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scatterbrains...ha ha ha ha.


scatterbrains...ha ha ha ha.

Never mind that i AM a *Scatterbrain*.

Ha ha ha ha.Losing one phone to the next...*sigh*. My parents are making an issue over it....Well, the reason being that is that not all are of kin at my house...(well, i have nothing to add to that..but if that is really so, there is really no use in *theorizing*, unless it is proven, right?)
I got my replacement sim card at the Maxis near Leisure Mall. They charged me RM20 for the sim replacement.I finally got GPRS!!!! *wah. Wah. Wah.*
I borrowed Ai Ling's Nokia 2650. Nevrmind that I don't exactly like Nokias..beggars cant exactly be chooosers....*sticks tongue out*

Anyway, went to the Publishing office to meet my editor, Shirley. Yup. Yup. How coincidental that Rev. Rudy Liu was sharing at my church on Sunday, so I got the name card off his wife. Hehe..
Anyone interested in homeschooling? It sounds like an interesting actually considering it for my own children! *he he*.

Isn't it true that everyone is given the opportunity for a free ride until a person actually misuses this opportunity, and as a result of that, the company related will take and withdraw whatever priviledges that was extended earlier?
For example, when I was in HELP, and they were launchng their cybercafe (this way years ago in the late 90s),
everyone had unlimited time and access to use the facilities. UP UNTIL one day, it was found that a speaker was stolen from the cybercafe....and....*tadah* they finally withdraw all priviledges, and limited each person to an hour's use of the facilities, and everyone who wanted to use had to register their names.

Even in a company, if staff are dishonest by taking things out to sell without informing the company, this results in a withdrawal of priviledges to all involved, consequences reaching even the clients who were not involved in the first place.
Seriously, these people who are dishonest, or steal, hoping to make a quick buck, really do not think about how their actions could affect others...coz they are TOO SELF-CENTERED, SELFISH and everything is about THEMSELVES. THEMSELVES. THEMSELVES. THEMSELVES! Idiots. What stupid pathetic idiots. Yes, they are! What have they to say in defence of themselves??!!!!

Anyway, I have been sick for the past few days. Had a terrible headache last evening. So much for a grand start to the school holidays. *blech*. Do pray for me to recover!

Ok, Cheryl, you want to know which is my favourite soccer team? Actually...I don't have any...I am just being a *tease*........But Chelsea and Liverpool are definitely good teams lar......Chelsea highest in terms of the point system anyway.
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lost my hp again!


lost my hp again!

I think I just lost my hp again! The panasonicG50, that is.

Please please pray that I find actually go out and take the time to get another one, replace the sim card, make the report, readd all the numbers is seriously a waste of time...and totally demoralising...INDEED.
Not to mention, I can't make reports on Sunday either!
Real Sad.

*will write more later*.
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Party time, darling!


Party time, darling!

Today is the last day of school for the 1st Semester 2005! Alright.

Just came from my second final last class for Nursery Management tonight.
I cant believe its almost done! bridging course just completed like that.

Today, the school celebrated Teachers' Day! He he....
Actually, almost and many schools and preschools have many of their events on the last day of school. Dr. Leow's preschool had their Family Day in Ampang today. Hers sounded like fun, but seriously, these events take up a lot of time, and needs lots of thinking and planning. These are basically Parent Involvement Programmes, and they are important to facilitate and develop rapport and communication between families and the children in the school. EXAM next week, and after that TOTAL break for a few weeks. Hehe.

Today JingleBell's mom came to school to look for Lilian. Both of us knew that she would after the incident in school yesterday. The latter was not present then due to personal circumstances, so I went up to her instead and told what happened. Seriously speaking, there really is no point to beating or spanking a child countlessly if the child doesn't change. Unfortunately, the spanking can only work for a certain period of time. It would lose its effect after a while. The teacher just has to change her approach to another one that works!

Dr.Loew highlighted the importance of using the approach to disciplining the child in a manner which is also consistent at home. If the child was showing some misbehaviour or problem in school, and the approach that the family is using at home to discipline or handle the child is not consistent, then the goal of the approach would be lost. It is also important that the teacher explains the reasons to it and try to explain the approach to the family members in order that it will work. This is where tact and communication skills are important.
To say that "parents are difficult" is to deny that this is not a reality of life, but it is something that has to be faced by both class teachers and managers of schools. Family involvement does not happen at the prick of a finger, but is a process and event. Building rapport is a process that takes time to develop.

This definitely is something that I have to keep in mind always. Not only with the school and families, but among staff as well! Teachers must have a consistent way of handling children so that their styles are clashing with each other! (and I see that happening with Lilian and me!) but apparently the principal doesn't seem to have observed that either! (But then again, she's not in all the time!)
Then again, Lilian is not trained in the same manner that I am, so there are times that I do wonder WHAT EXACTLY is the problem there! But anyway, I think I handled Jingle Bell's mother pretty well. Heh. (he's a boy by the way!).

Anyway, USQ lost the bank drafts! Omigosh! I can't believe's totally nothing to do in relation with us Long Distance Students over here. The university received the parcel, but is unable to find the bank drafts..*Damn Scary*. I hope they find it soon enough. The entire parcel of bank drafts...This is terrible. It causes a lot of inconvenience for us here. But basically, the fault isn't with us because they received the parcel. So it's the university's own negligience..Damn. Damn. Damn.

Seriously, my car is giving me lots of problems. Even if my car is in good working conditions, I'm not going to be mad enough to drive down to town in the middle of the night to meet some friends. Especially if they are guys. Are they mad to ask me to drive down to town just to meet them? And me a girl alone? Damn siao. They should be driving to my house to pick me up instead.. CRAZY!!!
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Body Combat and Celyn's return.


Body Combat and Celyn's return.

Just came back from the gym. I went last Wednesday. And I went today. After my Body Combat class, and when I was chatting with this friend (can't remember his name!) his acquaitance came up to us. This friend introduced me to him and his friend,

Kenny, said, "you came last Wednesday right?"
Me: Yeah....actually I only came last Wednesday.
Kenny: same class right?
Me: yes, I know
Kenny: I saw you.
Me: I also saw you. Aiya....I can only make it like once a week...twice if I am lucky....
Kenny: aiya, if you make time that is...
Me: The problem is No time!

Anyway, I've been pleading silently with God so that Mandy will call me! Many who would know that I've lost my handphone so I don't have her number either! Well, today I got a call....and before I answered it, I knew it was her!! Man, I'm such a smart girl . he he..
The first thing I told her was * God just answered my prayer. I've been asking Him so that you would call me!!*

She ran away with my Montessori Sensorial File, so I can't read up anything on that!!! *lolz*
Anyway, I think she will be having exams soon. I did tell her that if she has exams, she can come and revise with me, since I need to revise on my Montessori syllabus anyway!

