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Party time, darling!

Today is the last day of school for the 1st Semester 2005! Alright.

Just came from my second final last class for Nursery Management tonight.
I cant believe its almost done! bridging course just completed like that.

Today, the school celebrated Teachers' Day! He he....
Actually, almost and many schools and preschools have many of their events on the last day of school. Dr. Leow's preschool had their Family Day in Ampang today. Hers sounded like fun, but seriously, these events take up a lot of time, and needs lots of thinking and planning. These are basically Parent Involvement Programmes, and they are important to facilitate and develop rapport and communication between families and the children in the school. EXAM next week, and after that TOTAL break for a few weeks. Hehe.

Today JingleBell's mom came to school to look for Lilian. Both of us knew that she would after the incident in school yesterday. The latter was not present then due to personal circumstances, so I went up to her instead and told what happened. Seriously speaking, there really is no point to beating or spanking a child countlessly if the child doesn't change. Unfortunately, the spanking can only work for a certain period of time. It would lose its effect after a while. The teacher just has to change her approach to another one that works!

Dr.Loew highlighted the importance of using the approach to disciplining the child in a manner which is also consistent at home. If the child was showing some misbehaviour or problem in school, and the approach that the family is using at home to discipline or handle the child is not consistent, then the goal of the approach would be lost. It is also important that the teacher explains the reasons to it and try to explain the approach to the family members in order that it will work. This is where tact and communication skills are important.
To say that "parents are difficult" is to deny that this is not a reality of life, but it is something that has to be faced by both class teachers and managers of schools. Family involvement does not happen at the prick of a finger, but is a process and event. Building rapport is a process that takes time to develop.

This definitely is something that I have to keep in mind always. Not only with the school and families, but among staff as well! Teachers must have a consistent way of handling children so that their styles are clashing with each other! (and I see that happening with Lilian and me!) but apparently the principal doesn't seem to have observed that either! (But then again, she's not in all the time!)
Then again, Lilian is not trained in the same manner that I am, so there are times that I do wonder WHAT EXACTLY is the problem there! But anyway, I think I handled Jingle Bell's mother pretty well. Heh. (he's a boy by the way!).

Anyway, USQ lost the bank drafts! Omigosh! I can't believe's totally nothing to do in relation with us Long Distance Students over here. The university received the parcel, but is unable to find the bank drafts..*Damn Scary*. I hope they find it soon enough. The entire parcel of bank drafts...This is terrible. It causes a lot of inconvenience for us here. But basically, the fault isn't with us because they received the parcel. So it's the university's own negligience..Damn. Damn. Damn.

Seriously, my car is giving me lots of problems. Even if my car is in good working conditions, I'm not going to be mad enough to drive down to town in the middle of the night to meet some friends. Especially if they are guys. Are they mad to ask me to drive down to town just to meet them? And me a girl alone? Damn siao. They should be driving to my house to pick me up instead.. CRAZY!!!

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