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A sojourn to the Roti Canai store.


A sojourn to the Roti Canai store.

This morning I was walking down to get breakfast from the Indian tea store at the foot of the hill where my school was. I took out my Avon umbrella (to shield me from the sun. It was SUNNY!!) and my clutch bag on my left. I was walking on the left of the road going down the hill.

All of a sudden, this rusty red jalopy (with a rather bed-raggled) looking man who was driving past down the hill saw me walking and decided to slow down the car.

He opened the door and asked me if I wanted a ride down, so I said I was only walking down to the foot of the hill.

So he left.

I saw him again at the foot of the hill. He had gone to the same Indian tea-store where I was going to get my breakfast.

He told me that I was right to have my clutch bag on my left as there were many cases of snatch thieves on passing motorbikes.

I listened for a while and then went to order my breakfast from the cook.

Whilst waiting for my order to be ready, the man, Francis (his name) said he was driving to town, and then he asked if I wanted a ride down town. I declined saying that I was walking back to work.

Then he told me that he was doing construction work, and wrote down his phone number on this chit which he passed to me. I took it.

Later when my dad came to the office, I passed the number to him, [minus the rest of the details here], telling him that some fella who did construction work had given it to me.

My question now is, what would you have done, if the same thing happened to you, were you a single Asian female walking down the hill like me?
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A Fruitful Wednesday.


A Fruitful Wednesday.

Nopz. I didn't manage to spend any time reading my texts and stuff...*heh*

Well, I had a long and fruitful day today. I spent about an hour and more preparing the Practical LIfe & Sensorial hand outs for the teachers last night. It helped coz there would have been a lot of things I would have missed out if I didn't. Anyway, it gave me a framework to work on, albeit a condensed one though.

I spent about 2 hours plus (9-11am) just elaborating some of the principles behind the Montessori concepts to the teachers. *hmm*. Not much time anyway, considering I took a year's worth of time just to learn up the whole diploma course!!

After that we took an hour to clear up the school for our orientation day tomorrow. Yup, the little kiddies are coming in tomorrow!! :-)

Anyway, ZH came to pick me up for lunch. We both ordered kway teow for lunch. ZH said the kway teow was *yummy!!* :-)

I had my FINAL organ class at 2pm. FINAL!!!

After which, ZH wanted to watch Ru Guo Ai, but it turns out the next screening was at 7pm at The Mines, so we decided not to. In the end, we ended up going back to ZH's place to play Quartet and Classical Snap card games.
Really interesting games, coz we are supposed to read the details on the card and memorize all these information about the musicians and the name of the composers, and if we can remember the composer's name, our turn would be forfeited.

Anyway, after which we picked Kimmy up for dinner at Kuchai's and she had chicken rice! (Accordingly, according to what I hear, was among her favourite!). ZH dropped me off at my car, and Kimmy & I went shopping at Sentral. Her mom had texted her to go home early, but in the end we could not go to the night market as it started to pour.

Uncle Khoo asked Kimmy what she had for dinner, and she said chicken rice.
Ethan quipped that she liked to eat it a lot! I asked him how he knew, and he said " I over hear things".

*Ahhh* I see, nodding with understanding & enlightenment.....

Kimmy and her mom had gone shopping at Megamall to get this MP4 stuff.

Everyone was rummaging through old photographs. Kimmy found this autograph book and was going through it when she found an old love letter from Ronnie to Winnie....

Kimmy started reading those, and Ethan joined in and they started roaring in laughter.......I was actually taking a nap there, but when she started reading it, I couldn't stop laughing either, coz it sounded JUST SO FUNNNY!!

excerpts of the letter......

"Do you know it feels to be in love? It just feels so great to be in love and how I am in love with you...*blah blah blah*. Am coming back on Saturday, but I want to see you....*blah blah blah*..
It feels so great to be just in you know how it just feels to be so in love with you
*to which an exasperated Kimmy said, didn't he already just said that he IS In LOVE??* Wahahahahah*....

*Ha ha ha ha* to which I laughed too coz they kept laughing and had been laughing and laughing and laughing, and I said, I know that I know for sure my dad had written plenty of those to my mom, and I had found them when I was very young as well..... Winnie decided to take it back and put on her hubby's pillow for her husband to read (so he can puke later at what he wrote in his younger days....!!! ) Hahahahhaah

Do people actually still write love letters these days? Hmmmm.....I think that they actually do....Ha haha. I have received some myself too. Somewhere in my room...too lazy to look...

Then they started making fun of this young man on a skateboard (on a photo album dated 1985), to which Kimmy said "this is Dee's future husband, he must be almost 50 years old now coz the photo album is made in before 1987 and must be very old and wrinkly"

and Ethan and Kimmy started cracking some jokes about my future husband's name and started laughing all over again to every of my cousins who came into the roommmmm...

* I just slept under the pillow and pretended I didn't hear any of that....and started to SNORE*

Before they left anyway, I had a conversation with Winnie about the education system in NZ. It was most enlightening.....
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Faith is?


Faith is?

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1.

Now, even when I sit in for service on Sunday, I don't actually pay attention all the time...I fiddle a lot, and I am not the type who can sit still and listen to a sermon/lecture/ (or any one other than me) talk for an hour (regardless of whether it is in college or at church).

I was fiddling through the bible rather than paying attention. The preacher was talking about Mary's faith when the angel spoke to her...(which I totally felt had no connection with me in anyway...)
Yes, I was kind of sulking after my loss of the camera.

So, I was quite suprised when the particular verse just stood out to me.
"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see" on the powerpoint screen.

(yes, sometimes the preacher use visuals for those who have hard of hearing people like me!) :-P

I don't know what it meant, but it brought comfort to me, so I copied the verse into my handphone. I am still waiting for something to happen (which I do not know IS what?, but I am going to just go around and continue my hunt for the camera in the meantime).

Which is the reason why I have to read the bible tonight. I realise that I have not been praying for my needs so much these days....
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Camera hunting at Endah Parade.....

Camera hunting at Endah Parade.....

I really went to bed after getting offline from MSN with PG last night.

Anyway, went back for work today. There was a meeting and all the teachers came from all the schools. Discussed what to do for the orientation this coming week. Yup, school is starting soon. Have to read up on my Montessori texts tonight, as I have to present it to the teachers and staff tomorrow. Simple Practical Life & Sensorial training materials..

Supposed to meet PG to go hunting for the camera on Thursday, but he could not make it then, so we had to do it today instead. We went to Endah Parade and went to Mc'D's for lunch. Ai Ling called halfway. She was so surprised that I was nearby, and promptly came after having her lunch. We went around to the two camera shops nearby.

Two shops were selling the Casio Exilim 6.0.

At both stores, the Casio ExiLim retails at RM999. At one store, it had the package of the tripod, and the blardy VIP card. (which I don't need!!), and an SD 128mb storage. I just want a higher storage 500++SD card. (like my previous SD card)! Another sells it, but without anything that comes with it, but the price was negotiable....(heh). I should think the price would be negotiable at both stores (if I dont want any of the *extras*)....

Well, I like it as it has the backlight for the screen, plus anti-shake for clearer pictures, and shutter speed seems faster than the Ricoh one. Well, Albert, any advice?? I haven't decided on what to get yet though....

PG said to go to Pyramid to check it out *right*. You can drive there neh, coz I wont!!

