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A reflection of what 2004 was.


A reflection of what 2004 was.

Granted that Saturday is New Year's, I may still have to go back to work tomorrow as well. Not really work per se, but to go back to get everything ready for the kids.

I'm no longer a teacher who will be handling a class this year, but will be the leader in charge of the Montessori program, and helping my colleague with the classroom. She will be getting everything ready. After a year of being with the 3 & 4 yr olds, I'm now much more emotionally and mentally better to handle them. Obviously!.

As it is, I would like to end this blog with a summary of my thoughts of this coming to an end of the year.

The year 2004 has been one tumultous journey from begining to the end. Granted, the tsunami has claimed many lives, it is a sign to show people, how fragile human lives can be, and how we can be wiped away in that just one stroke of moment. For me, if I were to die, it really wouldn't be a problem, coz i know that I would be going back to The Father, and just a change in address of where I would be residing. I may not have done many things I wanted, but that to me, is not really a problem. Yet. Since the Lord has not taken away my life yet, all I can say is that its JUST not my time to go yet.

Independent of that incident, this year has been one hell of a personal journey, from begining to the start.
I'm sure that God has his plans for us, no matter what happens, no matter failures or successes.

The turning point of my life for this year, would be
1) my failing my MCI exams and also
2) yes, again, I will mention it, confronting my fears during AsiaWorks.

I really don't know what would have happened had I passed the MCI exams without a hitch. Perhaps God in His wisdom has seen to it that failing my MCI exams would be one turning point where I could open my eyes to really and finally begin my journey towards doing what it is I really want and perhaps, taking that first step towards that journey.

After getting over that aftermath emotional state of failure, I told myself that whether I die or not die, I would retake the MCI exam and pass it. Carolyn had asked me if I wanted to wait till December to retake the exam, to which I said, I really don't have that much of time to waste, so I decided to retake it at the next instance, which was in July/August.

When I recently texted Vincent that I had failed my MCI (which was in March), he said that life was tough. To which my reply to him was, what I think matters most, is not the failing part. It is having the will, courage, persistency to not let one failure hold a person back and bounce back from that state of being fearful to fearless!

Yes, Life IS tough. It will BE tough if I let it be tough TOWARDS me.

Not only did I pass my MCI the second time around, I too passed my organ practical exam, and with CREDIT!
By then, I told myself that if I were to take an exam, it would not be just merely PASS anymore. It would be more than just PASSING and better with CREDIT or DISTINCTION. I think that that is probably the most important attitude to maintain in all things.

Expect the BEST in all, and accept NO LESS.

My organ teacher told me that my playing sucked. That at the rate I was playing, I would not only fail the practical exam, but if I passed, I would only had just Merely Passed. I'm sure she had to eat her own words when my results came in. (Yeah, if only I could see her eat her own shoe when the results came out!).

To which now, I have signed up for the USQ program. The USQ program has really challenged me to think and be better at a higher and university level. No less tougher than MCI, I have learnt much and am still learning now that I have to do the CMS and Play units.

The convocation this year, is a crowning period, and also as I had reflected upon it, should I have chosen to not bother retaking the exam, I would not have been even able to participate as one of the graduands during the convocation. But I had, and at the same time, an external student of USQ as well! It was really a gratifying feeling and experience for me to see how much has happned and how the experiences this year has really opened my eyes to what has happened to me on a personal level.

Even the USQ program, when I signed up, was done as a last minute decision. I could have not bothered to signed up for the course, and have a totally work-free holidays the past 2 months, but I didn't.. (I was complaining about it to my dad!) Perhaps it's God's will after all....

The other turning point of my life for this year is Confronting my fears during AsiaWorks this year.

One of the things that I have avoided in the past 8 years is confronting my fears. No doubt all of us have our own problems and own fears. The only problem arises is that, the more we ignore it, or pretend it doesn't exist, the more it would remain. As it it, what you resist, persists! For the first 3 days during the workshop, I had listened during the workshop. I refused to acknowledge its existence. However, I finally realised that ignoring it has had a really significant impact on my life, for it really has shaped the person I have turned out to be.

As emotional the experience was, I had build a wall around myself all these years, because I didn't want to get hurt again. It was an experience that only I can say, liberated me to be free and to be who I am now.

I have learnt how selfish I a person I can be. I was ashamed of myself, though I claim myself to be Christian. However, now, I can freely admit that, YeS. I am still a selfish person. Leopards can't change their spots overnight. and they CAN'T.

I would say that I couldn't have done or been through what I have this past year, without the unselfish support , care, generosity and emotional support from my acquaintances and friends. Namely,

Laynie, who has helped me to get my finger rhythm right when I was taking my organ Practical exams and pushed me emotionally as well,
U Joe, who has helped me in my MCI revision, and also my essay consultant. Ha ha ha.
Karen, my cousin cum LP emotional support leader ;-)
Annie, Ai Ling, Asta, Young, Kong, KMT, Jeff & Chin Mun.

Wishing all my friends and acquaintances, a really Happy New Year to 2005!
May we toast the New Year. May we be there for one another! To which the year 2005 beckons.

Many more surprises awaits. many more experiences beckons me.
To which I will put on my riding leather habit, and ride on my shining white high horse, and go yee-haw,
let's go boldly where no Man has before!!!
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Tsunami prayers

Tsunami prayers

Hmm...Saturday is New Year's Day.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

Today, the govt has written in The Star that religious authorities are to hold prayer rallies. To pray for the tsunami victims. For the Country's safety.

They have also decided to cancel any festivities in lieu of the New Year, and hold prayer rallies instead.

On New Year's Eve, I'll be at the chapel for a Watch Night service.
I don't know if there'll be prayer service or not. At this point of time, I think I don't mind if we had a prayer rally in the church.

What will I do after the service? I have no idea. I didn't make any plans in advance.

If I'm going out for the New Year's event as intended, then go lar. If not, stay home and study and watch tv. Doesn't matter. I have to study anyway. Otherwise, I feel like watching The Aviator. Yeah. I already made bookings for it for Saturday evening.

Sorry, I'm just pretty brain-dead currently.
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Happy Birthday, Karen!

Happy Birthday, Karen!