I also petitioned to God for something else........something that I will get by the time my two weeks holidays end..If I get it, it would really mean that He answers this particular prayer! What is it? How can I tell you? If I tell you, that means, someone will read this, and I haven't told anyone about it but Him! Of course, if I get it, I will *testify* about it!

Anyway, I just found out that my so-called-best-friend-from High School, Celyn is returning from UK. I'll most probably meet up with her...but seriously....I really don't long for the things that she does. She most probably is the same..but know what? I really don't care. The only thing that I have done since I found out is, What shall I do now that she is coming back?? I haven't seen her since eons ago, and even the last time she returned, I didn't see her...(But neither did I miss her!).

Apparently Celyn likes salsa dancing, so, U Joe, if you are reading this, you know what to do lar.

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Post Wesak conversation


Post Wesak conversation

I can tell which among the children are the ones that went to the temple on Wesak Day.

Like Nicholas, I know it was definitely his mom who brought him and his sister to the temple. It would not be his father, because his dad taught him & his sister to sing " I sing praises to His Name" like two years ago. And he said so himself!

Even Ching Wen went to the temple. I KNEW that he went to the temple, but I still asked him. As I sent him back.....

Me: Did you go to the temple on Wesak Day?
CW: Yes I did. I went to the temple. I didn't go to the temple of God. I went to the temple of Lord Buddha...
Me: You know, God doesn't live in a temple?
CW: No, where does He live?
Me: He lives in us... Our body is His temple. (right..if CW understands. Changes subject).
ahh.......I see. So, what did you do there?
CW: My mother gave me some coins to throw into this fountain. It has a big lotus flower.....(and elaborates) some of the coins fell into the big flower...
Me:, do you think your wishes will come true?
CW: I think so.
Me: So, what is the purpose of the yellow string that you wear on your hand? The buddhist believe that it is supposed to protect a person or something...what do you think?
CW: I don't think it will protect me.It is just a piece of string.
Me: Uh huh....uh huh....*good answer* ( lost for words here...)
Me: Did you ask your mom or dad what it is for?
CW: Yes, I did. He told me it is supposed to protect me. But protect me from what???
It is just a piece of string.....(he replies emphatically!)
Me: Ahh.....*okay*. That is definitely a good answer....I can say only God will protect you


CW: My dad says that God doesn't know anything....
Me: Actually, that is not true.....He knows many things about us...its just that us, we don't know anything.
You knw, God is a spirit. Instead of worshipping Him, the One that makes all things, we worship the things that He know, the tree, the cow, the sea, the sun, cars, even those little statues in those little houses..

(Then we passed by this big billboard of advertising the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith in front of Parkson OUG. And changed subject!).

Me: Hei, the movie is out soon! Its about two secret agents who marry each other and then they have to kill each know like, 007? They don't know that the other is a secret agent though.
CW: Yeah I know..but why do they have to kill each other?
Me: I don't know either. It sounds like a crazy movie to me though! Well, their bosses say that they have to. They work for their bosses.
CW: Why do they have to kill each other? The bosses must be bad..
Me: Uh...maybe.

CW then starts telling me about this cartoon he watched on tv. A mechanical nightingale who was destroyed and a real nightingale who sang...
Me: the point of you trying to tell me that story is?
CW: I don't know also! I don't even know what the story is about!
Me: Uh...okay, I don't know either what movie it is you are talking about. But I think it is a movie about the real thing. You know, a bird that sings instead of a mechanical nightingale, you know?!

(after a short pause).

CW: My head hurts!
Me: But why?!
CW: I still dont know why they have to kill each other. Their bosses must be bad. Two bad bosses?
Me: Oh ho ho... *laughs* .maybe. perhaps so!
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Passion Cafe today!

Passion Cafe today!

Today, I woke up rather early. Early for a public holiday, that is. :-)

About 10am. Then I decided I'd go to the market to get some vege for the rabbit.....and Yati, formally announced that she and my dad had actually gone to get food for the rabbit yesterday...!!
Nevermind that. I still dragged Satma, my other maid to go with me to the market. We passed by two markets, and could not get any so....ended up having "dim sum" for breakfast. She wouldn't touch any of it, of course, so I just told her to order nasi lemak from the stall nearby.

Yup, I got some "dim sum" for my grandma, and we finally got the vege near Central. I don't know where she goes, or where it is that my dad showed her, but it was definitely a BAGFUL. Two BAGfulls that is....ha ha.
I drove to the school, and my maid took the vege to clean and keep away. Yup, the rabbit sure looked comfortable......

Anyway, today, practically all the CG groups went for Li Shuan's official opening of the cafe today.
I went to Winston's (as usual, the focal meeting point lar), to wait...he was still having his fruits...
Ha brother would definitely love his family....what with all the wheatgerm and health food that they all eat.....(it is considered HIS obsession in our family Though!).
I still don't know how Winston's mom managed to get the cherries past the airport authorities, as we are not allowed to bring in fruits (with seeds somemore!).

I'm trying to get people to *adopt* the rabbit......let's see if Winston will offer...Ha ha ha.

Guess who was the first person I met at Passion Cafe??

Wee Soon! OH MY GoSH!! I never knew he was Li Shuan's brother all this while. Lolz.

Never did I realise, that those two were ever related......okay, Wee Soon is my "senior" in Taekwondo, back when I first joined them in Sri Petaling. He has a black belt (duh) and I hardly see him around.
Currently he is working in Agilent Technologies, and finished his studies in JB like ions ago!
He used to cycle to the school for our taekwondo classes every Saturday, just like I did. Lolz.
The first time I came in, they were all wondering how old I was (I was 18 then). It was exceptionally funny.....
Anyway, in technicality, Wee Soon stays near Tmn Yarl as well, but currently is based in Penang as well.

AC Milan vs Liverpool. Finals. Champions League. Thursday morning. 3am.......Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul
They have never previously met in European competition.

So much for Chelsea....ha ha ha....
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It is WESAK DAY.  I have been to Nirvana......


It is WESAK DAY. I have been to Nirvana......

Yeah right.

The Nirvana Memorial Centre, more like it, that is.....

The bro of one of the members of Ruggeds, Wendy, passed away due to a heart attack. He was barely 28! Now that is scary! WARNING to all young men and women below 30, no time to play-play about your health, you know???!

This is the 4th time I have been to a funeral. The first being my half grandma, the 2nd when I was 19 (to a home of a fellow member of the the taekwondo team), then my own cousin (which was a christian funeral, although his family was not), and on Saturday night..
I even wrote a story about the 2nd time I went to visit the home of a deceased.....and wanted to send it in to the papers....just never got to doing it.

Imagine that you were talking to your bf last night, and the next day, you call him and he doesn't pick your call up. Then you get a text message that says that he has passed away! I hope that doesn't happen to me!!
Half the members of the YAF went to pay their respects at the funeral.

