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Body Combat and Celyn's return.

Just came back from the gym. I went last Wednesday. And I went today. After my Body Combat class, and when I was chatting with this friend (can't remember his name!) his acquaitance came up to us. This friend introduced me to him and his friend,

Kenny, said, "you came last Wednesday right?"
Me: Yeah....actually I only came last Wednesday.
Kenny: same class right?
Me: yes, I know
Kenny: I saw you.
Me: I also saw you. Aiya....I can only make it like once a week...twice if I am lucky....
Kenny: aiya, if you make time that is...
Me: The problem is No time!

Anyway, I've been pleading silently with God so that Mandy will call me! Many who would know that I've lost my handphone so I don't have her number either! Well, today I got a call....and before I answered it, I knew it was her!! Man, I'm such a smart girl . he he..
The first thing I told her was * God just answered my prayer. I've been asking Him so that you would call me!!*

She ran away with my Montessori Sensorial File, so I can't read up anything on that!!! *lolz*
Anyway, I think she will be having exams soon. I did tell her that if she has exams, she can come and revise with me, since I need to revise on my Montessori syllabus anyway!

I also petitioned to God for something else........something that I will get by the time my two weeks holidays end..If I get it, it would really mean that He answers this particular prayer! What is it? How can I tell you? If I tell you, that means, someone will read this, and I haven't told anyone about it but Him! Of course, if I get it, I will *testify* about it!

Anyway, I just found out that my so-called-best-friend-from High School, Celyn is returning from UK. I'll most probably meet up with her...but seriously....I really don't long for the things that she does. She most probably is the same..but know what? I really don't care. The only thing that I have done since I found out is, What shall I do now that she is coming back?? I haven't seen her since eons ago, and even the last time she returned, I didn't see her...(But neither did I miss her!).

Apparently Celyn likes salsa dancing, so, U Joe, if you are reading this, you know what to do lar.

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Anonymous said...

Salsa? :) Grrreat!
Do let me know when she's back in KL, I'll be glad to have another dance partner.

U Joe

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