I've decided to not bother anymore.

You know, being busy is just a very convenient excuse.

An excuse such as not liking a genre is also a very convenient excuse.

Not my cup of tea is also a very convenient excuse.

I'm thinking about it, is also a very good excuse.

Analysing the situation is also a very convenient excuse.

Being sick is also a very convenient excuse.

I'm tired is also a very convenient excuse.

Going to toilet is also a very convenient excuse.

Stress is also a very convenient excuse.

But is also a very convenient excuse.

Those are all very good excuses.

Good excuses to NOT do anything.

Plus, the fact that i know a person's character is not extraordinarily passive to such an extent, proves to reinforce my "beliefs" of what I have until now believe so.


It's really a matter of whether you are willing to make an effort to be or not to be bothered at all.

I don't really need to know the answer after all.

I have AsiaWorks to thank for that.

You make a very good LP leader, Karen. Haha..if ever...

Stop using the term, enrol on everything, k?


Happy Birthday to Karen!
Happy Birthday to Karen!
Happy Birthday to Karen!
Happy Birthday to Karen!

Somebody's 27 already!
Morning Has Broken.... by Cat Stevens.


Morning Has Broken.... by Cat Stevens.

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for them singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the world

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, eden saw play
Praise with elation, praise every morning
God's recreation of the new day

I am listening to this song on my PDA as I type this.

and after this, I'll listen to Think of Me by Sarah Brightman.

and Only these two.

Every time I listen to this song, I think of Penguin.

He asked me why, but I couldn't give an answer.

I just couldn't.
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Summit College: Convocation PIctures (2004)


Summit College: Convocation PIctures (2004)

Karen, originally uploaded by BullockCart.
my cousin, Karen. Heh.

KoonSiang, originally uploaded by BullockCart.
my neigbhour. Oh my! HOW he has GROWN! Imagine, both of us graduating here! *lolz*.

Bryan, originally uploaded by BullockCart.
a classmate from USQ CMS.

JaneAdelineCY, originally uploaded by BullockCart.
Jane and Adeline. Some of my precocious SIC classmates.
Adeline and Koon Siang are apparently from SMBBSri Petaling...What a SMALL small WORLD.
and so is AiLing & Laynie, heh.

KMT, originally uploaded by BullockCart.
A Myanmar friend from AsiaWorks. Btw, if you're wondering, he's Chinese.
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Phantom tonight!

Phantom tonight!

Am going to take my parents out to watch The Phantom tonight!!! Wheeeeeee!!! Can't wait!!!

He he he.

Last night, Khudairi trained me for about an hour...I seriously haven't had a serious work out in ages. Haven't done Body Pump or Body Combat in ages.Feels really good!!

The Pilates and Yoga does very well for my balancing act, as I need that for my catwalk sessions. Have trouble with the balancing work needed when wearing high heels. *lolz*. Lots of STRETCHING.

The instructor, Nadira, said that Asta was getting stiff..he he......ahh..that's a result from a long hiatus. hehe..
I have to give up Body Pump and Body Combat for the latter temporarily.

I was just going reading my CMS textbook on the section of Brainstorming. This leads to my recollection of Bill Patric in The Apprentice. Did he brainstorm with the team before setting out to do the task? I'm sure they must have. ...which comes to my next point, lateral and vertical thinking.
Vertical thinking is termed as logical and sequential thinking whilst Lateral is random, imaginative and creative (De Bono, 1990).

Put into perspective, brainstorming sessions can be thought of as the lateral thinking part of gathering creative ideas, a collection of different individuals' ideas, provided it is done in a non-cricticsed and controlled environment, and each and everyone's ideas are appreciated. Hitchhiking of ideas, thinking out of the box and all these are encouraged.

The second aspect of the brainstorming session, takes part after the original brainstorming session. That can be thought of as the vertical thinking part, as ideas are evaluated for their usefulness, contribution and link to the original scheme of things. as it is, logical and sequential thinking into place.

Will elaborate more when done reading.

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The defining moment.

The defining moment.

What is it that defines us to be what we are today? What is it that we aspire, but does that work for us?

Yesterday, when I was out with JaneL for lunch at JayaJusco, she was telling me about her friend, 21 yrs, who was very "see man". hmmm..what is the English term for that? lady like? I dunno. But wherever the latter went, she would attract guys like "bees to the honey", metaphorically speaking.. woah. To me, that is like PoWeR. Woah....isn't that fantastic to be so popular...unfortunately, I don't think I can pull that off. Being the ToMbOy I am.. *Lolz*.

Today I was in Yoga class, under this Chinese-Malay instructor, Nadira.

She seemed so confident. Very forceful with her words.

Come to think of it, I don't really know which is better. But in a classroom, i'd say the latter would be preferable......

To be a mixture of both, is that seemingly possible? I haven't really seen that happen. But I know that Mabel is a Queen at the former......

Well. I actually like both....

To be extremely *manja* is definitely NOT me....*lolz*. Ha ha ha......I can definitely NoT Pull that off...not with a straight face. It's not a belief I have of myself. However, I think, if I get used to be, perhaps IT could be second nature. *lolz*.

Actually, I'm not manja by nature, but after mixing around with Mabel, I guessed the *magic* rubbed off on me....ha ha ha.

When I was returning from FitnessFirst today, I stopped my car by the road, coz I was waiting for Asta to my car. Who should come by but another friend of ours, Ben! He had just come from his own LP guest event....and my, was I surprised to SEE him. *lolz*.

So, happily, all three of us went for supper at an Indian eatery nearby.

Today I found a book. It's an old by Josh Harris. It helped settle what I was feeling all this while as I think I can look more objectively at the very thing that was troubling me for some time now.
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Boxing Day


Boxing Day

I'm HOOKED on The Phantom Of the Opera.'s like Sound of Music. No less.....
For those who haven't seen, this is a MUST SEE if you are into musicals....

I don't think the soundtrack is out yet. I"m sure it'll cost a bomb, since Evita soundtrack is already RM90. I'm sure that Phantom soundtrack would cost more.

I'm going to bring my parents to watch it. Soon.