And nopz, I won't be paying it on instalment, but I HAVE TO and AM saving up to get it instead. I don't believe in being part of the statistic of a Debt Society, which a lot of people pay using credit card. As I have said, saving up is better, coz you'll pay more on the interest rates....*nah*.

Anyway, this is the email I got from Gloria in regard to my USQ application, in case anyone keeps asking!!!

"Dear Gloria, Thank you for your email. We are waiting for a CRICOS Code to be confirmed so it may be early next year when we can get the letter to you. You have a lovely day...Rgds Lorene"
I finally managed to eat Tong Yuen!! Went with PG to Esquire, but there was no Tong Yuen sold anymore, so we went to this store at the 2nd floor, (just in front of the lift near the computer games shop) that sells
Tong Yuen with Soya Bean.... Healthy??
It retails about RM2.80 or less per bowl for four pieces. Yes I am finally quenched of my wanting to eat Tong Yuen!!! *Yum Yum*

Stuff I have to do tonight:
One hour organ practice.(yup, got my final organ lesson tomorrow!)
One hour Montessori readings. (going through the files).
One hour Bible reading. (spiritual food, or so, shall I say?).

Tomorrow evening:
One hour Play Pedagogy readings.(assignment due soon!)
One hour Sociology readings. (assignment due soon!)
One hour Bible reading. (more spiritual food?)
Prepare my article for infant mag in town. Something about brain development (blah blah blah).
(yup....the editor has extended one week for my behalf, at least till next week. Need to do research what!).

Which reminds me, I have to get a hardcopy organiser from my dad soon.
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Boxing Day at Cosmo's World Theme Park.

Boxing Day at Cosmo's World Theme Park.

Just came back from Times Square. Took my nieces, Kimmy and Michelle to the Cosmo's World Theme Park. My cousin, Kim also came along with Ethan and Vincent. Kimmy & Michelle's parents came, but they left halfway for the kids to join us.

Kim went back with Vincent coz he was tired, but Ethan joined us for the rides. Vincent's 5, Ethan's only 7, Kimmy 12, and Michelle 10.

I have been hearing them speak in their kiwi accent the entire afternoon, and at least till Jan 6th, when they leave the country. Haha, Ethan is American, but he has a strong grasp of the Mandarin language, whereas Kimmy & Michelle only conversational cantonese.

They're going to get their photo studios taken tomorrow at this photo studio near Kuchai. Pretty shoddy work, in my opinion anyway. (i meant the studio).

Ai Ling & Yi Ling were at the arcade playing some Para-Para Sakura dance machine. They gave me their christmas prezzies. Ok, I had no time to go shopping the past one week, so I only managed to get it today.

Also, the other thing I realised is that Christmas is getting commerciallised. But there really is not much we can do about it....when people give us gifts, we feel that it is proper to recipocrate....*sigh*...

A bad time for the chinese (in their mid 20s) when all their friends are getting married in the month of Nov & Dec, and every one is going broke coz of that, not to mention Christmas on top of it!! *hmmmmm*

Well, just remember to money next year (at least for the next 5 years) coz almost everyone will be getting married, and to get christmas gifts on top of it.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from Connexions got her handbag ripped. And on Christmas Day itself. Well, obviously she was feeling sad. Jess, who was supposed to come over to my house, had to keep her company. They had gone to the police station to report the loss.

(now, someone else actually knows how it feels to have your camera lost?).

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HELP. I LOST My Ricoh Camera!!


HELP. I LOST My Ricoh Camera!!

I lost my Ricoh camera at Nando's OUG today after lunch time. Yes, the RM777 Ricoh camera one which I bought at Amcorp Mall, (right around Hari Raya time) along with a 500++ Mbyte SD card and 2 rechargeable batteries. The SD card already costs more than RM200 if bought separately....
* I AM quite annoyed*.

I just hope that someone could find a way of returning the camera to me..*but*...I mean, if the people wanted to return it to me, they would have left it at the Nando's counter when I went back to get it then. Or if the staff at Nando's. You just can't tell people's heart these days.

Just to tell you, I won't be having pictures for the next couple of days. (or however long it may take.....)
Don't really feel like blogging my thoughts tonight, although the remainder of my day was pretty good.

I woke up at 6.30am. Called Jess. I called her another 2 times, and she picked up on the 3rd time!
Went to the hall at 6.45am to complain to my dad about it, (coz I forgot to include something in my Assigment). He said the Spirit of the Lord must have woken me up to remind me about it!*hmm*

Anyway, I picked Jess up at about 9am, so that I can drive to Summit. We had breakfast, she did her shopping there and I went to get my silver marker exchanged at Popular.

I had Chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.

Steamed chicken rice in the morning.

Nando's Mild Perry-Perry Chicken at lunch.
Chicken (and beef) Satay in Kajang for dinner.
Me up with PG for lunch at Chicken's Nando OUG. Realised I forgot about the cam and drove back there to get it. It WAS MISSING!!

Waited in front of FGA for the rest of the group to leave for Bagan Lalang. There IS actually a beach there, but not really for swimming. The water's a bit dirty.

I was supposed to follow Irene in her Avanza, but they decided to put me in Mel's car instead. It's always fun sitting in Mel's car. *heh*. There is always interesting conversation that happens.

Anyway, Mel got my gift for gift exchange earlier after dinner. He said it was most practical.....Seriously, sometimes when girls go gift-buying, they have to think of whether it is practical for the guys as well. The other guys were most impressed!. ;-)

*you can try to figure out what it was I bought for the gift exchange* ;-)

I got this tealight candle table decoration for gift exchange. *Hmmmm...

Anyway, if you do get me a gift, make sure its something practical, and I won't put it in the shelf and forget for the 12 months. Thank You Very Much....

To the rest, Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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My drink upgrade at A & W


My drink upgrade at A & W

18:31 hours:

My computer is giving me problems. Well, the one (outside in the "family hall" is.) It konks out about every half an hour or an hour and I have to restart...(but it's not as bad as the one in my room!).

Anyway, I was at this commercial pizzateria earlier with a friend, and the place has an afternoon menu, which includes a soda in their set meals. Since I was not feeling too well then, my friend ordered first.

I took my time going through the menu, and finally decided on a cappucino frappe.
Technically, the frappe is considered an a la carte order, which should be charged separately, about RM5 (whipped cream is charged an extra RM1).

When the bill came, surprisingly the frappe was charged as an upgrade from the soda (which is RM3.50), and it didn't include the extra charge of RM1 (for whipped cream)..


We deduced it was because I ordered late, and if I had ordered earlier together, they probably would not have served the soda, but just only had given us the frappe (because it was supposed to be an UPGRADE?).
Then again, this is only possible in sit-down diners, as in places like McD's where it's ordered and paid straight at the counter, you can't do that. Ha ha ha ha...

(unless they make my friend puke the soda out, which I doubt they will...haha. Otherwise, if they insist, just pay the difference for the drink lor.)

20:46 hours:

I accidentally deleted an MP3 file off my bro's player, so I had to go around asking for the file. [before he starts making noise!] GrayFox has been kind enough to forward the files by MSN... and Irene (Connexions) has offered to upload it to her server. *Thanks!*

Right...Thank the Lord for *techie* people.....(who listen to MP3)...

Counting the days to Christmas...


Counting the days to Christmas...

17th Dec: Saturday

Am going to start with my Christmas card writing and prezzie browsing & shopping like for the next 2 days (before the next assignment starts on with full *pow*!)

My wishlist....for this year, please refer to this!