Many of us do not take the issue of death seriously until someone within our circle of acquaitance actually falls ill or is inflicted with a sickness. Then would we only seriously think about whether there is an after life and what will happen to us if or when we do die. Yet sometimes, death is the impetus that spurs us to think of the after life.

This brings to mind, the entry by XiaXue where she wrote that some pastor tried to PREACH during the funeral ceremony....*damn* She thought the pastor was real insensitive to the people's sombre mood at that time. Well, tat entry of hers got a lot of hoo-haa. (as those who visit her site would know!).

How Christians handle themselves during a trying situation, can actually act as light to others. But then again, no matter what happens nor how imperfect we are, as unintentional it was, God has a way of using that particular situation and circumstance for His own benefit.
Just like how Jacob, the biggest scoundrel and liar in the Old Testament was. He was changed to be the father of the nation of Israel!

But it is true, to everything, there is a time to share, and there is a time to be silent.
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Sports Day!

Sports Day!

Today is my kindy's 2nd Annual Sports Day! By the time it was 12pm, most of us, both parents and teachers, were already flushed and tired out!

The children? Since when did outdoor activities ever got them tired?? I swear that the kids were still bouncing up and down with endless energy after the whole event.....The rest of us were walking around with painful feet and balls of our feet were so squashed up. I was ready to sleep on the ground! Woke up at 6.20. It was considered late as I had to be off at the school by 7am!! And I only slept at 2 am the night before. By the time we were done, it was almost 2.20pm. I slept until like 5.19pm before waking up to go for CG.

The skies were dark this morning. The principal and husband, and the rest of the teachers who were christians committed the event to God and prayed that it wouldn't rain the morning! It would have been disastrous if it did!

Although it didn't seem like the itinerary of events was much, but by the time it reached 12pm, almost everyone (the parents that is) was pooped out, and wanted to go home.....yes...seriously *dead tired*. They didn't want to stay for the prize giving ceremony. And the only reason they did is because those who stayed, wanted their children to look happy with a prize or trophy in their hands. Some didn't even expect to win anything! *lolz*

Guo Xuan (who's barely 3!) I heard, was so excited that he didn't eat his breakfast, and when his mom tried to give him some food, (when he was out in the field), he refused it and turned his head away. The mom ended up walking away and ate his breakfast instead!

Tze En, Jasper and Celina was absent from the event. The first two were still sick....*sigh*. A lot of them were late. Only 4 out of a total of 14 turned up early for the marching. The rest all slowly drizzled in.....
On Friday night, after my college class, met up with Syed. Well, we started talking about business and management....he could give me his perspective on business, as he is majoring in business and started to explain some concepts. Well, I thank God that I have friends that I could share problems with, in regard to work, management and even my faith! *Lolz*

Work was fairly okay. I still do not like the way LS handles herself. Syed thinks that LS feels "threatened". In what manner, that has yet to be known. The thing is, I am formally trained in the ways of training children, but she is not. Not even in writing reports to developmentally appropriate methodology to concepts which each formally trained teacher should be. Yet, I wonder why the principal does not know that. Blind spot or something?

I have seen the way she handles the children, an in my opinion, many of it leaves much to be desired, yet I do not know how to communicate this out........ I think that each of us have to know and learn to blow our own trumpet (as Donald Trump on his The Apprentice show states!). A comparison is made between the two executives one with an MBA qualification but lacking in years of experience, and one the other executive, who worked his way up the corporate ladder but much older, but both having the same level of status. How does one deals with this dilemma?

Anyway, yesterday, the children did marching in the morning, and the two individual class games.
I read this book to them "My first Picture book of Numbers". As usual, I always sing number songs with them before proceeding with a math lesson or even talk about numbers. Then, I read out the title of the book. Obviously the book is a picture book that talks about numbers!

I read with the children on numbers 1 to 10 (one number per page that is), and stopped after that , as the children are only taught up till numbers 10, and many still are not aware or reinforced of the knowledge of their numbers yet! It's only been less than 5 months!
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Rainy mornings & sick children.


Rainy mornings & sick children.

Today was a wet Thursday. It was raining in the morning. We stayed in the entire morning due to the rain and there was no sports rehearsal or marching today.
Quite a number of the children were absent. Tze En and Eugene were sick. Celina has been absent from school for quite a while. Lilian was sick as well, so basically, I had to manage the kids in the morning.

Tze En was quite quiet in the morning. She looked rather pale. She totally vomitted all over her dress and onto the floor and the whole room smelled of the vomit. I had to quickly evacuate all the kids out into the main hall and close the door. Then I told the administrator to call her father to pick her up to go home.

I pushed the mobile board (on wheels) out into the hall to continue the lesson with them. Today the children seemed rather disruptive the entire morning, and could barely remain still even for a single while. So after a while, I just played some music on the radio in the hall, and let the children move to it. (I had to dance with them of course!). After that they went in for their snack time. The classroom was already cleaned up by then.

There is a rabbit pen in the school garden. One of the parents (of previous enrolments who have since left), found a rabbit in a box. I took the rabbit out of the box and left it in the pen. It seemed quite happy munching on the grass (there is a lot of grass in the pen itself!) and roaming alone by itself. The children, obviously, seemed overjoyed to see another rabbit in the pen again. Nicholas in particular!

Hmmm....if no one is going to claim the rabbit soon, I think I shall BBQ rabbit for dinner some time...Yum Yum!

The principal seemed to think that by coming in to show the prizes (of the games during the sports) would spur the children to try harder during the Sports Day itself. You know what? It may seem a nice idea, but to me, I don't really care. To me, I think it is more important that the children have a good time, and not so much about winning prizes. It would be good if the children DO win, but it is NOT a must. I'd rather they have a good time, than to be pressured to win something! However though, I'd rather the children have sports instead of just staying in class. Because sports is another way the children can develop their growing bodies, instead of just going in for lessons (like most competitive Malaysian preschools which focus so much on academics they forget the rest of the physical development aspect of the so-called holistic progamme!). The rest of the school year after the Sports would be to prepare for the year end concert instead!

Whilst I was sending Nicholas (4 years) and ChingWen (6 years) home, I talked to them about the cars. Ok, I know next to nothing about cars. Ching Wen asked me how would I know what the name of the cars were, if the names of the cars were not written there. So I pointed out to him that behind each and most of the cars, there were names of cars glued to it.
Nicholas told me never to get the Kancil and Kelisa! His uncle James (whom I know as well!), drives a Kelisa and Nicholas complains that it is very small! So he told me not to get a Kelisa. So I asked him, how about a Kancil?No, No, he said! Even worst. Don't get a Kancil! Very small indeed!

Nicholas although young for his age, was able to point out to me that cars (which had bright colours), could be seen at night, whilst cars with dark colours could not be seen at night.....pretty perceptive for a child his age, won't you think eh??