Anyway, I got the results for my CMS1000 assignment back.
87.5 out of 100 percent. Hmmm..but only 5percent weightage. STILL. Heh!
I hope I will do just as well for the rest....!!! ALRIGHT.

Anyway, I was not feeling well today. and yesterday. Dunno if it's Food Poisoning or what?
Just felt quite bad that I slept the entire day. Barely ate much today nor yesterday.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... cant do much. just sit and sleep. and burn Cds.

In the midst of that I managet to get my car serviced- engine oil, brake pads changed, and etc etc: came up to Rm248.00. :-P

Also watched the movie, Osama with Asta. Hmmm...the movie is nothing to do with Osama, but it's about the womenfolk who lived under the Taliban and how it affected their lives...thank gawd I'm not there. I dunno how I'd have fared.

It's hardly a chick flick. I'm thankful for being able to live in's not as bad as in Afghanistan.....*sad*. so sad....
Osama is actuallly quite a generic name for the kids in Afghanistan, like Tom,Mary, James..etc.etc.etc.

The movie has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden, if you were wondering upon that juncture...
I asked loads of people to watch it. but apparently, none of them seem interested in it. Well, that goes for the kind of quality movies that people in KL would want to watch. All the crap movies like KungFu Hustle, they don't mind paying to watch. But not for a movie like Osama?
Well, wat can I say? They just don't know how to appreciate a good movie when they see one.

But I think those from AsiaWorks should be a bit more different.....

I'm surprised that there's a tsunami in Penang. The first thing I did was call my friend, Chin Guan. He had called me on Thursday and ws with another friend, Yoon Hiung and were on their way to Penang. I thought he might have *died*. Ha ha ha.....
Apparently, he came back on Christmas Eve. Coz he got food poisoning. Ha ha ha...Oh well...same as me....lucky for him he came back then. He must have been pleasantly surprised to hear of other people's concern for him. ;-)

I think that a lot of us who don't eat foreign foods, will probably be not used to it, and when that happens, indigestion occurs, causing havoc to our digestion system. SIGH.
Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from Chin Guan after all these years. :-)

My dad says it's God's way of showing His Wrath upon Asians.....
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Blessed Christmas.


Blessed Christmas.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Christmas Eve party in my church was FUN!
First we had carol singing, then the preaching of the message.

After which we had dinner (pot bless), and exchange of gifts.
Then we had dancing and loads of games.....which was quite funny since both children and adults took part. Lolz. and the Singapore game as well. I've got lots of spotty clots on my thighs now...


Watch Phantom of the Opera starring Emmy Rossum. She's only 17?

Wah...really gonna give Charlotte Church a run for her money then. ha ha ha.

It was lovely. I think I"ll bring my parents to go watch it on Wednesday at Midvalley.

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Winter Solstice Festival


Winter Solstice Festival

Hmm....yup. today is the Winter Solstice Festival.

I didn't even know it was called such, till I read today's Star paper!

I only realised that when Asta told me we couldn't go to the gym tonight. *lolz*

I texted my bro and mom to get the tepung pulut so we could make tang yuen tonight.

Next I know, my bro was screaming over the phone to me to get the tepung pulut. I know in the evening was that I was informed by my mother that my brother had obviously screamed on the phone to my mom so that she'll remember to make tang yuen!!!
(I could have guessed otherwise!! Ha haha).

Anyway, my mom and I, and the maids made lots and lots of the glutinous rice balls in pink and white..

very easy to make. u need tepung pulut, water, all the isi, and a pot with pandan leaves, sugar and water to boil.


Cheers everyone! Have fun eating your tang yuen.
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Pictures (Christmas quarter-2004).

Pictures (Christmas quarter-2004).

cleanup., originally uploaded by BullockCart.

after cooking, sure must clean up what!!! ;-)

tong yuen, originally uploaded by BullockCart.

solstice winter festival.

yummy tong yuen.

yum yum yum...pity u all can't be here to enjoy with me, ya? ;-)

WeeClan, originally uploaded by cheayee.

The "Wee" clan except for me lar!

I am Yong wat! My mommy, auntie, couzin and moi!

Villagers, originally uploaded by cheayee.

One of the families in the indigenous village.

They were sitting all over the place, so i told them to *berkumpul* lar.

One thing about cameras is that, no matter what kind, if people see a paper camera or disposable one,they sure will pai pose for all to see wan. *lolz*

CY, originally uploaded by cheayee.

in front of the hut in the indigenous village.

this is the main house, where people stay.

Mable1, originally uploaded by cheayee.

My bodacious cousin sis, Mabel Wee.

Well, she's 20 years old, and very un-attached. Lolz.
Anyone interested? ;-)

CY2, originally uploaded by cheayee.

in the restaurant where we had our lunch.

man I look so Hiao. Ha ha ha ha.

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Ha ha ha...That is SO Funny.

Today, my brother drove down to Sungai Tisong, with my mom, my aunt, Mabel and me in my mom's Waja.

Technically, the indigenous village, was well........not really indigenous, as compared to the ones I have really been to with the pack from FGA.

The one I went with Larissa, was my first time to this really, out of place, out of town, last year, with Pas. Andrew Kulasingam, (and I had taken pictures with a racoon), where we had to get a jeep that went deep into mountains. In the place we went, there was not adequate medical facilities, and the children were suffering with scars. The houses were really small there, and it was COLD, and people did nothing but stayed in their huts at night.

Anyway, back to the story....

After the trip from Sungai Tisong,

whilst we were driving down the North South highway, my brother notified us that the car red lights were BLINKING. Apparently, they were already blinking when we were still in town before heading on to the highway, but he didn't bother to tell us coz he thought would not Amount to anything.

But to actually think of getting stuck along the highway without petrol in the car?? Hello??!!!!

So there we were, 5 of us, well, all the females were like freaking out coz there was no petrol station in sight.
We didnt' know how long more the car could Last.......

We passed one after another Perhentian Rehat (Rest Stations), but no petrol stations were in sight.


Mabel was like so totally freaking out and my mother, was like, ok, ok, putting a finger on her lips and just shaking her head. Vigorously and giving a half smile.








My dad with the other members, in front decided to uh, and trail behind in case they ACTUALLY had to push the car to the nearest petrol station.

It was so funny. (Although it was not actually that funny then!!!)