Ok, going to go Ka-Ra-Ok-ing with Zen now. Ciao!

Click here to go to Dannie's site about our time at the KARAOKE.

Very much later the morning...

Dec 18th: Morning.... Sunday

Arrgggghh...*nevermind* that I just remembered about the Youth Christmas presentation was today. Or yesterday night for that matter......*patutlah semua orang sibuk ni*..

So fine. I am going for the one on 23rd.
It's Jess's birthday as well. (I just remembered) As well as Laynie's as well!! Hmmmm.

Joining the Connections for Christmas on the 24th.

And going for my own Church Service on the morning of 25th.
If you want to join me, (please text me earlier in advance to notify me!!)

Hmmmm....turns out I might join the Combined YAF at Sunway today..*blarDy*
Since Bell is also joining them for bowling and practically everyone will be there. Makes more *sense* ler.

(23:10 hours)

I forgot to add that when I was singing at the Karaoke yesterday, I chose mostly 60s & 70s songs...
"Born Free", Beautiful Sunday, Mandy (and forgot the rest liao) to which someone said this sounded like an opera session..wakakakakkakakakakaka.

Just checked my results....I got a B for Care & Education Settings!!! *Wheeeee!!*

Hmmm...still crossing my fingers for Cross-Cultural Education....I need 4.5 more out of 45 marks to pass...but HECK. I am not aiming Just To Pass ler.... my first two assignments were pretty Good......but the third one was a KILLER. Alice said she took two days to do it. I was cracking my head for one week just to do the lesson plans..*sigh*. Right, and would remember, it was the week of my birthday when I had to finish that bloody assignment.

I'm falling asleep just trying to read my Play text. First assignment on Play due this coming Friday, 5pm. After that, I am heading down to FGA for their Christma Youth Performance (WHO WANTS TO COME???) with the other members of the Connections.

Ok. Ok. I went to Sunway Pyramid today. There was a Combined YAF there ler....[so almost 20 ppl turned up ler]. Guess who I bumped into....*Right* I bet he will be reading my blog here...Shyan (of all people). A friend of Stephanie, who is a friend of U Joe.

*amazingly small world* For about half an hour, I was wondering who he was. Kathleen was wondering how come I was talking (like I knew him, but I just couldn't remember from where...)

David Low asked how come I was MIA from the meetings in ages (well, obviously, since I am no longer in Ruggeds). * I thought he was just so cute asking that ..haha*

I even thought Kimmy & Alvin (Pat's bro) looked almost alike.... [having not been formally introduced to him until then] *so cute*!! They just looked at each other.....and gave each other that look. *lolz*.Well, that's coz they were sitting right beside each other, and they had almost the same eyes!!!


Anyway, we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet for lunch. The chili crispy chicken is good. Very good. I shouldn't have taken the normal fried chicken. Too wet for my taste.

Amos had Ice Lemon Tea with Ice-Cream!

Ha. I beat him to it with my own concoctions. Coffee with Ice-Cream. Very mocha indeed.


Of course, Kath also had her own creation. PAPAYA ICE-CREAM.

Anyway, I told my parents about it over dinner time, and they asked why didn't I drag my brother along *knowing their minds ler*. To which I said, 'it was a last minute decision".

Oh yeah. Liverpool lost the game. What time did it start? Oh, the 6.45pm one. Some FIFA Japan Toyota Cup. My bro said,
nevermind, they are still in second placing. No biggie.

I bet he's watching the Chelsea game now. *opens door to hear *. [yup. He IS!!] Oh, Shyan is also a Chelsea fan.

I did mention to Kien (he is a Liverpool fan) I bought this Liverpool bandanna. He was so excited & asked me when I was going to wear it. I said it is for Christmas ler. [Kien has a Liverpool jersey with HIS NAME on it!] and to which he said, if I changed my mind about the person I am giving it to, he wants FIRST nibs to it....

* He He He He He He.....*

*well, we'll see what happens ;-)

Anyway, went with Bell to the pharmacy. I found what I needed there [for the gift exchange anyway]!
Then Kath.Wong joined us after that with the others.

*Right* She FFK me on Tuesday... *makes face*. Anyway, we managed to go around (well, I did) the stores so I can get some ideas for my card making.
She said I "very sara diri" lar...(yeah, oh yeah. every thing want to make myself lor!)..... I had every tom-dick-and-harry idea that kept popping into my head with every new Christmas merchandise I saw at Memory Lane. hehehe.

Tuesday 20th Dec: 12:15 hours.

Just came back from meeting up with Chee Ming at IOI Mall.
Well, Chee Ming, if you are reading this, *waves hi!!*

He gave me this big family packet of Reese's chocolate cups with peanut butter stuffing.....*Thanks*.
We had a drink at Starbucks and took some pix. He's actually a friend of Fui Ken, and I have never been able to meet up with him each time he came down to KL from The States. Yup, both Fui Ken & Chee Ming are in the Buffalo state, famous for their Buffalo Wings.

Their buffalo has wings, just as when pigs can fly, I have a tail on my ass.

We saw this Metallic Grey Sports car parking illegally in the Handicapped parking bay in front of Jusco.

Do you want the car plate number?

Anyway, met up with PG for dinner last night. Actually, I didn't expect to see him for another two months (or longer)....which whereby, I would have flown away already anyway....well, it's not like he misses my scintillating company anyway. :-) He's got WarCraft, Liverpool, work & futsal to keep him occupied almost on a daily basis....

We walked around Parkson OUG looking at the deco & stuff. I found Tracing Paper (RM4.20) on the 3rd Floor.

The Men's Department is the best place where the salesmen will be servicing Men customers. That is also the best place (in the mall) for ladies to chat the salesmen up. I don't think just because a guy & girl walk together, the salesmen will think they are both a couple.

*Either ways, the salesmen will definitely be chatting the girl up, (she is in Men's Dept anyway!)*

Obviously, if the couple is holding hands and all mushy together, that is a different story altogether. Otherwise, well, there is no obligation between the two anyway.

Well, that is HOW guys would think anyway, isn't it?

"my mind is a swirling miasma of scintilitating thoughts and turgid ideas"

Anyway, just got my results from Gloria through email. I got 87 marks for Music & Movement!! Ok, better than I hoped for!!! * YeS!!!*

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Photos: The Pae-Doll-Files...

What do you get when you put 4 twenty plus year old Adult Girls in a room with Barbie dolls.together ???




Random Cam-Whoring..


Random Cam-Whoring..

Right...I'm bored....Yeah (and I'm supposed to be doing my assignment....)

Jaq & Me at Midvalley.....(in front of Metrojaya)

The modern pirate, PG, drinking high class hot steaming cappucinno...

I love this blouse!!! Guess where else also ler...
In Midvalley...
In Midvalley...*if you've got it, flaunt it ler...*
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Photos: Dr. Massimo gelato.


Photos: Dr. Massimo gelato.

Today, at about noon time, Jaq and I headed down to the manufacturing plant of this gelato, located near the PWTC. The genius behind it, Dr. Massimo, greeted Jaq and I in his office, giving us a tour of his humble abode where his masterpiece concoctions of sorbetto, gelato (and even soya based gelato!) was created.


There were so many machines......(and of course) the pasteurizing machine ( which is essential to be found) in every dairy/ ice-cream/ *etc, etc, etc* gelataria. There were quite a lot of procedures to making gelato as well as sorbetto, that it took me a while (who does not know anything about COOKING! at all) to get it.

