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scatterbrains...ha ha ha ha.

Never mind that i AM a *Scatterbrain*.

Ha ha ha ha.Losing one phone to the next...*sigh*. My parents are making an issue over it....Well, the reason being that is that not all are of kin at my house...(well, i have nothing to add to that..but if that is really so, there is really no use in *theorizing*, unless it is proven, right?)
I got my replacement sim card at the Maxis near Leisure Mall. They charged me RM20 for the sim replacement.I finally got GPRS!!!! *wah. Wah. Wah.*
I borrowed Ai Ling's Nokia 2650. Nevrmind that I don't exactly like Nokias..beggars cant exactly be chooosers....*sticks tongue out*

Anyway, went to the Publishing office to meet my editor, Shirley. Yup. Yup. How coincidental that Rev. Rudy Liu was sharing at my church on Sunday, so I got the name card off his wife. Hehe..
Anyone interested in homeschooling? It sounds like an interesting actually considering it for my own children! *he he*.

Isn't it true that everyone is given the opportunity for a free ride until a person actually misuses this opportunity, and as a result of that, the company related will take and withdraw whatever priviledges that was extended earlier?
For example, when I was in HELP, and they were launchng their cybercafe (this way years ago in the late 90s),
everyone had unlimited time and access to use the facilities. UP UNTIL one day, it was found that a speaker was stolen from the cybercafe....and....*tadah* they finally withdraw all priviledges, and limited each person to an hour's use of the facilities, and everyone who wanted to use had to register their names.

Even in a company, if staff are dishonest by taking things out to sell without informing the company, this results in a withdrawal of priviledges to all involved, consequences reaching even the clients who were not involved in the first place.
Seriously, these people who are dishonest, or steal, hoping to make a quick buck, really do not think about how their actions could affect others...coz they are TOO SELF-CENTERED, SELFISH and everything is about THEMSELVES. THEMSELVES. THEMSELVES. THEMSELVES! Idiots. What stupid pathetic idiots. Yes, they are! What have they to say in defence of themselves??!!!!

Anyway, I have been sick for the past few days. Had a terrible headache last evening. So much for a grand start to the school holidays. *blech*. Do pray for me to recover!

Ok, Cheryl, you want to know which is my favourite soccer team? Actually...I don't have any...I am just being a *tease*........But Chelsea and Liverpool are definitely good teams lar......Chelsea highest in terms of the point system anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Withdrawal of priviledges... Hmm. That's why I choose to rely on my own resources whenever possible. Anything can be taken away except what belongs within me.

U Joe

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