Anyway, we managed to like finally, and FINALLY find an Esso petrol station at the final Rest Station (that cuts out near Bandar Utama).

Everyone was SO RELIEVED!

We even managed to catch sight of two realllllly cute Korean guys at the petrol station,


that Mabel should have just gone up to to say hi, BUT she didn't.

What a waste!!! *sigh*

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All in a day's work 3.

All in a day's work 3.

Woah. Saturday was a real busy day.

Got my car to the workshop in the morning.
The mechanic sure has some persuasive skills, BUT not as GOOD as I AM!!!

Hah! You can't outwit a SMART girl like me! I can play *dumb* just as well!

Right after, I had to go for class at 1pm up till 4pm.
We studied and discussed about the different illegitimate and legitimate reasons for arguments and how good arguments have objective reasons that goes straight to the point, etc, etc, etc.

(that is related to my car in the workshop thingy story. Of the mechanic with persuasive supporting points to prove that my car was indeed a wreck, and using the AIDA formula to try to get me to ask the mechanic to fix it! LoLz)

I decided to do something for myself today. I got all the details of each and everyone from the class, since NOBODY bothered to do that. I'll email the details to the rest of the classmates to each and everyone of them later!

And then, drove straight down to Istana Hotel for my class by 5pm.
OK, If you see me falling off the catwalk, just remember to catch me before I FALL ya??!!!!

And then after, drove down to Midvalley to meet Ai Ling.
Initially I didn't want to go down there, since there's normally a huge traffic jam there on weekends.
But the traffic had subsided by then.

Yup. we had sushi for dinner. and Christmas Shopping. heh!!!
Got myself a really cozy pair of sandals. Ai Ling got herself a new pair of sandals as well!

Was showing it off proudly around today during my Sungai Tisong outreach.
*smilling widely like a chesire cat*
My mom just *rolled* her eyes. Ha ha ha.

Had a ball of a time just going through the shops and looking through all the soft toys......they do really make cute prezzies...

I got my cousin, Karen a really cute and soft teddy bear. Her birthday falls on New Year's Eve. I'm sure she'll LOVE it! Great way to enjoy the New Year's Eve, eh? ;-)

Gave my other cousin, Mabel her prezzie today, since I wont be meeting her on Christmas Eve.
I shall not divulge what she got me...but it is something that every girl can use ;-)

Ai Ling had a really good time as well. She was carrying loads of presents!

You'd think I'd be REALLY tired after that? But seriously, I had such a good time, I didn't feel ThaT lethargic after all. Now, if every day could be just like that, wouldn't that be GREAT???!!!!!!!!

We had such a good time talking to this extremely bubbly Estee Lauder salesgirl who was trying to get me and Ai Ling to buy her scents. Lolz!
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Link to my Convocation pictures


Link to my Convocation pictures

Please click on this link to look at my convocation pictures!!
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Summit College: Convocation ceremony

Summit College: Convocation ceremony

Surprise! Surprise!

My mother actually came!! ha ha ....I can tell Young that now. Lolz.
He kept pestering me to ask my mother to come, when I spoke to him the other time....*well . well.*

*coz she HAD refused to come, the last I asked* tsk. tsk. tsk. And there I was thinking she actually will not take time off to see her own daughter's convocation.


Took loads of pictures. I'll put some here..but most of it'll post it to my yahoo online album. So watch out for the link ya!!

Ok, my parents came. Then Karen, Kong, K.M.T, and finally Asta. She was late. But at least she made it!!

I think Karen was pretty pleased to meet another person who is doing LP as well. Lolz.

The ceremony started late at 2pm, and ended by 4pm

The MSC group were wearing red lapels. The Prime purple lapels. And SIC orange lapels.

I was so surprised to meet Koon Siang, my previous neighbour from Sri Petaling. And Adeline Yong is their classmate in SMBBSP school. Lolz. What a really small world tat I didn't make that connection until now!! Hmm..

I guess that means that they all know you, Laynie, yeah??

Imagine graduating with my neighbour! Of all people! Two of my neigbhours have come to Prime to study, coz the other one, I bumped into him when I was in the library. They have grown so much I could barely recognise them!

I took pictures with some of my current USQ classmates, who were from MSC, doing MassComm currently.

Met up with Azian, from my intake. Very few from my intake graduated or actually continued the course, coz a lot of them either deferred or dropped out halfway.. and they had already for the entire course!
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Would you take towels from the hotel if you stayed there?

I know people who would take all the towels and stuff it in their bags when they leave.
I will absolutely not do that. To think of the hygiene purposes.

*yuck* *yuck* *yuck* *yuck* of the hundreds of people who have used it before that....

Ok, a guy I used to date did exactly that.

He wanted to take all the towels.....I was so like..ummm..shocked? surprised? when I heard that.
Apparently, his mom does that when they go travelling....I still cant believe that until now. (in this context that is).

I could never steal anything from any place.

From my point of view, I view that as a strength.

It's beyond my principle to lie even when writing essays or assignments.
To me, everything that I do, and write, must be something I have experienced. AUTHENTIC. ORIGINAL.
Same as when I am doing assignments, I never fake it in my assignments.

(I just can't fake orgasms....since I've never experienced that. Ha ha ha ha).

So when I hear from classmates that they actually faked their observations....actually, I am kind of..uh *shocked*. Seriously.

Coz I really took the time to sit down and do all my observations.

It is totally beyond me to lie.

Is that a bad thing?

Well, I don't lie. I just choose not to answer these days. That's not lying.

And I have learnt to be assertive.

If people copy one another's ideas, WHERE is That Learning process and experience?

Its really them losing out in the long run.

We pay to learn something. But if we forsake the time used for doing our assignments, or of that learning process, we are just seriously wasting not only our tutor's time, but our own time and money.

I choose to do it. So I AM RESPONSIBLE for my OWN actions.

However, I know how to manipulate my way, to delegate work to others and do it in a legal way to get what I want..... ;-)

Now, isn't that even smarter? ;-)
Creativity and Individuality in Malaysia? What crap and bullshit.

Creativity and Individuality in Malaysia? What crap and bullshit.

Now, isn't the penguin just absolutely cute??