We were also shown how his sorbetto was created, using the bare ingredients of just fresh fruit, sugar, water, and lemon juice, blending it and finally freezing it.We saw how chocolate, oreo gelato and mango sorbet was made.

Now, if you are wondering, sorbetto is not ice-cream, as it does not have cream in it. Whereas, gelato, is ice-cream, made of milk, sugar, natural products and other other main ingredients...

By lunch time... *stomach gets rumbling*

Guess who volunteered to cook us pasta??



Definitely not me. I can't cook to save my life.
For dessert ...guess what??
Gelato of course.
Oreo and vanilla gelato.
After lunch, we stayed a while to talk some more, and left the place there after.

A takeaway gift to us for being such good listeners and taking time out to visit him.... *Mango Sorbet*enjoy

Later at home.............Yummmmmy........ *you watering yet???*
Harry Potter.

Harry Potter.

Dec 7th:
A friend of mine was telling me today that after hearing my reviews of Harry Potter, they didn't want to watch it. Instead, they are waiting for Narnia instead.....*wooooh*

That's the power of.....COMPLAINTS?

I paid my revenge against the director of Harry Potter....LESS SALE of Tickets for YOU! *Hah!*

Nov 29th:
Was chatting online earlier, and I just found out that an old friend, Chen is getting engaged?

*Woah*. I am begining to fell OLD all of a sudden liao.....

Anyway, had dim sum on Sunday for lunch. Courtesy of Kishore...oh well, he spent me that for my birthday ler. Hehe. It's his first at trying out Dim Sum. He couldn't handle the chopsticks, but I said he could use his fingers!

We were trying to decide if to watch Harry Potter, and yes, we DID (Like Finally!!)


HOW COULD the Director delete practically half the book from it?? I am SO ANNOYED.

I was so waiting (for 4 years!!) to see how Hermione would turn out like, but the bloody director practically cut up half the related the scenes, the Yule Ball just had no meaning to it!! *DAMN*
I don't want to talk about it, but I think the director could have at least be a bit more sensitive...*SIGH*.

Insensitive Director!!
Photos: Making Bird Nest at home.


Photos: Making Bird Nest at home.

Anyway, I decided to have Bird Nest, being it cooling and all..

A guy friend of mine gave it to me.

First you soak it in warm water for half an hour. (to let the saliva/gum/whatever dissolve).

Then boil it in a pot (steaming that is). Add rock sugar. Boil for TWO BLOODY hours!

Finally it's ready! Yummmy!!!

Bon apetit!!
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Incompetent staff working at SEGI college.


Incompetent staff working at SEGI college.

Oh My Gawd.

I emailed Gloria last night and got my answer this morning.

Can you believe what she just said?

She totally forgot all about communicating with the university about my transfer over there..

What has that woman being doing, when I am waiting over here?????

It has been over one month, and now she tells me that she FORGOT???? HELLLOOOOO?????
Is there even enough time for me to get my visa NOW???

*Knocks head against the wall*

I am so going to start hurling.

That is what you get for incompetent staff working in an educational institute.
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Jemima J: An inspiration.


Jemima J: An inspiration.

If you have noticed properly, the ID icon seems not to be functioning. This seems to be the same with the ones by the same server in other blogs (on XiaXue's as well), so I can't really check my site stats except for the one in blue by StatCounter. *Oh well*.

Well, shut up. I have a right to be depressed as well. I am only human.
I sent an SOS to Maddie and Jess. Hmmm. I wonder what is going on?

Anyway, yesterday, (this morning to be exact), I finished reading Jane Green's Jemima J.
I like British writings. American movies are good, but the British books are ones I best like.

Anyway. The American writings pretty much suck (the ones that I have read so far anyway).

I loved the Shopaholic series, Harry Potter series, and of course, those by Jane Austen. Heheh.
I say that, as there are many American books I have read, (with nice packaging and all), but I just couldn't get along with the way it is written (the modern ones, so far anyway)....

I find Jemima J to be, pretty inspirational. Although I don't agree with some of the things she did, nonetheless, she makes me feel inspired to change. For the better. Like a Queen.

It would be great if the book could be turned into a movie. But the American characters in the book are not portrayed in such a good light, so it may not be taken too well with the Americans. Anyway, it may give Bridget Jones a run for its money.

(but I doubt the Americans would like it as much, lest an American plays it (as usual, of course)? LoLz).
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How do u like the new layout?


How do u like the new layout?

L i n k M e !

What the heck. Thanks to Elaine for helping with some of the designs.

Anyway, save the icon above to your com, upload it to your blog (yes..don't kill the bandwith! the bandwith!!) and link me! Thanks!!!!

Well, how do you like the new layout ?
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Sexually Tempted...!!


Sexually Tempted...!!


That caught your attention, right?!!

Well, I just found this course workbook Personal Holiness in times of Temptation (from Manhood series) by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson.

Its a bit like the PDL book (with 30days to cover), but its more specific, talking about temptations faced by men. Although it is addressed TO men, but the issues faced are pretty relevant to women as well.

Among which is SEX.

Here is a beautiful verse from Proverbs 5:15, 18-19.

Drink from your own cistern, and running water from your own well. Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth. As a loving deer and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times, And always be intoxicated with her love.

Among which, it discusses the responsibility of the man and woman in the book of 1 Corinthians, that both husband and wife has the responsiblity of being the sexual "food" for each other. Depriving each other of that "food" is technically being selfish, and many a time, women (or men) feign headache/stomachache/ period to avoid having sex with the spouse, leading the spouse to go out to other places to have his "need" met.

Pix from

Dr. Wilkinson's analogy is that if a wo/man's always had his "food" met, s/he would be less tempted to go outside (on the wild, that is) to steal food "from other sources", especially if they were "hungry sexually".

(of course, if the wife is pregnant with the baby inside, it would be unreasonable for any kind of sex at that point of time anyway..!)

1 Corinthians 7:3-4 states,
Let the husband fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to the husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does, and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.

He states that a lot of men are embarrassed to approach their spouses for sex, and in this aspect.? Is this true? (Well, I wouldn't know, since I am not anywhere near there..).

In my opinion, whatever the wife does with the husband (sexually anyway), is their business. If they want to try out any kind of variation, (oral, anal, BDSM, whatever), or some new thang, that is up to them as well. ;-)

Hei man, I have a perverted streak as well!!!
Photoblog: Birthday pictures!!! (2005)

Photoblog: Birthday pictures!!! (2005)

Sunday 21 Nov:
Went to Chilli's for dinner with Ai Ling. Finally managed to drag her away from Sushi King...hehe.

Got pretty high on the Apple juice I had. It was definitely cheaper than eating at Sushi King for sure!!

At Chili's with Ai Ling.
Monday 22nd Nov:
Went to Secret Recipe for a small gathering with some high school and CG friends!!

yup.....*rollng my eyes* with my homies!!

Opening prezzie time!!

Tuesday: Took a break and stayed home like a good girlie! ;-)

Zen's birthday cake to me!
Wednesday 23rd Nov:+:
Had dinner at Victoria Station with PG. (He wanted to opt for Chili's!, but as Ai Ling predicted, we made too much noise there the other day, and would have barred us from entering!!)

At Victoria Station!!
Finally pictures from a recent romp to Zouk. Check it out at Laynie's! Enjoy!
Nov 23:
Well, in an hour's time from now anyway!!
Loads of pictures and stuff from the past three days outings and dinners, but will only post after Saturday.