Some people think that talking to children about matters like type of cars or colours of the cars, houses and even religion seem a strange idea. But the thing is, children are not that un-observant. Although children may not understand many matters, but one can actually learn and observe that children do notice many things in the environment and surroundings that adults take for granted or may not think about, if only they took the time out to ask or probe them about it. Expecting children to be seen and not heard during family dinners or wedding dinners is a rather outmoded behaviour. No wonder our Asian children seem to have trouble expressing themselves in public or even to give a speech!!
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Jonah Day.

Jonah Day.

I really just don't understand some people. They are those who seem to think that everything seems to be so funny. They laugh at everything, and it is very annoying. They make fun of everything and seem to think they are very funny. AB & TV aret those two whom I'm referring to.
Basically, its even difficult for me to even talk to them. We're just on different wavelengths.
RB well, is okay....and even she was quite offended by the two of those earlier, by the way they talked.

I was so PISSED I had to answer back sarcastically. Then only they quietened down.

Why can't they just be normal and talk normally like normal people ??


LS is also another one. She has one HUGE plank in her eye, but she likes to pick out the speck in other people's eye and is all so self righteous. I was seriously mortified when I so coincidentally came out the same time as her (and her son) when we came out from the FGA old block (last Saturday!) with the members of the Ruggeds CG. My mates started asking me why she "talked so funny" and "weird", and I just shrugged my shoulders and didn't feel like answering. In my opinion, it was too time consuming to even explain her behaviour! And I was the only one who actually thought she was weird. It'd have been very "unchristian" like to describe her as what I really think, but really, IT IS A FACT!!!

Well, there goes the other eye witnesses who bear the same perception of her!
She likes to tell people stuff about herself, but doesn't listen or will answer sarcastically when I do mention something, so I have learnt to mind my own business and not tell her anything. Just because she's in her mid 50s, doesn't mean that she knows anything or everything, and I am seriously going to, but subtly through my own actions and response, inform and tell her that. When she is asked a question, she doesn't answer it, but she gives an answer which is totally irrelevant to it, which doesn't really seem to make sense at all. And she thinks it is an answer!

Although my Nursery Management course says otherwise, I am indeed rendered pessimistic by the way I have experienced these people around me at work. Having work mates like that...*sigh*'d be a long long time before I could accomplish anything out of that!
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Sound Boxes


Sound Boxes

Work was okay today. In the morning, the children went for their sports rehearsal in the morning. They did their marching in the morning, the 4 years class (otherwise code named "baby class" by every other class!), the 5 years (Advanced & Beginners) and the two 6 year classes. After that, the 4 years class played their individual class games (Bunny Hopping with 3 hoops; and running ZigZag around 3 hoops).

After the two games were played, the 4 years class went in, (at about 9.45am). They didn't seem very tired out although I think Lilian and I was already!! After drinking from their bottles and settled down for a while, I started on their "Sound Boxes" lesson with them.

I was informed that there'll be two new children enrolling after the 2nd semester starts.


Activity: Sound Boxes ( 5 pairs of Sound Bottles orange and yellow bottles per pair).
Implementation: The children were seated in a group around the mat. I told the children that for this lesson, they had to keep silent and watch as I presented. Then I showed them how to hold the bottles (using the pincer grip).
After that, I had the children individually do the activity.

Evaluation: The children had much difficulty for this exercise. There were 5 pairs of sound bottles in the box, so I had to take one pair and make it to 4 pairs. As I tried out the activity with the children, I realised that even 4 pairs of bottles were too many, so in the end it was 3 pairs of bottles with contrasting sounds ( loud- pasta, soft-salt, rice-loud).
I presented the lesson according to the way I was taught during the Montessori course, but then I realised it didn't work as the children had trouble following the instructions of doing it by themselves as I had presented.
In the end, I just took one orange bottle and 3 yellow bottles. I took the 4 bottles and placed it in front of the child, and as I shook each bottle, I asked the child to answer me either "same" or "not the same" or to point out the matching sound bottles.

Only Tze En, Nicholas, ChengWei and Nicole could differentiate the sounds, whereas the rest of the class had trouble with it. For these children, I added more bottles after each round till all the 5 pairs of bottles were used.
I realised that the children found it easier when the bottles were placed in front of them, and they were looking at it. Some kept saying that each bottle sounded the same, so I told the children that they had to listen carefully and choose the bottles that sounded the same as they could not be 3 bottles that had the same sounds as the one of different colour. I purposely chose contrasting sounds so that the exercise would be much more easier for the children.

Even Seguin, with his Physiological Method says that deaf people have been able to refine their hearing initially through use of contrasting degrees in the exercise, and slowly extend the difficulty of the exercise until their senses are heightened or refined. Although the children are not deaf, it is the best time to refine their hearing senses as the children are in their sensitive period for refinement of senses, thus the Sound Boxes are an excellent exercise primer to refine their hearing sense at this period of time before going into more complicated exercises.

Children who didn't participate: ShanShan, Eugene, Joyce, Celina (absent), SeenYan (absent)
Couldn't get it: Ai Lin, Guo Xuan (3 years), Jasper (3 years), Angel.
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All in a day's work (of a teacher, that is).


All in a day's work (of a teacher, that is).

Today, one of my kids,CW berakked in the car whilst I was sending him home........*damn* it really stunk.
Not to mention the fact that my air cond was out of commission at the same time. Another girl almost pee-id in the car as well. I think it's time I considered getting a new current one is seriously.....getting condemned to old age liao!

The maid of CW had to come and clean up when I arrived at his home.....*well* all in a day's work.
I had to remain sane in the car, and just had to keep my cool. Losing my head in such a situation isn't worth it. The maid was more worried for the mess that the kid made than I was! *Lol!*

Joyce in my class has a very bad temper. The good traits that she has is that she knows what to do, and she can help the others in the class to go about setting things and doing it. But the other is, she doesn't like to ordered around or, told what to do, and in a fit, she'd start to scream and throw a fit, and then she'd start crying there and then! Like today, one of my other students, Nicholas was collecting the colour pencils, from around the class. Joyce wanted the pencils (I wasn't sure what happened, since I wasn't there), but from what I heard, she had a tussle with Nicholas, and took a bunch of the pencils and threw and had strewn the entire bunch of pencils on the floor everywhere! I'd presume she was reprimanded by the Chinese teacher, Bee Sien!

That's the kinda thing you'd expect to experience both either as a teacher or parent, tell me now again, do u want to be a parent or a teacher, better still yet??

Lilian was busy in the office today, so I took over her classroom duties this morning and just did my Montessori lessons.
Today, I worked the Short Bead Stairs (1-9) with the kids. We started off by singing number songs (1,2,3, 4,5 Once I caught a fish alive, BaBa black Sheep, 5 Little Ducks Went out To Play) before going into the presentation. I presented the Short bead stair, and then showed the children how to arrange the Beads from
(1-9). Most of the children were able to arrange it in order, except for GXuan, Jasper & Ai Lin. Angel and Shan-Shan had no interest in taking part in the lesson!