Awww... I got that from Xiaxue's website. It's hosted by a Korean server (whatever u call it).

Having two counters make it easier for me to analyse the number of reloads my page has. WEll, I have disabled the first counter from counting the number of my own visits. Anyway, the pictorial counter is so much more cuter...

Today, was my first time I was ever early for Dr. Irene Leow's class...*normally, I'm late by half an hour, but I still sit in the front of the class* Lolz.

Hei man. Leaders always sit in front. What are you hiding from?

Anyway, I tried wearing my stilettos to class. Just to get acclimatized to it. Getting better. but still painful lar.

Today, our class discussed about Reggio Emmelia's methodology or approach to preschool education.
Which is basically, child centered, child guided, project based work.
Children make their own choices, do their own observation, their own analyses, (guided by the trained teacher, of course!) Classes are mixed ages, and integrates all areas of the curriculum in a very indirect way.
Learning is all hands-on approach, independently done by children on their own.
It is till the extent that, in Italy, the parents and entire towns are involved with the children's learning as well!

To encourage individuality and creativity in students.

The thing is, can they even implement such an approach in Malaysia?
The kiasu-ism of parents. Parents pressuring kids to study and excel academically.
Overloading with classes and tuitions of all sorts...*sigh*

Not to mention, in the context of the asian culture (or any other which is almost the same),
inviduality and creativity is not highly appreciated here.

Intellectual Property is of no significance. No wonder you can see bootleg versions of all cd and soundtracks all over the night markets. People still copy other people's ideas just to make a profit.

Everybody wants to be spoonfed answers. They're not interested in anything that does not add to their marks in exams. Things like adding experience.
Not to mention, anyone that stands out like a sore thumb is not welcomed.
Just talk about my school days.
Nobody liked to be *out* of the group. People who were different in any other way, whether academically, pretty, flirtatious in an outstanding way, the others liked to whisper in the corners and talk bad or gossiped.

I hope they have grown up by now. Sigh. The form 5 students of from my high school 1996...( u know who you are).

One whole group of immature *cow herd mentality* people.
Well, not all.. but most of them were LIKE that.
Could never accept anyone else who was different or not like them. Yup. I was different.


I didn't think like them. Didn't do things like them. I always did my own thing. I don't even know why I bothered about them. And yet, they couldn't leave me alone. Always had to pick on someone, didn't they?

Like Ai Leng.

(yup the one of Homecoming on WahLaiToi. Caroline and the group loved to talk bad about her whenever Ai Leng was not there and in front of her, was so *sweet* I could puke. I was there.
Listening. Observing ..they were gossiping about how flirtatious she was.
For having her dreams.
For wanting to achieve high.
how superficial that whole bunch was.)

or Siti S. (who is a perfectly fine girl to me).

or Richard. (who is a perfectly fine guy to me).

The girls all comparing how much each other paid for their *prom* dresses.
How much they paid for their hair done.

*Rolls eyes*.

Seriously, lots of people from my private high school in Ampang near the National Zoo ARE so SUPERFICIAL. I wonder why I even stayed there all these years.

words like *scholarship* is never heard of in a thousand years.


For one. Thank gawd I didn't think like them. I can still remember, when I was in Form 3, and we were going to have our PMR exams. I was trying to read my books, and some of my classmates told me not study so hard. Because they weren't studying, they expected me not to study as well!
I remember it was the Shui Peng and Sim Sin group. In fact, some of them tried to take my books away!

How much more egocentric could they be???

This is getting out of context and becoming a School Bitching Session . Ha ha ha.

BUT it IS the truth.

Such narrow minded people. And we're living in the 20th Century.

Society should be progressing way beyond such trifle stuff and attitudes to accepting people who are different.

If they can't accept people in their society who are different, I really wonder how can they even accept people who are physically challenged?
How can they even appreciate individuality, if teachers don't even encourage it?
Everyone afraid of losing their own face....sigh. sigh. sigh. What has our society degenerated down to be???

The only thing my parents ever worried about me in school was my math subject.
I always fell asleep in class *metaphorically speaking* not to mention, never understood theories... and basically, until now, i really see no use for the theories. I think they prayed every day so I could pass my math. Ha ha ha.

*Well, give me five, Annie! It doesn't matter if we're bad in math. But most importantly, we can accept who we are for ourselves and never give in to wat society think would be good for their egocentric desires and wants*

Oral Speech Due next week!!!


Oral Speech Due next week!!!


Dun even know how to start?!!!!
I totally forgot about the European/American magazines.

and the art work as well. sigh. sigh. sigh. sigh. everything gotta do like a mad person for the next two days!

Hmm. I didn't like the sales person at Bobbi Brown KLCC today.
I"m sure KMT and sis would agree.
Hmm. I"m sure the brand is good, but its the people that makes the sales. sigh..
The one sales lady at Clinique was very helpful. humble. and smilling. She has the right spirit.

Got myself a new pair of sports shoe. and STILETTOS.

You know, the sales people at KLCC thought that stilettos was a brand!!! and they're based there!
How smart some people can be...sigh.

The stillettos are a killer!!!! Oh my goodness. I could just walk and die falling off the floor.....!

Showed KMT and sis my studio pix. Hmmm....I think I look fine in it..... and there's the pic of me and Mabel.

He says I look prettier than her coz I *seem* to have something more of a pizzazzz.........
(yeah, with my madcap ways and uh...soprano voices that sing madly alone in the park
and walking around barefooted at night.and he hoping that no one else would see it....ha ahhahahhahaha

:0 ;0 Like anyone's going to care lar???)

But still, *Awwwwwwwww*....isn't that sweet of him to say that? ;-)

Anyway, I think my cousin is prettier.

But the thing is, people can be pretty, but that doesn't mean they're photogenic, right?

I think myself as *photogenic* to a certain extent!!!

*in this context, self praise IS praise* yup. yup. yup.

Hmmm. 40 page loads in two days. Now that is a record. I thought only I read my own blog. Since no one ever leaves comments!!


Anyway, I misplaced my Communications textbook. Alamak!!! I must have left it at Wisma Goldhill.
I hope I didnt lose it. SIGH SIGH SIGH SIGH. what a waste of time going back and forth.
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The Apprentice.


