children to display dual personality lar???? And the children are pretty intelligent enough to NOT tell the parents that !! *lolz*.


Anyway, to digress....the sermon preached today, it is practically like a summary of all my thoughts in the past one week. One thing I can say, I think that my time in the wilderness, like Moses, being moulded by the great I AM, is almost up. I can somehow feel that I am being led out of it, and instead of being anxious, I am actually encouraged and excitedly awaiting the next Big Thing that will happen to me.

Well, in fact, I think that something Even Bigger is awaiting beyond the door that I am just about to enter.
Just as many complain about having to experience the bitterness and painful memories of a divorce or break up, yet it is through these experiences that we actually find out who we are. The person that we really are. The strength and resilience of our character to be overcomers.

When we show strength through our choices, it actually prepares us for the next thing that comes along the way. Something bigger. Something better. Something we know that we would have the maturity to handle because we had the training through the time we had to develop.

Just as I told someone this morning, you may think that your separation with your spouse is something bad, but look beyond that and ask yourself,

Has God shown and developed something positive throughout this period of wilderness in you that you know you would not have had if you did not go through it? What do you think could be His Purpose for you through this time of trial and testing?

And the person quoted to me, Psalms 23:4,
Even when I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I shall fear no harm for You are at my side;
Your rod and staff, they give me comfort and strength.

Amen to that!
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Day 6: PDL


Day 6: PDL

Fix your eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what that is seen is temporary, but what that is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

For the past one week, well, actually it has been since the past few days, I have been mulling over some things in my life. Anyway, I have finally decided to give up my gym membership and even my music classes.
This in part is due to my plans for the car, and seriously, I really do not, and have not the time for going to the gym nor music classes when July comes. I would be focusing on my studies then, and also on my career (which includes journalism) and my internship then. Much as I would like to reconsider it, I think that the time has come for me to prune away with activities that no longer serves it purpose for me anymore.

As for music classes, I had every intention of going up all the way to the highest grade, but looking at the facts that have been presented to me, and the circumstances as well, it is definitely time to take a hiatus from many things and just focus on the few things in hand, when I know that continuing it would just take my passion away from it.

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Day 3: PDL


Day 3: PDL

Today is the 3rd Day of the PDL journey.
There are some questions that come into my mind as I go through today's chapter.
What is God's purpose for me in my current job?

That is a question that I posed to a cellmate of mine. I know that God has opened the door for me to write freelance and to use my talents and gifts in that field. But having a family business in education, where my passion seems to be wavering from one end to the other, yet I am really wondering if there really is a purpose for me in what I am doing now. Yet, I know that in all things I do, it should be done not only for my best, but for God's glory as well.

I feel that God's hand has been upon me from the start. If there is one thing no one knows of me is the fact that I do not really like socialising. I have complained endlessly to a cellmate of mine, that he knows it when I start doing it. :-P

Yet, when I bring it up, he says that perhaps God's hand is upon the fact that He wants me to change my non-social ways to perhaps something better, (which I would probably be able to only tell in future.....). :-P

Just as others, what would God's purpose for me to go into relationships that did not work out? I could say that He only just gave me the answer recently, which would be that I would not be where I am today.

That is, I would not have sought out God's hand upon my life, (which I know is God's hand working upon me all this while, and therefore I shall not deny it). I know that it was His Spirit talking to me from the start up to the exit of my relationships, and it was also His hand and spirit that has given me strength in the past few months. God heard my prayer to find a group of young almost like minded people that I could fellowship with and opened the door to meet people that I have would not had I decided to follow my own way.

His strength has been upon me all this while as I learn to pray for my loved ones, and I would not have done many of the things I have if I didn't have my experiences that I did.
I guess sometimes God has to do what He has to do in order that us stubborn humans would learn.....I guess.


Sometimes I say to myself, would I ever have to worry about faithfulness when God brings the right one to me?

Yet, I know that if God were to bring the right one to me, I should not worry about it.

If the man I chose is close to God, as the preacher says,
when I pray,
I know that God would speak to the man or the husband I would have,
as his heart would be very attuned to God.

Hmm....It is something GOOD to look forward to!!
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Waiting for God's Best.


Waiting for God's Best.

Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone, to have a deep relationship with another, to be loved thoroughly and exclusively.
But to His child, the Lord says: "No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled, and content with being loved by Me; with giving yourself totally and unreservedly to Me to have an intensely personal relationship with Me alone, discovering that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found.Only then will you be capable of the most perfect relationship that I have planned for you.
"I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing… one that you cannot imagine (Proverbs 3:5-6).
I want you to have the best. Please allow Me to bring it to you.
"You just keep watching Me. Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am. Keep listening and learning the things that I tell you. Just waiting-that's all."Don't be anxious. Don't worry. Don't look around at all the things others have gotten or that I have given them. Don't look at all the things you think you want. Just keep looking up to Me."
And then, when I know you are ready, I'll surprise you with a love far wonderful than any you would dream of. You see, I'm working at this moment to have you both ready at the same time. Until you are satisfied exclusively with Me, and the life I've given you, you won't be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with Me.
"Dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love, I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with Me, and to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection, and love that I offer you with myself.
"Know that I love you utterly. Be satisfied in Me.
"Author Unknown
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Well, LLC is Back In Action...Ha ha.
Anyway, I find it just strange how sometimes God answers prayer requests in such a strange way.
Or more, how he chooses to answer some, and not the rest.