Will be really busy with assignments and stuff Thursday up till Saturday night, so don't expect me to to do much blogging coz the photos take forever to load and all that.

Anyway, just got the greatest news through email!!!

Catch u people later!
Matchmaker, matchmaker!


Matchmaker, matchmaker!

Matchmaker, matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
Catch me a catch,
Matchmaker, matchmaker,
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match!

Matchmaker says I have a match,
A match, a match.
Oh I am happy as can be,
I can't wait to find out more,
Matchmaker, matchmaker,
Tell me more,
I want to know what's in store!
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Things we can learn from a dog.

Things we can learn from a dog.

Nov 24:
I tried the same trick today with him. Haha...not syiok lar!!

Coz I already knew what to expect...*oh well* Hehe.

Nov 23:
Ironically, it was Jacq who pointed it out to me.....

I picked up Jacq on my way home, and the dog ran out as soon as the gate opened.
I decided to walk the dog, and Jacq followed me. So we walked to the street behind mine. My dog got acquainted with the household dogs in that street (practically every house had one dog residing, so it is quite noisy if strangers walk past!).

The dog did follow us up as we walked up the lane, but he didn't come when called. That was driving me a bit agitated, so I called him, but he refused to follow.

So, we left. Surprisingly, the dog followed. Then we wanted to walk home, and I called the dog. I could not chase after the dog, as I was in heels!

Jacq pointed out that the dog didn't come when called, but only came when we left. She was so sure that he was going to chase after us once we left. I felt a bit apprehensive about her advice, but I left and walked back to my house.

TRUE ENOUGH, the dog ran back in with its tail wagging behind him in less than half a minute after I arrived back!

VICKI, you cheeky dog!!
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*worry wart*


*worry wart*

I truly am a worry wart.

I worry too much about things which I shouldn't.

It just all seems so surreal to me.....

I deserve the Emmy Awards for the Best Worrier of the Year.

Anyway, ya, see what that lead me to do...


Note to self:

Never Let Food Worry You.

Never Let Food Worry You.

Never Let Food Worry You.

Never Let Food Worry You.

Never Let Food Worry You.

Never Let Food Worry You......
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2 down, 1 more to go....


2 down, 1 more to go....

Seriously, I have no idea how guys think.

I just have no idea how they think, and I don't want to ponder so much on that.

Number One:
"He sure thinks too highly of himself", notes a friend. Well, he kept asking me out for a date....(although we do meet up a lot, that's not a date.. thank you very much). Then, he went back to his varsity, and got back with his off and on gf, and failed in the process.

I feel more *sympathetic* for that girl, for having such a fickle-minded fella.

Nevermind the fact that he IS WAY younger than me as well too....Well, Mr. Wise Guy, I have a right to my own life, and the way I want to meet people or how I go about it.

I am not going to suck up to you or placate your ego in the process just because.
So it's the pot calling the kettle black, huh? Let's make it EVEN then.

Number Two:
Right. This one even more persistent than the other.
Never mind that we have absolutely nothing in common.
Never mind that he keeps asking me to go with him ALONE to his vacant house in the middle of the night. *Hello??*
However, leaving a box of "condoms" in his car "in full plain view" (is he trying to tell people that he has an "active life"?) and then asking if he has a chance.....
Oh Lord. Please Save Me from such guys in future. Thank You Very Much.

I can just imagine THAT on his mind. *right*.

Number Three: [Please wait for this space......]

Anyway, Zen, a real pretty chick friend of mine drapped in a white collar blouse and figure hugging jeans and moussed spiky hair just dropped two boxes of cakes at my home for the function later! Hehe. Perhaps we'll see her later...(sorry guys, she's already taken!).
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To ZOUK we went a-rounding.


To ZOUK we went a-rounding.

BIG *Farking* Deal.

Yup. Me. Laynie. Albert. Chun How.

To the Loft.

Never mind the fact that I didn't dance much, but I still woke up with a strain on my arm. Its much better now after having applied medication on it.


Got home about 4am in the morning.

Don't know if should go to SODA with Kelvin tonight or not. Whatdya think, Laynie?? You still not tired from last night, ke??

Now I am back in college to get my books coz I forgot to take it home. Nevermind. At least I get to borrow books from the library and don't have to see any Tom, Dick and Harry for the next 5 days anyway.

My parents are going to INDIA. Woo Hoo!!! For one week!!! Let's start partying now!! (But alas, I have assignments due on Friday, so only after Friday we celebrate ya, hoh!)

Amy and Simon (from Connections) will be having a garden wedding dinner at The Palace of the Golden Horses....*wow*. Sounds really breathtaking. Must start planning for mine now. Hahaha..
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Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang.


Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang.

Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang.

Sorry guys. There's nothing here about Dawn Yang. No pictures of some girl who (could have had plastic surgery done). But what the heck! She looks great, right? I hope that when you find a girlfriend, or wife, you would appreciate her for how she looks and not how she COULD look.

Why discriminate a girl just because she had surgery? Well, thankfully, the only thing nearest to surgery I had (physically) so far was wearing braces, as recommended by the orthdontist at the age of 18. That was probably the first best thing I had to do. It was the cheapest, yet it did more for my features than any other thing (that probably could have cost thousands of ringgit!) in terms of surgery could have done. Sorry NO Before pictures here.

I mean. What the F***??!! Everyone looks different in High School? Why bring out their high school pictures and humiliate them? These people have no brains to be sensitive to other people's privacy. I mean, if they themselves publicised their own pictures that is fine. But hello, taking other people's pictures without their permission is.........STEALING. Plagiarism. FUCK Them All.

What's the second one I did? I shall tell you after I have known you for 5 months. :-)

Damn it. It's 3.55 am in the morning and I am here listening to Chopin and Champagnea on Sky.FM on WinAmp. Serious Shit man. I am going to wake up with a bad hangover in the morning!

On Tuesday, I went down to SODA (at Hartamas) with Kelvin (and his friends, Alvin & Chin) and Laynie at 11pm!! Yes. Yes. I know it was last minute, I called you 5 minutes before we arrived and decided for a change in place to Hartamas, so you had no time to put make up and all!!! *hehe!*

Hows the place during weekends? Well, there is a podium to dance. But, uh...not very happening lor. But then again, so is Rum Jungle. Even worst! No podium to move around! But the Vodka+ Ribena at SODA sure was sweet to taste ;-)

And see you at Zouk, Albert!! The world is such a small place!! You looked lost during the meet up...hehe.. Hope it would be a good experience!!
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My wishlist for 2005 (Birthday and Christmas!)


My wishlist for 2005 (Birthday and Christmas!)

Well, I was at Kinokuniya today. Crap, I actually picked up some dating self-help book, flipped through some pages and threw them away in another pile coz the English sucked so much.

But I saw this book. Jane Austen's Guide to Dating!!! It is written by this lady, who wrote a thesis on dating rituals in the 1800s for her degree (she didn't say which). Very nice book and easy to understand.

Well, if you are not a fan of Jane Austen, you won't understand. The book costs a bomb....haha..if you are feeling *generous*, get me the book then! *not necessarily at Kinokuniya though! I love Jane Austen, coz her writing is really witty...and I must have re-read Pride and Prejudice like so many times!

11th November:
Since my birthday is coming along in less than two weeks time from now......I shall prepare a wish list. Hehe. :-)

Things I would like to have:

1) A new watch - metallic strap.(so I can wear out for formal functions).