The Apprentice.

I think it is a good show to watch. Pity I only came in like week 12.

In doing business, emotions can lead you off course. (like what Katrina did).
IT is not imiportant if one gets to tbe the star of the show, but the most important thing is the sale gets done.

Use your charm when necessary. I"m sure of that.

In limited time, concentrate and focus on the job at hand.

Ppl want to have a good time the first time they go anywhere. Guaranteed repeated visits in future!

Filling in promotion forms as opposed to havng a raffle card, is too time consuming. Digits is good enough.

Do not bring in any other attraction that will detract attention from the goal at hand.

I like Amy. She is strong.(she lasted all the weeks of the show! That's a real strong cool girl!)




Ok. My CONVOCATION is on Friday.

It will be at SUMMIT HOTEL . There will be 3 colleges under the Prime umbrella, which will be holding its convocation, which is Systematic, Prime and Summit International College.

My colours for my graduation robe will be Black and the lapels are Orange.

It will be really good to see my dearly beloved friends when I walk out of the hall.

The entire ceremony would end tentatively at 4.30 (according to the schedule) or later, or earlier. I dunno which.
So be there outside of the hall around that time. I'm sorry you guys/girls cant go in as they can only cater seats for the parents of the graduands.

It will be so totally crowded, I should think! Come and take pictures with me!

For my last convocation about two years back, I did not invite anyone to share the ceremony with me.

This time around, I have decided NOT to do that. I would really like to share my best and precious time with you all, my friends. It would mean so much to me.

However, I can't stay out with you guys after, as I still HAVE A CLASS at 7pm the same night.

So much for partying anyway.
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Ah Long

Ah Long

I got my car back to Ah Long's garage earlier after organ class.

Anyway, yeah, apparently the cable to my speedometer BROKE.

Now, ain't I a lucky girl, eh?

Well, Ah Long says he'll fix it back for me. Most probably tomorrow morning or on Thursday.

In case you're wondering, Ah Long is only 24 years old.

The conversation took place in Cantonese.

"Why are you in this line of work?"

"Hah, you expect me to study, ah? Die lar. I might as well sleep in class.
But anyway, I've been tinkering and playing with cars since I young".

"Ah...Well, of course. It's your interest."

"Ah....I am quite satisfied with it. A work where I can earn a living, survive. Something I like."

(and there I was, thinking about JoonKit whose passion for cars surpasses anything else.) least he's doing something he likes. Compared to most of us, who are doing things that we don't like just for the financial means. Something to ponder about.

"I'm in the preschool line. The work is okay. But I like writing best".

"What ? You are teacher? Wahhhhh, dun play-play man. A missy here.
That means you got holidays, isn't it? Not like me, gotta work 6 days a week!
You must be having holidays now isn't it? "

He shrugs head.
"Wah, so syiok man!

Hei, can you teach me English, ah?"

To which I burst out laughing and laughing and laughing

"Oi, I seriously mean it! You laughing there for what?"


And to which after I drove away. :-)
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My intuition is never wrong. However.

Most of the time.

Last evening, as I left my house for college, I knew I had forgotten something.

I just couldn't place my finger on it.

It was only after my conversation with Melanie that I remembered what it was.

I had FORGOTTEN to put my Marking Criteria sheet into my assignment.





So i called SY. She on the other hand, didn't know she had to hand in her assignment by latest 5pm.

so she started to




coz the administration staff was already going to leave.

and it would be considered LATE SUBMISSION. with cut in marks!

Anyway, all's well, ends well.

But I missed my appointment with Wai Yen.
She was kind enough and very sweet to schedule another appointment with me...when, however, I have no idea.

Speaking in which, regard, comes to my next topic which is Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, which I will dwell on later.
Howard Gardner has research and discovered 8 types (generally speaking) of Intelligences, which are, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Kinesthetic, Auditory, Musical, Visual, Mathematical-Logical, Linguistic.

Also there are the different types of learners.

I was dwelling on this when I went for my line-dance class.

Will speak more on this later and also Dunn and Dunn's Model of Learning Styles (as I read from Parent Think October issue).
I shall elaborate more after reading up on the module of Lateral thinking in my CMS unit.
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repercussions of AW.

repercussions of AW.

What is Play?

Play is in a context as a vehicle to practice informally what you have learnt formally.
It is being able to put into practise what I have learnt into good use.
My blog site is my play vehicle.
Thank you very much.

Anyway, having a blog is like a personal soliloquy.
Except that it is expressed out in written form for the public domain that chooses to read so.
I am able to evaluate and reflect on my thoughts on my daily situations without referring to others in solitude, yet so connected to many others out there, who are quietly and invisibly reading my blog, but not saying a word till they actually meet up with me...


Of course, I have had friends, and myself being lambasted for expressing my thoughts on what I think I didn't like.
Some take it very rather personally. Some over-react to it. Some think it's humourous.

Some find it's a way of getting to know my inner thoughts without prodding too much that I will puke.

Hmmm..well. that is what I choose to do. Well, I will have to take responsibility for my own actions.

Not to mention, being hunted down by the FBI and ISA for doing so. well, the FBI and ISA are a stupid group of people who take pride in hunting down people for their own ego.

This is my perspective. If they cant take it, they can go eat shit for all I care.

So shoot me for all I care. I am ready for you. If they want to practice their Patriot Act, they can be patriotic for all I care.They can violate their own Freedom of Speech act, and be sued on that contradiction basis.

as in the case of Annie (the writer) whose house was ransacked because they thought she was planning atrocious act of un-patriotism towards the country.





*rolls eyes*


I know that the most effective form of COMMUNICATION is the Transactive Model of Communication.

I will use the feedback I receive and context to plan my next course of action.

Communication is a two way process. I do not appreciate half-vague answers.

What kind of relationships do I want/ to have/ to create?

I know what it is that I want. I'm just not going to tell in public domain. ;-)

What am I willing to be to do/create it?

I am willing to put 100 % into it.

I am going to STOP analysing so much and just DO it.

I shall take responsibility for creating my goals.

I am going to create opportunities for myself, by creating a network of people who would be willing to help me plan my next course of action.