The moment that LLC told me she was returning from UK, the first thing that popped into my mind was actually to pray for her.
I do know that LLC has a wonderful life. Good paying job. Nice Caucasian beau. Nice car. Friends to club with. And more clubbing and pubbing every week. Then again, is there all there is to her life?
I told myself that, although she may seem to have everything, the one thing lacking in her life is God. But we have been told to pray for others and love them.

For the past 2 weeks she has been, apparently she has been sick. and in a depression...*umm* Yeah. right. The reason she states this is because she is *searching for the meaning of life*
I am just wondering, how timely that God would answer my prayer in such a manner....(obviously I did not tell her that I prayed for her.....*and I don't think it is the right time to do so anyway!*).

I told her that my life may seem boring compared to hers. With Bible study. Friends who are clean and do not bar hop or may not go clubbing. or go mountain climbing or hill hiking. and will READ the Bible.
But hei, I am satisfied in that way. Life is a challenge already. And who says being a Christian is easy?
Life in Christ is an adventure. I can seriously say that. Although it may seem that nothing is going on, a lot goes on in my mind, as is evident by my writing here, no?

People find it hard to understand the notion, "to substitute a relationship with God through a relationshp with another person to fill in that vacuum".
Of course, each and everyone of us is dealt by God in a different manner. You know, just because I was brought up in Christian family nor the fact that my father may be a pastor or a Christian leader doesn't mean that I would lead a very godly Christian life. In fact, I may not even bother. Just as how God dealt even with Franklin Graham, son of world famous preacher, Billy Graham, he deals with each and every one of us in a different manner, unique to our calling and different personalities.

Just as a friend asked me, why am I being so religious? The fact is, I am not. But the fact is, I want to have a relationship with God. and to have a relationship with God means that I trust God that He will lead and write my life down in a way that is pure, whole and consecrated in Him. I know that if I trust Him with my life, He will bring all that my heart desires, because I AM His child and He only WANTS the Best for his children.

If it was my calling to go travel, I am sure that God, like how he chased Jonah, will do the same way to me as He had to him. But for the rest of the world, I want you to pray for this friend of mine, "LLC, friend of Chea Yee".
(sorry, no last names here.....this is TOO public a domain).
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ok...i have already written this earlier, but the computer in my room crashed...So I AM PISSSSSEDDD.

I can't imagine Li Ann dancing salsa..(Oi...are you readin this, LI Ann??)...... She dances ballet...but as it is, she is the...*umm*..*ahem* *umm* non-skirt wearing kinda girl with short hair and will probably never wear makeup or cant!, ...who claims she looks good in bohemian clothing...(ok, I will take a picture of you when you are dressed up bohemian and put it here, and all of you can then tell me if she looks good or not, okay?!!)

So, we shall, me, Kath, and if any other of the gals in Ruggeds are interested in Salsa, we shall take her to a salsa bar, and hope she learns up the steps and see what the rest of the male population of the Ruggeds say in response to that..yeah?? he he he he he.

Anyway, updates. updates. updates.

Monday: Went for Rev. Rudy's homeschool centre. Since I am going to feature an article based on it, I might as well ask him, since he is one of the best persons with practical experience on it. According to him, homeschool centres actually complement the Education Policy with all the political agendas that the govt has in line for the country...which, as it is, does make sense at the rate this country is going at anyway.

After that, I met up with Myat Thu and we had laksa for lunch at the new mall at Jln Telawi.

The same evening, I met up with Amos and Bell for supper at Citrus Park...*damn*. I totally vented that night. Maybe I was too overtired kwah.

Tuesday: Hmm.....went for organ class in the morning. Then, headed down to Midvalley. Had dinner with Vivien and beau. Then we headed off to Berjaya Times Square to watch StarWars episode 3!!

Wed: Went to Berjaya Times Square Borders. Met up with Kathleen. Second time ever, I was Khaki and Tee-shirt free in front of the Ruggeds...*wheeee** Kat is the first of the Ruggeds to have the honour to mee PG....Heheh.....actually it was not my intention, but, somehow, I guess, God reminded me that in order to live in accountability, that was the first step towards to actually obey it!!

What are one's reasons for keeping things in the dark? And God shall bring things to light, in the fullnest of His time. But for me, I think it is best to have things IN THE LIGHT right from the beginning itself....
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Canopy Walk at FRIM!!