Then after, we worked on Colour Box 2. I sang the Australian rainbow song with them, to revise their knowledge on the colours, (red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue). They could name the rest of the colours in the box as well! (gray, brown, black,white). So, I think the next we should work on is the Colour Box 3. The kids had no problem naming all the colours. Its the concept of dark to light that I have to work with them next on.

Finally, to end the lessons before break, we worked on the letters of the alphabet. The children are currently up to the letter "P" of the English alphabet. I laid out the letters cards on the alphabet (the cards are velcroed) on the board and we sang the Alphabet song. I revised the sound of the letters with the kids and then took out each alternating letter card and gave to the kids. I'd read the letters and the child with the missing letter (s/he has to be aware of which letter they are holding in their hands), and come out when I come to the missing letter.
Some of the kids jumped up when it came to their letter, some of them were daydreaming, and the other kids had to call them to attention. They quite enjoyed the lesson

(I think this is because Lilian rarely gives them hands on activities to work on. I'm seriously not biased! I think it's true!)
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Teachers Day!


Teachers Day!

Today is Teachers Day! Anyway, my kindy 'll be celebrating it on the the 27th instead, as it'll be the last of school before the holidays.


Got lotsa chocs and flowers from the kids. Yeah, the parents for my class wasn't even aware that Teachers Day exist. Lolz....gotta do some advertising and promoting!

So you college students out there, didcha get anything for your lecturers, eh? I'm sure they'd appreciate it...which reminds me...I do have to get something for my SIC lecturers... he he ;-)
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scrapes and more scrapes.

scrapes and more scrapes.

Seriously. I don't know how I get into these scrapes.
When one is not looking for love, love comes knocking at your door.

But I am seriously determined. Single mindedly. That now is not the right time to even start a relationship with anyone.
When I cannot even handle myself, I don't want to handle nor do I even want to think about a relationship.
The thing is, first and foremost, of course, if I have no liking for the person concerned, I wouldn't even bother.

Of course, there is the question of my previous flame. I have had a difficult time just letting it go. To me, he is one "thorn in the flesh", that I would constantly look upon the Lord to uphold in my prayer. I no longer think of it as a sad state of affair, but something that would help me lean upon the Lord to uphold in my prayers, that perhaps, God would kindly answer my prayers for this prodigal sheep to find its way to the sheep pen to its rightful Shepherd.
Indeed the Lord is great!! Without a "thorn in the flesh", one becomes puffed up like Lucifer, and there comes the downfall of us all, without the test and tribulations to form our character and develop our faith.

Trusting God is really a test of faith on my part that I would believe that He has my best interest in His heart.


My keyboard playing isn't very good. I am only trained in the organ since about..1999..When I first started learning it. I have a keyboard at home, for those who are not in the know.

Anyway, I was commissioned to play for my church service on Sunday morning.
I wanted so much not to play, coz my playing had so many mistakes, but I guess the congregation didn't hear it...their voices were louder than my playing, it seems!


Seems like I have been inaugarated as an *unofficial* part of the music team....Lolz. Instead of just song leading Lolz.
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The Purpose Driven Life


The Purpose Driven Life

FGA will be going on a 40 Days of Purpose campaign from 16 June onwards. Indeed, they will be using Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life book as the textbook to refer to in this space of time.

I have surfed the Net and there has been many sites that has critiqued his book. Indeed, Rick Warren is only human, but he is just using whatever he is given to send a message across.

The book is divided into 40 chapters, with one chapter being read each day, to reflect and think about the questions that is posed each day. The entire church will be involved , from the Children's church to the Golden Years fellowship. The church members will be coming together each week to discuss and share what they have experienced or learnt.

I really cannot comment since I haven't read the book myself either, but I'd say read the book with discernment, but with an open heart, and test everything that you read, to see if it stands true to its grain and salt. Whoever is interested can go and get the book and tell me what you think of it.

FGA is retailing the Purpose Driven Life book for about RM15. MPH is retailing the book for about RM24. (about RM10 more!)
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Another panasonic handphone!

Another panasonic handphone!


I got another Panasonic G50. He he..Yup, I'm a lover of the Panasonic handphones.

I totally don't like Nokia, coz they are money suckers. Their phones are no less popular, but I sure don't like the company!

When I first got my Panasonic 92 two years ago, I realised it came out about the same time as the Nokia 3310. The one I had has many functions during that time. 4 colours, handsfree function, voice memo, vibration, caller groups and very light as well! Indirectly I am trying to say that Nokia was backdated, in terms of technology then. What when Panasonic can come out with a phone with so many features then!!! Yup, the Panasonic92 phone was much more advanced than the Nokia even then!

The Nokia one i had, well, the battery life died after less than 6 months. You can imagine how pissed I was. If I had a choice of a 2nd hand panasonic or a brand new Nokia 1110, I'd rather have the Panasonic phone any time!

Anyway, yeah, i got a second hand panasonic. It is a colour phone, with all the same previous functions! (except for voice memo). Yes, the previous phone was extremely basic but very user friendly.
This one is tiny and SO SO SO Cute!! it fits into my handbad nicely. The guys were like asking, why so tiny?

Of course! That's the very reason why I got it! Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out the GPRS function........*a bit lost with it*. I activated GPRS (and Maxis has waived my RM10 activation charges!!! hee hee!), but there is still no I dunno lar...

Yup, my brand loyalty is with Panasonic.

*I wonder if that means the same for a husband in future eh?*

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A time of testing.


A time of testing.

If God took away your job, would you still praise Him? If He took away your family, would you still worship Him? If He left you handicap, would you still give thanks? If He forfeited your dreams will you still follow Him? The Lord gives and He takes away. May we never seize blessing His name". - Job 1:21

It is ironic that just days before that I actually asked the Lord to give me pain. When I was looking through my planner, I realised that I didn't have the desire to fast as before. For four days I had fasted, and yet, now, I am unable to do it. By the end of the fourth day, I realised that I was told inwardly to stop fasting because it was more than enough to do so. Indeed I received my breakthrough! Well, Praise the Lord then!

I was surfing through the sites, when I found this. Indeed, would I pray for calamity to befall me so that it would be a test of my faith or if there is a possibility that it could bring a lost sheep back?
I was just saying to the Lord that if that be the case, or in the case should I ever lose my faith or fervor for the Lord, perhaps it would be better that He brought the pain back to me so that I would continue fasting and praying to be in the fervor,
but then even as Christ had said, the friends of the bridegroom would not fast when He was still there, but only when He was taken away.

I am not sad, nor sorrowful, for what need or reason have I to fast at this juncture?