What are the risks that I am willing to take to create it?

I shall firstly pray for direction. Prayer is something that adds to all on top of what I plan to do, and or embark on any direction.

I AM going to come out of my Comfort Zone.

I shall risk emotional pain. This is inevitable.

I shall cry when I need to.

I shall FEEL the pain.

I shall NOT be impatient.

I shall harden myself and tell myself that I will not sit here and wait and do nothing. Results are WHAT i WANT.

I am going to surprise myself by my results that I have created. To have what I have achieved will be my sweet reward.

I am going to risk gender stereotype. I shall not follow what the mainstream culture feels or thinks. Leaders and pioneers never stop to think that they couldn't do it just because others are not doing it.

I shall have NO expectations. I shall go in with a clear mind and do as i should and have to without expecting anything in return. At the end of the day, at least I can say to myself, I have given in my best shot. I won't regret putting in that 100 percent of work to get it done.

I shall be persistent. By focusing my eye on the goal, I shall motivate myself to the final goal.

I shall be focused. Same as above.

I shall push myself. Same as above.

I shall tell myself NOTHING is impossible. It is whether do I actually want it to work or not?

I shall be emotionally ready when the answer comes in. If I get a no, I will fall. But I will pick myself up again. The most important thing is not that I fall, but I am able to motivate myself to pick myself up to continue going.

At the end of the day, it is what you have put in that will create the results that you want.

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What DO i REALLY want?

What DO i REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?

What do I REALLY want?
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A conversation with Melanie.

A conversation with Melanie.

Last evening I went to college to have a meeting with my Montessori practicum lecturer, Melanie.

"Melanie, you know, I think I may just end up being a columnist when I finish this course of studies."

"I think we all KNOW that."

"Hmm...working in a preschool isn't really going to cover or build up my experiences that I need. I think I need more than just these experiences in the preschool"..

"You know, there are many people who just come in to the preschool like that."

"I know. Lots of people come up to me and say, u know, you're real lucky you have a relative that has a business to run and u can manage it. It's better than working out in that dog-eat-dog world.
But. I only have ummm kid-bite-kid experiences......with kids saying, teacher, he hit me!!!
So really, I can't really emphathise with them in that way u know.
It's like I'm listening to them, but I can only theoretically emphatise and go uh huh, uh huh...
thanks for sharing. But I don't have that depth of experience to feel what they feel.

"'ll be emphatically emphatising?"

"Look at this way. She was in business and managing before this. What kind of experiences do I HAVE anyway? I really need some same age mental stimulation....or not I may go crazy!! I think I may end up being like Annie. Well, I think she's great, but I'm not her...I'd like to be myself, but being Annie is totally beyond me......"
(pun Annie. Pun. You agree with me, Annie, don't ya? I don't think u want anyone else to be like ya, of course. ha ha ha ;-)

So that is how the conversation more or less went. I think u get the gist of it.

Anyway, when I DO go overseas, I was thinking of joining, if they have in the uni, an Acting Society. I don't really aspire to be on tv (much as I'm an attention seeking person. Lolz). I like the theatres.

One does not really appreciate the amount of time that a musician or an actor/actress actually puts in when they
watch a show. I can really admire Chris Ling for his persistence with us, don't u think, Annie? At least he's not as bad as Joe Hasham.
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Miss World 2004

Miss World 2004

Wow. I didn't know they had Fast-Track events to choose the final contestants...I think that is a fair way to selecting the contestants anyway. Being the winner for triathlon, in a talent performance, congeniality, catwalk, and beachwear. he he. It is a lot of work, don't u think? A girl has got to shine in all those areas....Lolz. really puts the pressure on.. other than the fact that I can't swim....well....i might as well drown. Lolz.

However, the worst I thought was the getting-to-know the personality videos of the contestants , the final 15 that is...tacky. tacky. tacky. .
Miss Mexico was really great as catwalk person. and looked totally different in the evening wear. a real transformation....but her personality video..was.....much left to be desired.......

The informal question and answer, I thought was answered pretty well by Miss United States and Miss Peru. Miss. Peru took the initiative to at least get a translator for herself.

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Wish List 2004 (for Real).


Wish List 2004 (for Real).

Ok, I know I had a very outrageous Wish List.....

Please dont get me book vouchers. I have no time to read. I have TONS of books in my room collecting dust. Don't get me table or house decorations. I have no need for that. I like getting practical, useful things that is PRACTICAL.
Ok, I like getting gifts which has a meaning and has personal significance to it.

This is a less outrageous , but just as outrageous Wish List ;-)

Preliminary wish: The opportunity to sing NEGARAKU on stage at DATARAN MERDEKA in the middle of night to all the invisible audience who will clap their invisible hands. It is therefore followed by the song The Greatest Love of All ( Whitney Houston)...* loudspeakers please...* *drumrolls please* *dum dum dum*

*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

1. Bout time I got a new purse. Ladies' purse, Thank u..

2. A watch. Something that looks serious.

3. Jewellery. There. Easy......just as long as it is not ear studs. coz i can't wear anything which is not gold for long and all the Malaysian silver turns blacky after a while. :-) stuff from Axxexx is cool.

4. Clothes. Eh. I think Medium size. Cute clothes. sexy clothes. Revealing clothes. blah blah blah. (If I can fit in lar....)

5. Medium length black boots. Mostly Vincci Size 5. normal size that is. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.Sandals (that lasts long!)

6. Bobbi brown vouchers!!

7. Anything personalised.

8. Push UP bra (B cup...). RED sexy G-string (which will NOT bleed). Underwear(medium size). yup...middle size all the where near petite. Lolz.

9. a ticket to seat to watch the Philharmonic Orchestra concert, an opera, a play or a musical with your company, of course!

10. and finally........your friendship, laughter, tears, joys and time that you will actually read through this wish list ;-)

*hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz**hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz* *hugz*
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Movies ashore!!


Movies ashore!!

Let's see...

Cant wait to catch:

Phantom of the Opera,

Ella Enchanted



Vanity Fair

Miss Congeniality 2

Being Julia...

Hmm...if I can find the time. Hehe.
However the rest seems fine still.

I know its all CHICK FLICKS! (as KT would proclaim! Lolz)
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The problem with the bee and the flower....