2) A PDA phone. ;-)

3) DVD/VCD of (UK version) Pride and Prejudice starring Jennifer Ehle & Colin Firth.

Things I wouldn't mind getting:

1) Accessories from Axxexx (or the like). Something retro, that can fit my style

2) Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry.

*sorry ah. I can only wear gold coz I am practically allergic to the Malaysian silver. Unless it's from the UK or something*.

3) Gifts which are personalised.

4) Things you know I can use and fits my style/taste. (Do you know my style in the first place??!!)

5) Take me to an orchestra performance. I haven't been for ages, and would just like to enjoy watching the symphony play. Haven't been to one in ages. I love classical music. So there!

Things I do not want to get:

1) Soft toys

2) Potpourri.

3) Storybooks (I have no time to read). Except for the book stated on top!

Anything else, I shall update later, ya!
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Pix from KY's blog meet!


Pix from KY's blog meet!

Peter finally uploaded the pictures on his blog....
Ok. Time to do my part, since my holidays are here and I have more time!

Yup, the entire gang there! Albert, Suanie, Andreas, Emily, Peter. (cant remember the rest!)

The girls: Suanie, Emily, Cyber-Red, FireAngel

Ky's infamous pond!

THe man, KY himself!

The guys.....

This is *proof* that I was at The Pond!!

7th November:
I went for the mini-blogger meet up at KYspeaks...

Almost got lost on the way, but apparently, it is at the simplest place..(and I didn't realise it!!)
This is the first time I have ever seen the much talked about FireAngel and Suanie in real life. Oh yeah, and there was Serge aka Dustyhawk, Emily, Albert, Peter and Wuan, Andreas, (ones that I have met previously).

I tried dragging Jess, Jacqueline and Maddie, but they had plans...oh well *but at least I know who to keep in mind in future* :-)

Ok, actually I am too lazy to write or upload pictures now.... Just not in a good mood *meaning that I am in a bad mood* to really interact or write much these past few days.

*KY, sorry that I didn't really talk that much during the meeting... Just been keeping to myself mostly at this point of time. It's not good, but whatever.

Nah, I am not shy this round, Peter. Just *emotional state, that's all* :-P

Yeah, and my camera is much better this time round!!! *woo hooo!!*

But yeah, if you want pictures, go to either KYSpeaks or Cyber-Red's blogs. I will update more links to it later.
Pictures after PD!

Pictures after PD!

Bell in his *gear*!
He is so going to *kill* me for putting this up!!!

Two men kissing ...How *obscene*!!
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Plans for the long break


Plans for the long break

1. Bloody finish my bloody assignments!!

I have one due on 25th November, one right after my birthday!! Can you beat that?
Another two due in December, and not only that, I have to update my MCI TP file.

2. Go and visit a Special Needs organization to do research for my Special Needs course.

I have the intention of visiting a Deaf & Dumb organization. Brendan says that there is a ministry for that in FGA. I should check that out.

Anyone wanna join me check out the organisation? Well, I do know some basic sign language, so I hope that is enough to sign some ??? I need to get their contact details first, ah.

3. Learn swimming. After the hopeless failure of Bell trying to teach me some basic strokes, I am considering learning something basic, even if you fail to get me into the swimming pool due to my aqua-phobia. Waha ha ha.

4. Find out more about USQ accomodations and what to bring there!

5. Meet up with long lost and forgotten friends.

6. Try to study and not fail my assignments. Try to study and not fail my assignments. Try to study and not fail my assignments. Try to study and not fail my assignments. Try to study and not fail my assignments. :-)

7. Get hopelessly intoxicated and drunk. With Kelvin around, I am sure of it. *Lolz*.

8. to be updated.
9. to be updated.
10. to be update!!!!!
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Christianity in China...


Christianity in China...

Okay, I stole these links from Cheryl's website...

May I start by saying what a great honour it is for me to be addressing you today. Our links with the Asia Society are so strong that the New York headquarters have created a website for us and we look forward to working closely with them and you as this project develops. It was here in Hong Kong, through the people, the museums, the libraries and the stories, that I first discovered the Early Church of China, then completely unknown to me. It was here that as an eighteen and nineteen year old, working as a volunteer at the St. Christopher's Children's Home on the Tai Po Road, that I first heard tell of this Chinese Church and first learnt to read Chinese. Perhaps I was predestined to study Chinese religion for I learnt to read Chinese by following the characters in a 1930 edition of English hymns translated into Chinese! So, this is a coming home and I am most grateful to you all for this invitation.

For many years, ever since I first found out about the Early Church of China, I have wanted to go deeper into this story and into the particular version of the Christian Gospel, which it seemed to embody. I have gone deeply into Taoism and Buddhism in China over the years, and have had the privilege of translating the great classical texts such as the Tao Te Ching, I Ching, the myths and legends of Kuan Yin, the Eight Immortals, and perhaps the greatest delight, translating Chuang Tzu. I have been very fortunate in working professionally with Taoists on the Sacred Mountains, and with Chinese Buddhists on various ecological projects. I have travelled extensively in China, and was thus able some twelve years ago to go and see the famous so-called Nestorian Stone found in 1625 and carved in 781 AD, which graphically describes the coming of Christianity in the early 7th century to China.....

For more read here...

Amazing Discovery of China

First hand discovery account

English translation of the text

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Storms in my heart.


Storms in my heart.

Many women (in the marriageable age range of 26 onwards above) would say, this man meets at least 60/70% of the criterias that they are looking for in a man.
Because of this, they think that they should *catch* him, and not let this particular *fish* go....but unfortunately, not of the same faith.....(and some, not going after them)...

But I say, so what if he does meet those criterias? If he is not going after you, what difference does it make?

But they say, but I like him, and I know he likes me too!

I say, he may meet 60/70 % of the criterias. SO WHAT?

What about your principles? Your faith?

To the woman who contemplates giving up her faith for a man.....
I ask, is it worth giving God up for one mere man?

Perhaps he may drive a brand new sporty car, (or may not!), has a stable job, (maybe a doctor/ engineer/ towkay) and owns a house, and gets along fabulously with you, and has looks that could drip chocolate from you..... and then I ask God, *but don't you want me to find a man who could provide me all this*?

And then He asks me in return, DON'T you TRUST me to provide for you?

There are times when I do wonder if God really exists, or if He could be a figment of my imagination...
But then, sometimes when I see how frail Man is, with that one swip of His hand, or in the blink of an eye, that man that made you give your faith up for God can be taken just as easily away from you.

Yet, my love for God prevents me from taking that one perilous step forward. Sometimes I feel that if one can't keep hold of one's principles, what makes us think that the man will respect us any more if we gave them up?....

The storm comes and the storm goes. It is but just temporary. But the Word of God, will remain as it is. Whoever who clings on to the Word of God in the times of storm, will survive.

I hope that one day *YOU* will find the Living Word and cling on to it as I have.

Walk on the water, like Peter, I have been called to. I walk across it coz I heard Him calling me to.
He says He will be with me when I go to Australia. Or where ever I go. Yet I am afraid. I am very afraid coz turbulent storms are blowing in the midst. I am scared of what I see. But walk on, He keeps calling me and not to fear the storms...Not to fear the storms which is in my heart...

Walk on He calls me to.....He will be there by my side...
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The storm shall pass...I hope.


The storm shall pass...I hope.