Ironically, my hp happened to be lost today. Well, personally I find that extremely tiresome because of all the trouble I have to go through.......even if I were to get a new hp, I only need it for texting and calling. I find it tiresome to even search for a new one. I am a very basic person. Colour or no colour phones dont really matter any to me, as long as I can be reached....*sigh* And to get a new Sim card as much time that takes...*sigh*

Well, maybe He's trying to tell me that He'd give me a new phone?? (ha ha....we can all hope, can't we?)

Just as King David fasted seven days so that his son would not die, but Jehovah did not relent, He still praised God even after that! And Job continued to be faithful to Jehovah after his family, riches and diseases were inflicted upon him, let us be like these exemplary warriors of faith that Jehovah will continue to bless us whether in times of trouble or of wealth! May God change us to be people after His heart!
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Ok, I lost my handphone.

Ok, I lost my handphone.

Ok, to all who are my personal acquaintances, you'd have received my email with my home number.

But this is just to inform all that I have lost my handphone.
I don't know how it got lost or when it got lost, but it is definitely lost after lunch today!!!


Why cant people be honest if they have taken it??!!

I don't know how I'll survive without my phone, but I think I could survive without it? *gulps*

I don't know if its possible to upgrade the current prepaid number to postpaid (Maxis) or should i get a new number from a differnt network for now. Or what to do regarding a new phone.

This is such a bummer!! Coz this number has been with me for the past 4-5 years. I'm not going to change it ..hopefully....

If God took away your job, would you still praise Him? If He took away your family, would you still worship Him? If He left you handicap, would you still give thanks? If He forfeited your dreams will you still follow Him? The Lord gives and He takes away. May we never seize blessing His name". - Job 1:21
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Marriage covenant.


Marriage covenant.

Just came back from Souled Out with the Rugged CG members. We were there to celebrate Katreen (David's sis) 20th birthday. She's not old enough to drink yet either! Quite a lot of people there.
Alice, Sue Wong (from DNA), Li Ann, David, Katreen, Bell, Darrell, Bryant, Amos, Johannes, and yes, KMT!
Yup, I finally brought him along to check out the Ruggeds. He seemed to get along quite well with the group.

Yin Yin came, but she left about 6. Alex & Lynette left after our bible study. The former asked if I could still dance salsa, and I said I could still do the counting, but I am out of practice!

Anyway, the topic for today's study session was on marriage. Indeed, there are lots of references in the bible in regard to the sanctity of the covenant of marriage. In God's eyes, marriage is for life. He hates divorce. and equally, I would say that even humans once married, do not want to get divorced unless under trying circumstances. Look at it this way, even couples who have dated, find separation a difficult and trying process, full of tears and sadness. Let's not talk about marriage, and worst, if the marriage has resulted in birth of children.

The thing about the Christian faith is about trusting God to bring the right person to you. In the fullness of His time, as you wait upon Him for his leading, and are obedient to his leading and commands, He will bring the right one to you.

I am at the age where all my friends are each beginning to get married one by one, although there is no rush yet. (As for those who were already married at the age of 20 or earlier due to "unforseen circumstances", I do not consider them as mature enough or ready enough, because it was not done with much thought or preparation).
As it is, I would be reaching another age milestone in a couple of years time, and yes, I must admit, I do have the desire to get married too as well. For women it is always the issue of age, whereas not so much with the men. The thing is, although a person may say or think that they are ready to get married, unfortunately, at most times, it does not really mean that either emotionally or their circumstances actually mean that they ARE ready for marriage.

Marriage is where two person's lives are joined together, and with that too, their families and their history as well. A successful marriage is where both people submit to each other, putting away selfishness and self centeredness and for the better good, peace & love of the family. It is an interactive thing, and each marriage is unique and different from every other couple's marriage. A marriage is a lifetime commitment (although secular school of thoughts may think the easy way out is through divorce, but I shall defer that perspective in this discussion of mine, because I cannot accept it anyway how).

And after having an unsuccessful dalliance not too long ago, I think it is about time I finally sit down to take stock of what the future lies before me. Taking into account the differences of both the personalities of both men & women, I realise that I myself have to change before I think I could go or maintain a new relationship. I do not think it is right nor accurate when a man or woman says that the other party has to accept them the way they are, or that is the way they themselves are so they can't change.

As Christ says, what is impossible for humans, is possible when God comes into the picture.

As it is, I think that before I can enter a new relationship, I would like and I so desire that God change me, so that when the right person comes, I would be ready or in the process, that is.
For me, submitting to authority, and to a husband, was, if you had asked me a couple of months back, was something that sounded distasteful for me, knowing the kind of person that I am.
But now I realise, that there is a reason for that in a marriage.
Husbands, meanwhile, are called to look after a wife, like how he loves himself, and as how Christ loved the Church. (well, that is something that I can look forward to!)

The most surprising thing is, the test came today as I was out with a guyfriend of mine at a restaurant recently.
It is normal of me that when a guy does not go out and does what it is he is supposed to do, I would instead, take charge and go do it instead. Instead, however, I controlled myself from doing nothing & told myself to not do anything but just sit down there and wait.

It was a temptation on my part to go and do it myself, but I told myself it has to start somewhere. If I always did everything for myself, then how in the world is the man going to show his "manliness" or to "prove his worth" that is? In the long run, the man would resent me, because I never ever gave him the chance or the opportunity to do what it is he is supposed to be like the "knight in the shining armour", and may instead, find someone else who may allow him to do that instead.
Yes, I want the man in my life to be not only the spiritual leader, but also the authority in the house, who can also maintain order in the family.

Of course, I would like the man in my life to accept me for my quirkiness and certain things about the way I am. Like one of the members in the CG, she is a very talkative person, but the ex-beau could not like the fact that she was very chatty, and instead opted for someone else who was much more homely, although they had dated for quite many number of years. In fact the only difference between the ex-beau's (who is now married) wife, is that the wife looks almost like my friend from the back!

If the man in my life can't accept me for my quirkiness, and wants me to subdue the lively, crazy part of myself, (which I mostly am most of the time!), then I think the chances of the relationship surviving would be really low indeed, because that is denying myself of the person that I really am. I would be mostly unhappy if I am not crazy!!
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With this ring, I thee keep a covenant with God and you.


With this ring, I thee keep a covenant with God and you.

A letter to my future husband:

Have you been waiting for me too? I wonder where are you too?
I know that you would find me one day, as I too will find you too. After reading Josh Harris' inspiring story of how he and his wife met and this story, I too have been inspired that the best thing to do would also be to wait for you too.

I too, like IreneQ, have decided that I shall get a ring which shall be a symbol of this covenant on this date, May 3, 2005. I shall wear it on my 4th finger, and remove it only when you, my husband finally claim me for yourself, on the day that you shall ask me to marry you.

This ring shall be a symbol of my covenant to God and to you, that He will keep & guard my heart, and
my purity as I wait for you. It is the symbol of my covenant and trust that I shall wait upon the Lord that He will finally bring us together.