Canopy Walk at FRIM!!

This morning went for Canopy Walk with the Ruggeds. There were some from the Connexion that came as well.
We all waited at church. I only managed to sleep by 2am, and woke up at 8.30am.
Everyone was waiting at the nearby coffeeshop....actually, I intended to have breakfast there as well, but my mom had already prepared pancakes, so what the heck leh!!!!

There were quite a number of cars driven..Melvin, Lynette, Debra, Peter, SeeHon, Winston and cant remember how many more lar....
The hike up the hill was pretty *breathless*!! , but coming down not so bad however... The canopy is 100 meters above ground and 200 metres in distance..(which totally doesn't amount to that far, however!).
Was it scary? A bit kwah...but *heh*.

Last night went to watch Madagascar with Syed & Amos. My classmate, Aishah was supposed to join us...but due to unforseen circumstances, could not make it....well..there's always another time KWAH. Oh Well.

Hmm...the fellowship during the Canopy Walk was most *enlightening*. I finally managed to meet up with Li Ann after like a LONG LONG While. Barely got to see her during Bible Study periods anyway!

Sometimes God answers our queries in a most interesting way. For example, like last week, I mentioned to the group to pray for the *lost* USQ bankdrafts and yeah, we did. When I was in class yesterday, I asked around for the update of the bankdrafts, and a lot of them are still clueless to the update on the situation.
This morning, when I was having breakfast with my father, he asked me about my studies, so I mentioned it to my father that the USQ authorities had lost the bankdrafts! He said it would be easy to go and cancel the bankdraft and re-issue a new one (as formerly I thought it would be very thank God for that!). I ws so hoping that God would allow the bankdrafts to be found, but I guess when He doesn't let that happen, He probably has His reasons for that happening!

You know, I did mention that I would not be *dating* for the next year plus and so......Isn't it strange when one makes such a resolution like that, incidents like even more people who will keep asking you on dates on a periodical basis starts to happen. *lolz*.
I think it's God way of testing me.......not to mention the fact that half of these people are *unequally yoked* as there! I DO think it's His Way of Testing me anyway.....

I notice that even within the small groups, somehow, there still is very much of a worldview way of relationships being maintained, although it may not seem inherent so as I somehow had the impression that the people within the small groups were very fervent for the Lord.
I would say that the notion of accountability, whereby people of same gender being accountable to one another is indeed a very good practice. And much more so, if two people are in a courtship.

Guys are still very *visual*, when it comes to women. I would think so. I do not really like this notion, and although it is *idealistic*, but not impossible for a guy to appreciate a woman for who she is, and not how she dresses. I wonder, if guys do take on the character of Christ, WOULD their notions and perspective of women change or what?

What about the notion for a woman to get to know a man for his character in a group setting, through group activities, as opposed to dating a man because of how he looks or because he is macho looking and handsome. Etc. Etc.Etc..
I'm trying to do that, but it is not easy either! I guess it would remain the same for both men and women.....*regardless* whether they're in the church or not....

Of course, if you seriously trust in the Lord for your spouse, you wouldn't simply be attracted to anyone without examining the person's character. That of course, is easier said than done!
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Lending the movie Passion to friends


Lending the movie Passion to friends

I met up with Peng Guan after a long time. I've been praying and praying... (i would like to think that God IS working behind the scenes). I finally gave PG The Passion movie.

As a friend mentioned too, if God has placed this burden in my heart, I think I will continue praying for it. For it is also stated in the Word that the prayer of a Righteous Person availeth much... (provided they continue seeking righteousness and not depart from it, that is!)

Just as a malay friend of mine, after watching The Passion, told me that he totally couldn't understand why Christ had to die. Even though I explained it like countlessly, he refused to accept or see the light of the reason.

Anyway, went to the gym yesterday. I couldn't even continue with the Body Combat because I was getting a headache halfway. Met up with Amos & Bell at USJ after. Bryant joined us later. okay.*my perspective*?
Fellowships take time to build. It is a commitment.(as so the PDL book states...ha..ha).

Anyway, Peng Guan saw my "covenant ring", but I didn't care to elaborate but just smiled sweetly. It's none of his business.
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Photos: Bobby, my cute dog

Photos: Bobby, my cute dog

I currently only have one dog....the pictures I have arranged are of Bobby. The female *bitch*, which was Bobby's companion, ;-) has since been returned to the owner whom we got them from.

* can I have a cracker now?* Posted by Hello

*look at me!* *look at me!!* Posted by Hello

*awwww...doesn't he look sweet??* Posted by Hello

*paw* *paw* *paw* Posted by Hello

Puppy chewing on rubber ball...*chew* *chew* *Chew* Posted by Hello

Puppies being manhandled by THE BROOM! Posted by Hello

Puppy chasing its own tail! Posted by Hello

Two new dogs for the family...he he...pictured here is the maid, Satma. Posted by Hello
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