The past one week has been a state of emotional upheaval for me. When I brought my file in to be seen by Melanie (a week ago), her words confirmed the possibility of my leaving for USQ early next year, which status has hitherto been questionable.

The reality of this finally hits home.

Yet today, when I was dragged to attend this Wanita Fellowship, I received a word from the Lord that confirmed my hesitancy. Indeed, there are things that I have been questioning, and I have not the capacity, or the understanding to fathom it.

I guess I no longer have the same kind of vibrancy or boldness that I would have had (when I was much younger) a couple of years back.... which I would have jumped then at the chance at the long term opportunity and never ever wanting to come back here again!

The fear of the unknown, , and going alone.

There are other things, as well as unsettled business, and other other things that are troubling me at this point of time, which I should like to settle before heading off. as well as the fact of not knowing if I would ever set foot back here in the soils of this land that I was born in....
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After dinner


After dinner

Press "stop" on the browser to turn off the music.

After a long day at PD, we have Satay for dinner. The guys pose for us!! :-)
Well, only Bell & I swam anyway!
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On the way to PD...

On the way to PD...

Please press "stop" on the browser to stop the music from playing.

In Sophia's car....
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At Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!


At Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!

Steven & Winston.

my cheese rice & chocolate milkshake I ordered at Wong Kok!

If its your birthday, you get that big glass of tea!

Guess who's armpit hair is this??

The mad group of people!!
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At Char Chan Teng!

At Char Chan Teng!

Some members of the Connections met up at Chan Char Teng South City Plaza today for lunch....Meet the entire mad group of people!!
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A new Camera & blogger meetup at KY's.


A new Camera & blogger meetup at KY's.

Today I went to Amcorp to get my Nokia fixed. My phone is still under warranty, so it was pretty cool. There was a problem with the LCD display, apparently.

Ok, so much for the indecisiveness yesterday about the cameras!! *lolz*

Sorry, Laynie...hehe.

Ok, I was trying to decide between a Canon Ixus 30 and a Casio Exilim EXZ110. Both retailing for RM999. The Ixus 30 came bundled with an SD card, whilst the Casio didn't.

I didn't think the Canon was such a worth it, coz half the money actually goes to the advertising and marketing of the Canon. For the Casio however, there is less marketing on it, so you would be paying for the functionality!
According to the sales person, Ricoh outsources their cameras but uses their own lenses.

*dunno how much of that is true lar*

Whilst waiting to get my Nokia fixed, I went around shopping for cameras, and I finally settled on this.

Image from Ricoh.

RM777 bundled with a 256MB SD card. Capability: 5.0 Mega pixels.Quicktime video recording.(with sound).
Generally good for point-and-clicking. It's cheaper than what I found yesterday..
*Even a better deal!*

Anyway, to digress here, just want to mention that there is a potluck blogger-meet up at KY Speaks.
The map is here.

If you are interested, please prepare food enough for
(according to KY, about 2, but I think the people will starve, so make it enough for 10)
people and of course, inform them (I should think either KY or Peter Tan at their blogs) of your presence.

KY’s Residence (Potluck) Bloggers Meet
Date: November 6, 2005 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: 8, Lorong SS3/59B, Petaling Jaya.
Chinese Wedding dinner experience at Low Yat Plaza.


Chinese Wedding dinner experience at Low Yat Plaza.

Before that, I am announcing that I am going to watch Guy Sebastian in action tomorrow!!


Actually, I don't really know who is that, but I am just following my friends go coz they have tickets to it.


Anyway, just came back from a wedding dinner. Well, I was expecting something grand....but sometimes that doesn't happen eh?

This is partly coz I came from another wedding dinner not too long ago, and I can't help making comparisons. My cousin sister got married about a month back at Bangsar Seafood place, and there is a marked difference.

Ok, the one that I went to is at Low Yat Plaza, 3rd Place.

When people say that the dining experience can actually add or retract to the event, I guess this is really what is meant by that.

Things I observed that wasn't my cup of tea about the place:

1) The toilets: 2 cubicles to cater to about 60 tables? Hello, even in kindergartens, there is one toilet to cater to each class, or at least 60 children!!

2) The place was cramped, and there was no place to move around at all.

3) The presentation of the food? Barely passed. The crispy pig wasn't even crispy. It was so oily you could see the oil on the crispy pig. A lot of people at my table didn't finish the food. Not so much because they were not hungry, but the way the food was presented was just there only!

4) The stage was too near the tables. The bride and bridegroom could barely walk through during the procession.

5) The menu was just that one piece of paper.....Doesn't anyone actually consider the dinner menu is also part of the experience? *It just looks SO*

6) There were no napkins for my lap. Hello, at least give the guests a nice dining experience.
Some of us have to dry-clean our attire and don't want to dirty the clothes...How to give a good experience to your guests lar??

Well, at least when I get married, I would be aware for what to look into so that MY own wedding would be a grand experience!!
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Who holds the rights?


Who holds the rights?

Today, I was in class and as the class came to an end, this was something that I reflected upon.

Not too long ago, I was asked this question during a blogger meet-up.

"Since I contribute articles to this particular editorial, do I reserve the right to use back what I wrote elsewhere?"

The question here arises, as the company that I had contributed to had not made me sign any kind of contract stating that they hold the rights to it. So, what is what now?

The advice given was by my classmates was, I should contact that editor of that particular editorial and get it down in black and white.

This happens as, one of my classmates had made a powerpoint presentation, (she presented it in class), and we wanted to make a copy of it. However, she told us that it was not possible, with the reason that she had already "sold the rights" away to this company who used it on their websites. She told us that if we wanted to see her work, she would give us the link to it when it was up, and we could make references to it (or something like that).

So, technically, by letting us make photocopies of the presentation, it would be violating the company's rights to it. (or something like that).

Plagiarism, or copying of work is a very serious issue in academic work. What more in the blogosphere....

However, Malaysians, and a lot of Asians, have yet to catch the drift of that yet...... Intellectual property is still something that most of us are not too familiar with yet...

Related links:
Minishorts: What we hate most
Kamigoroshi: Stop retards from stealing your images.
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Pictures from meetup!


Pictures from meetup!

Recently, I met up with some friends at Midvalley.

The pictures are taken with KMT's (or Jojo) PDA cum HP cum camera...

My scarf....a Christmas gift from KMT.

That's me!

my handbag, from my Kiwi nieces!! *So sweet!*

I love the dress...So translucent!!
Kim Jae Won.


Kim Jae Won.

The irresistable Kim Jae Won....

Picture taken from
Passing of a First Lady.

Passing of a First Lady.

This morning, my colleague forwarded the news that our First Lady, Datin Sri Endon Mahmood, wife of current Prime Minister has passed away at 7.55 a.m.
God bless her soul.
Well, she will be buried at muslim grounds at Precinct 20, Putrajaya.
Hmmm....actually, some say that (rumours circulating) that she, the PM and even Mahathir had converted to other faiths (on the quiet, that is)... namely Christianity, especially during the breast cancer trial...... but that is another story leh.
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A complaint against a petrol kiosk.


A complaint against a petrol kiosk.

How many of you collect points when you pump petrol?

Well, today I have a grouse against a particular petrol station at Old Klang Road.

You know how sometimes people say they are willing to help their customers, well, this one happens to be fake courtesy.

In another petrol station, which I have high praises for, located near Kuchai Lama, the person who maintains it had gladly credited in the points for me when I had forgotten to insert my card to collect the points. He said it was possible, but the points would be deducted if I didn't pump in the petrol after 5 minutes. So, I was fine with that.