How happy the day would it be when I did finally meet you. That we knew not you were the one for me, nor was I. But He, the Lord, had His good plans for both us, that He would finally bring us together.
Oh, how happy that day shall we be when we shall be united together, for we would have waited patiently for each other knowing that we were made for each other as the Lord has planned it for us.

As I wait for you, I know that God will change me to become the kind of woman that will not only be after His Heart but to be ready when I do finally meet you.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
She will do him good and no evil all the days of her life.
..... Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to coem.
She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.
"Proverbs 31:10-31

I know that you will be the godly man that He will approve of, and who loves Him.
One that will protect and love me in the manner that you speak, and act and do.
One who I could look up to and follow after.
One who would bring up our children in a godly manner, never provoking them, but bringing them up in the wisdom and fear of the Lord that they will praise us for loving and bringing them up!

Praise the Lord for what He will bring to us and He will bring us together!

Your beloved darling,
Chea Yee.
A new chapter of my life.

A new chapter of my life.

After four days of fasting, praying and reading the Word,
I feel that I have finally reached a breakthrough!

Not just spiritually but emotionally. Thank you to all who have supported me in your prayers in the past two months.

Whatever time that you put in for His Kingdom, He will use it and multiply for your sake! Never fear, for He is here!!

It really is now time to celebrate.

After mourning, there comes joy!!

Open the eyes of my heart Lord,
Open the eyes of my heart,
I want to see you,
I want to see you. (X2)

To see you high and lifted up,
Shining in the light of your glory,
Pour our your power and love,
As we sing holy, holy, holy.
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Keeping Your Heart: Gladys Hunt


Keeping Your Heart: Gladys Hunt

Reserve your heart, for out of it springs the issues of Life (Proverbs).

God specialises in heart-keeping
by Gladys M. Hunt

"You'll never find a guy like that, Sis," my brother said late one night when we were having a session covering everything from goals in life to ideal marriage partners. I was home from college; he was on furlough from the Marines, and we were catching up on many new ideas the adventures of the past year had produced.

I admitted frankly my disappointment in so many of the fellows I met. They were nice guys, all right, but kind of "wimpy". I was referring to fellows with no backbone, no ideas, and worst of all, who let me run them. I naively declared that the man who could interest me would be someone with definite objectives arising from conviction; who was able to discipline his efforts in that direction. I'd be even more intrigued if he happened to like ideas and be somewhat clever. As the evening wore on I added more and more qualifications, until my brother gave up in despair. Who did I think I was, he wanted to know, the Queen of Sheba?

I realised the wishfulness of my thinking, but the high ideals I set for a husband proved to be important after all. God used them to keep me from many foolish entanglements that would have done little to benefit either my character or experience. It wasn't just men I was idealistic about, it was everything. I remember at thirteen writing in my journal, "Hitch your wagon to a star". The allusion was somewhat corny perhaps, and theologically unsound, but I liked it. A couple of pages later I wrote, "Aim high and keep your aim". Apparently these concepts became part of my thinking.

Life had so many possibilities. I used to ponder a lot about all there was to know and see and do. There were books to read, places I'd never been, people I'd never know about. I wish now I'd devoted time to mastering a musical instrument or even excelling in one sport. I must confess that I considered some of my girl friends who were boy-crazy rather foolish. I liked boys and I expected to marry someday, but to have one's happiness dependent on who called and when seemed a rather precarious existence. It was also like admitting defeat, as if one didn't have any independent source of fun. And to date indiscriminately in order to be popular — I considered this foolish.

I not only thought about these things, I also wrote them down. When I was an eighth-grader one of my teachers suggested that I buy a journal or diary with blank pages. She encouraged me to write down my thoughts when I felt strongly about something or read a passage of great beauty. I liked this idea and bought such a book. On those pages I poured out feelings which often even I didn't understand. It was good emotional therapy, and it was also good intellectual exercise as I was forced to put feelings into words. Reading them now, years later, is like seeing myself grow up.

On one page I had written a note to myself as a freshman in college called "Remember". It goes like this:

When you think about marriage, gal, don't forget what you think it should be and don't be content to settle for less.
Remember you want a man who likes to walk in the rain, read good books on a quiet evening, look at the stars and learn new things, who likes to rake leaves in the autumn and listen to good music.

He should be clean and good, somebody who loves God as you do, who wants his life to count for something, who won't settle for a small world. Don't forget. Remember.

Sitting on the attic floor looking through a box of old keepsakes recently, I read this account and looked across at my husband as he dug through some of his old memoirs. I thanked God for putting the dream in my heart for this kind of a person so I could recognise the man God had for me.

Fortunately I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about romance in my early college days. I majored in journalism at Michigan State University, toying with the idea of becoming either a newspaper woman (preferably a foreign correspondent) or an advertising wizard.

My faith grew tremendously in my years at Michigan State and I was discovering more and more that the most important part of my life was knowing God through Jesus Christ. I had known Him as the truth and had accepted Him as my Saviour many years earlier. Now I was discovering Him was a real person, my dearest friend. I guess I can honestly say that it was during my college years I really came to love Christ and to find living for Him the goal that mattered most in life.

After a freshman year without meeting any other Christians on campus God brought me into the local Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship group known as Spartan Christian Fellowship (SCF). Meeting Christian students who had a vitality in Jesus Christ that I didn't gave impetus to my spiritual growth. The Bible became a new book, exciting to read and share with the other girls who lived in our dorm. God was becoming someone to trust in the most practical areas of life.

The faculty sponsor of SCF and his wife, Paul and Doris DeKoning, often gave me a ride home from church on Sunday mornings. I didn't catch on too fast, but the year I was a junior in college Doris kept talking about this handsome fellow who had been active in SCF and who was back from service to finish up his degree at State. Had I met him yet? She'd ask me this question each Sunday on the way home. Then she'd remark about how terrific he was. Somehow we missed meeting for the first month-and-a-half of school. She asked me about him several times, but even then I didn't remember the name. I thought she was just pleased that our SCF group had some new male leadership.

And so it was that our SCF Halloween party found me sitting next to the most wonderful man in the world and I didn't even know it. We were busy playing a silly game called "Zip-Zap". The person who was "it" would stand in the middle of the room, point his finger at a victim and say either "Zip," which meant that you give the name of the person on your right, or "Zap," which called for the name of the person on your left. A good get-acquainted game. And I kept leaning over and asking, "What did you say your name was?" because I was so worried I'd be called on that I wasn't concentrating very hard on the name. "Keith Hunt," he'd say each time, and I was so involved I didn't even notice until later that he looked like someone I'd seen somewhere in my dreams.