However, on 12th Oct, (the day when I went for my shooting at the preschool), I went to fill up the tank at the petrol kiosk. Who would know that the machine would not register in the card when I inserted it in. Well, after I had filled the tank, I went into the store, and asked them to credit the points in as well.
Not only that, I brought in the receipt that was printed out of the machine and showed it to them.

Well, they did credit in the points. But *grudgingly*.

Well, today, when I went to get my car filled up, and apparently at another near my place, the machine didn't print out the receipt. So I had to go into the store to get my receipt. When I got my receipt, I went back straight to the car. But before I put my receipt away, I looked at the amount of points I accumulated. Which strangely, was not equal to the amount of points I had credited into my previous fill up.

So, I looked through the previous receipt, and surely as I had thought, it was not the same. So I took that receipt, and went back into the store and asked the owner is it possible that people could have *stolen* my points away??

After I told her the story, then she told me it was possible that the previous petrol kiosk could have just deducted my points after I had left. What they could not have thought I would do was that I was one of the few who would actually KEEP the receipt for reference. (and yes, I have to keep receipts for referencing of my petrol mileage of my new car.).She even showed me how it was done!

I said to her, "it isn't possible that anyone would want to steal 50 points away. Coz it was only worth 50cents, and I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, right?"

So, she gave me this form to fill in manually (especially if there are points that cant be credited due to machine malfunction). I understand that there may be people who may lie about such things, but the fact is, I was not one of those. I had brought my receipt in (as the proof), and these admin girls (who so called, had offered to credit it in) so that I would not make a scene, made a pretense of helping, but decided to take it out.

Truly, I was really incensed about the whole thing.
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Billions of blistering barnacles!

Some weirdo online just asked me if I wanted a One-Night-Stand??

Do you want me to publish his email? *So We can terrorize him!!*

Who does he think he is??

The Ring over written.

The Ring over written.

Remember the covenant I made?

It is time to move on.

The ring shall be on my chain where it is now, but hardly visible.

My finger feels almost weightless without it.

I feel weak.

For He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9.

May His Strength be upon me, whereforth I shall not trust my own any longer. *Amen!*

my left ringless finger...

Journal: Early one Saturday...


Journal: Early one Saturday...

I woke up so early this morning and got to college at 10am. Ok, seriously, I thought I was late. When I checked in my book, it was only then I realised that the class had been postponed. Hehe. What did I do? I went to the computer lab and started blogging. LOL. What? Well, hello, it took me almost an hour just to write this entry, k!

I am beginining to find the "email to blogger" function extremely useful indeed...I can just type an email to any of my blogs without logging in to Blogger, as it can be quite a hassle to open the sites, when all I need is the email address, minus the hassles.

I waited almost 2 1/2 hours just to get my name cards printed. (about 4 boxes: 400 cards) at the print shop, coz there were so many people coming in and out!

Also bought a thumb drive/pen drive (128mb) for about RM50. Which I think is quite cheap, since the shop next to it was retailing the same thing for about RM70+. Since I didn't have to haggle, (the shopkeeper didn't even know she was underselling the pen drive), and I didn't bother to tell her. Heh. I also bought a mouse (with scrolling functions).

Oh, I also bought a new bag. My classmates were complaining I look like an OLD lady. *A new blue bag with Mickey's logo on it* (That should make me look 10 years younger?) *Lolz*

Reached home about 7.30pm. Slept for half an hour. Woke up at 8.10 and drove off to Sri Petaling for dinner with the Connections CG. Halfway, PG returned a call I made. He mentioned that he had a football on tonight.

Anyways, had really nice porridge steamboat tonight with people from CG. Remember the shop I went to a few months back? Yup. that same shop. Then we went for dessert at the Red Ants nearby. Yummy.

David had brought his laptop and showed us his wedding photos. Yeah, I got an invitation to go, but I cant make it, coz I have to work! Sorry, Siew Ling!

Some good news: I passed my Assignment 1 (Cross Cultural). Hooray!! I shouldn't complain too much.....*since the lecturer mostly had positive comments in the feedback*.
I spoke to Melanie as well. The meeting went marvellously well, although it was a serious discussion no less.

Some not so good news: There is that thing with my classmate. Perhaps we need some time to cool off before we get this issue settled. Maybe it just isn't the right time to tackle it now. My classmates are the one who are making a fuss now. They just cant stand 2 of their classmates not talking to each other!
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Use Bloglines. Save Time.

Use Bloglines. Save Time.

Ok, I don't have time to read all the blogs around , so now I am using Bloglines. 

It keeps a record when new entries are updated, and I don't have to surf around.

*So, cool.*

You can view my subscriptions here:

These are my blog RSS feed URLS. so add them.




Have fun saving time!
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I am sorry.


I am sorry.

[Oct 6th 12:24am.]

I am sorry you find me too loud.

I am sorry you find I drive you crazy.

I am sorry you find me too thick skinned for my own good.

I am sorry you find me demanding.

I am sorry you find me too crazy.

I am sorry
you find me a drama queen.

I am sorry I find myself so emotional.

I am sorry
I find myself too naive.

I am sorry
I appreciate you.

I am sorry you can't appreciate me for the way I am.


I am NOT sorry for being myself.

I hope you will one day meet someone who could appreciate you for what you are.

[Oct 6th:]

[Oct 13]:
Just needed to republish it.
Academic Crisis!

Academic Crisis!

[update: 13th Oct]:
I e-mailed O'Neill & told her what happened.
I dunno if she was sarcastic or not......but it was mostly dry??

Y' know, NH & I are not the only students in uni she has to look into......
But, I think even O'Neill thought NH was over-reacting.

* Chea Yee starts laughing till her sides ache and rolls onto the floor!*.

[update: 6th Oct]:
Still no news yet from either party.

[5th Oct]:
Yes. On red alert.

To think this could happen! Very shitty.
What which was a minor misunderstanding has escalated into huge name-calling with this spiteful turn of events.

What which was a stupid misunderstanding has snowballed into something which should not have even happened!

What which was not essentially an academic misdeameanor has evolved into some academic misdeameanor.

I would have thought a person aged 40+ would be more mature. We aren't mind readers, you know?
It has escalated to such great heights that the uni has had to call the college and they in turn have to contact me before I could finally get wind of what was happening.

*Hello*?? *are you missing something there??*
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Got interviewed for TV!


Got interviewed for TV!

Please read about my interview for Television here.

Have fun! Hehe.
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A torn heart.


A torn heart.

I draw a heart,
A very nice one.

Bright, red & robust.
But then the crayon breaks!

My heart is torn,
A hole is there!

A plaster I take to stick it back,
But the tear is there.
It is still there.

It looks so bad,
I could cry out loud!

But Daddy says it's alright,
We'll just draw a new one.

I look at it,
I hope He's right.

Perhaps in time,
He'll draw me a new one.

A nice big, robust pink one instead!
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My playmate.

My playmate.

I wished so much you were here.
My playmate,
My bestest playmate at the pond!

We'd frolick at the garden,
Kites in our hands,
Tadpoles in our bottles.

We'd kick the water,
Our bare feet wet.

Splashing each other,
We'd scream and shout,
Till the neighours all looked out,
We'd laugh out loud!

From morn till dusk,
Not a care in the world.

But the rain is here,
It won't go away.

Daddy called me from the pane,
To look at my book.
I look away,
But sadly away.
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