Later that evening he recited a four-line bit of Ogden Nash's verse at the right moment, and I really began to take notice. I rattled my four-line favourite in return and thought I'd really scored when he asked at the end of the party if he could take me back to the dorm. Alas, as we arrived at his car, I found it filled with four other girls whom he was dropping off. Here was the gallant car owner doing his brotherly duty and getting the girls home on time! I didn't expect special attention after that and I wasn't disappointed.

People went steady in our day, too, but Keith Hunt didn't. We went to collegiate activities in groups. Our SCF affairs were in groups. Sometimes I was with Keith, other times with different members of SCF. It was fun, uninvolved, and an ideal way to get to know a number of people very well. The same night Keith led our SCF Bible study I wrote home, "I've met a man who is the kind I'd like to marry. But he doesn't seem interested in girls, and if he were, he wouldn't look at me. But at least it's satisfying to know there is such a man."

Time went on, and without my keeping tab on the checklist, Keith Hunt was revealing himself more and more to be everything I admired. One night after he walked me home from the Union grill where several of us had been having Cokes together, I realised what was happening. Nothing seemed more foolishly feminine to me than to develop a liking for a fellow who didn't reciprocate. As far as I knew Keith wasn't interested in me, so I didn't want to spend a lot of time and emotional energy dreaming about what probably would never come to pass. I remember getting down by my bed that night and saying, "Lord, I want to concentrate on loving You. Please keep my heart until You show me what's right." No one else knew how I felt. This was private — between the Lord and me — and that's a good way to keep the affairs of the heart.

March came all too quickly and Keith had finished his engineering degree in the middle of the year. He took me to a concert alone for the first time the night before he left school. We had a lovely evening together. He was a good friend and in past days we had enjoyed hilarious times with a continual duel of wit and banter. But this night was different — a wistful goodbye to college days.

He wrote to me after that. Clever letters that made me laugh and serious letters about things he was thinking. Mostly it was just the fun of friendship, open and free, a good kind of sharing that made me glad to have him as a friend. Just knowing him made me a better person, for he added many dimensions to my life.

So secure and unassuming was our friendship that when it came Spring banquet time and he was invited back to State to be the Master of Ceremonies, he sent word via a friend asking if I would go to the banquet with him. That's hardly the romantic way to invite a girl to a big affair. If I had thought it was a romantic occasion, I'd never have gone. But in keeping with our tongue-in-cheek repartee, I wrote: "John Alden has spoken. I accept your invitation with pleasure, Captain Standish." Among my souvenirs is the answer I received from him later: a small leather-bound volume of Longfellow's The Courtship of Miles Standish. Among my souvenirs also are samples of his humorous prose, his favourite famous poems and the infamous ones he wrote himself to fit the situation. I liked him because he thought like an engineer, but had all the magical extras.

To my surprise, while I was home for summer vacation I received a letter from Keith, telling me his engineering firm was transferring him, and the path from his home to his new location led right past my door. Could he come for Sunday dinner? He came, met my family, and went for a walk with me to see my childhood haunts. Before leaving he mentioned he'd be making this trip next weekend, and could he please come again. I thought he must have liked my mother's cooking and invited him to come back.

When he returned, we picnicked with my family, went to church and attended a family birthday party. Another gay time. And then it happened.

I had asked the Lord to keep my heart until He showed me what was right. I can honestly say the Lord answered my prayer. I believe He specialises in heart-keeping when we really mean business and cooperate with Him by avoiding day-dreaming about the unknown. I had no reason to think Keith was more than a special friend. I had been regularly dating another fellow. But all this time God was keeping my heart because He knew what He was going to do. Now He released my heart's response. And I'll never forget that feeling. Instead of the friend with whom I liked to banter, all of a sudden our relationship changed. As we rode home from church I felt an overwhelming love for Keith. With pounding heart, I stole a sly look at him as we drove into my sister's yard for my nephew's birthday party. And then I didn't have time to think about it anymore as the family swept in.

One hour later I knew why God had released my heart and let me realise how much I loved Keith. It was the right time and the right place — a beautiful spot in the moonlight. Then Keith, who had never so much as held my hand, kissed me, told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. This is almost too precious a moment to even discuss with anyone else. I share it because I think the way Keith acted was in the highest of Christian standards. I knew he had never even kissed any other girl and that this was not a light moment for him. His kiss was not a selfish exploitation to see if I revved his engines and if he wanted me for a wife. Rather, he committed himself to me with that kiss in holiness and honour.

Because neither of us had previous, confusing romantic involvement, we knew our love to be the will of God. We didn't have to wonder if this was genuine because we had not been physically excited from months of petting. We knew. And it was beautiful, not tainted by our mistakes. It was as if God was right there in that car and said, "This is My love for you." I believe that the surest way to be confused about the will of God is to get so emotionally involved you can't think straight. I believe Christian young men need to investigate what Paul is saying in I Thessalonians 4:4 when he says, "...that each one of you know how to take a wife for himself in holiness and honour, not in the passion of lust like heathen who do not know God..." (RSV).

Secondly, I was impressed by Keith's Christian maturity in knowing that it isn't right to tell a girl you love her unless you also express your desire at the same time to take care of her for the rest of your life. Love of a man for a woman must be a total commitment of life, not just an emotional feeling. To say "I love you" without a promise of marriage is to deny the meaning of love. How can a girl respond if she isn't sure of what he means by love? I shall always be grateful to God for helping Keith to commit himself so honestly and completely that I could respond with the newly released love that had been growing for months within me.

Now I smile at my girlhood ambition to be a foreign correspondent. It's the wise, satisfied smile of a woman who has found fulfilment in the will of God. It was good to want to be, to do, to learn. God used all of this to make me into the wife Keith needed and wanted. And for me, Keith is just what I needed, what I want and admire. He is a man of God, the man God chose for me, the leader of our home. I've been able to say to our son, "Be like your father, for he pleases the Lord." Nothing can ever happen to make us wonder whether we did our own choosing and made a mistake. This was His plan and it's been good and perfect. And it keeps getting better all the time.
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April 30th.


April 30th.

Just came back from an outing with my Rugged CG group. Ok, I have decided to join the Rugged instead of the Connexion. I'd rather be with a group of noisy people than one which is mellow. Lolz.

Woke up this morning about 10.30am, and then went for my appointment with trainer, Khu at the gym at about 1. Then after, headed to Mabel for songleading practice.

In the evening, headed down to FGA for my CG group meeting. Today, they had a crossword TimeTunnel activity.

Damn. YinYin is like the most chatty person in the group. Well, so is her friend and also Lynette. (It's not called Rugged for no reason...practically everyone in the group is HYPER.). Our session ended at about 6.30, and after which, we send one of the girls to a train station, and got lost on the way there...Lolz.
Then we headed off for dinner at Tmn.Desa with the rest of the Ruggeds.

One of our friends, Li Shuan just opened a cafe at Damansara Perdana. A map of the place is enclosed below. So if you are passing by, do check it out and give her support. Thanks a bunch!!
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