The problem with the bee and the flower....

I found my other gold earring stud. Hehe.
Yeah. My skin doesn't take to Malaysian silver or any other so called 'metals' well besides gold.

When I told Vincent that I wanted gold for Christmas last year, I didn't know that he would actually GET it.
But he did surprisingly...

Anyway, Mabel came to mass today.......yup LUCT is on hol now.

She even came up to give a testimony. Praise the Lord!

Why is it that girls don't ever make the first move?

Because it is a gender thing?

I guess when it comes to matters of the heart, it is never easy.

Isn't it?

Neither is it for the guy anyway.

I think what most girls WOULD worry about is would the guy respect her if she made the first move?

Well, that is how I would think anyway. And also from the cultural context as well.

Of course, if it's a mutual thing, that it is different altogether. As a friend has pointed out, and I acknowledge that.

If it could be as easy as the time when this guy just suddenly declared it to me when we were out on this outing up this hill, wouldn't it be great? He, I would say. was very spontaneous. and very straight to the point!
Anyway, we ended up going out for a while.....

As it is, a female's intuition is almost never wrong.

(I'm sure guys have their own kind of intuition as well....lolz :-)

It's like having a premonition, but I can't exactly place my finger on it.

For example, if I don't like the guy, I know what it is that is going to come my way, but I don't want to acknowledge it until it is spoken out. Until then, I refuse to acknowledge it.
Partly is because I don't want to assume that I KNOW what the other party actually feels, and also, I don't want to get a kick in the face, metaphorically speaking by being too smart for myself.

Also, even if I DO like the guy, neither would I actually voice it out.
It is not easy when my emotions are ahead of me, and I am trying to evaluate the situation and intepret it in an Objective manner.

(Sounds like some kind of Observation Report. Lolz).

I would try to stay away from the said subject, to refocus my feelings and look at things in a more objective manner. When that is done, only would I have anything to do with the subject in question, as to not exaggerate my subjective perspective.

Hard as it is, however, non-verbal behaviour tends to verbalise what is Not verbalised.

Or it could be the other way round, where, what is verbalised may belie what is non-verbal (should one have good acting skills).

Somehow, I think that I may have already got the answer to what I want verbalised without having actually verbalising it out at all. Which may not exactly be what I want verbalised back.

I think I will just have to do what Agnes did.
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late for class!!


late for class!!

Yup. I was LATE for the Grooming class!!

Hmm...the traffic jam. the congestion. sigh. I just dislike driving down town. I hate driving down town in the afternoons, and I dislike driving home from town in the evenings.

Why? Duh. Traffic Jams.

I wanted to go to Chong Keat's wife's birthday dinner (which my family went) tonight, but I was TOO tired.

I was so exhausted I wanted to sleep by the road.

Anyway, my trainer, Khu, was pretty gung-ho about the whole modelling grooming thing.

Even more than I was. Lolz.

Posture! Posture! That's the first thing he said since our first day of training. Lolz. ;-) (Coz I told him to do that!)

We spent about 1 1/2 hours just training today.

Basically, he just said that I'm so totally.......

....lack of exercise.

Not enough iron, zinc and vitamins.

And uh...maybe low blood pressure.

That Not Confirmed yet.

I could barely carry the pumps.

He is such a sweet fella.


Put in 100% commitment.

Change your diet. FOLLOW THROUGH!!

Take RESPONSIBILITY for your own life. Coz no one else will do that for you but YOURSELF!!!

Finally, FOCUS on your task at hand.


KMT came in today. Oii...what a waste lar......u came in for only a few hours....

mana cukup senam lar?
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Hectic schedule

Hectic schedule

Just came back from Grooming Class....whatever u want to call it.

Arrrgggghhhhh..I'm so busy this week!!

Like seriously.

Havent included my Dental appointment. hmmm..I think I can only schedule that for next week. This week is so totally packed that I just don't know what to do!!!

Does anyone have American/European model pictures?

I need to cut out 20 poses.....doesn't matter if it's very old....I just need the cuttings. Asian models aren't very helpful coz they are all covered up. I need the pictures to show the different kind of poses...

Yup. HOMEWORK for my modelling classes.

I've also got to practice my poses and uh......catwalk as well..

Ha ha ha.

Sunday- Morning mass.

Evening- I think I have to give up on going for carolling tomorrow.
There's absolutely no way I can do so many things like completing my essay without the extra time.

My parents will freak out if I ever say I'm not goin to hand in my assignment. Lolz.

On Monday,
Gotta finish my bloody assignment by 2.30pm.

Meet Melanie to copy notes for Internship. from 3-4?

hand in assignment by - 5.00pm.

Meet Wai Yan FF. trainer at 5.30

morning- practice organ
mid morning- finish Colour Chart (yup painting and more painting).

organ class at 1.15 (BUY 8B Pencil and Artblock)

Start reading and doing skeleton for ORAL PRESENTATION. SIgh. I need to get Sound Effects and a Tape Recorder.

Technically, can go to M.A gym today.....(gotta see if can make appointment with Khu).

4.30 Makeup consultation at Wisma Goldhill.

To go buy a pair of 3 inch stillettos.
I doubt I could borrow any from my mom since she doesn't walk around in stillettos!!!

Thursday -

Class at night. 7pm.

Yup. Read up before my PLAY class tonight.

Finish all artwork today. (3 pieces of toning using 8B pencil, Oil Pastels, Colour Pencil x 2 sets!!!)
mount kids drawings with manila card board.

Hmmm. Probably meet Melanie again to copy more notes.

Friday- My convocation the entire day.

Yup. I'm finally graduating and putting on my convocation cap and attire.
Getting my diploma!!!

opps. I forgot. I haven't asked anyone yet.


you can INVITE Yourself. :-)

Art class at 7.00pm.
Saturday- class whole day. from morning till night at Summit.

Morning-gym (probably make appointment with Wai Yan again!- can't go too long without gym!!)

Afternoon- Communications Class

Evening- Modelling class.

Sunday- go down to Sungai Tisong for Christmas church outing.

DIE Lor.
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Harrassed by *dirty* SMS from strangers.

Harrassed by *dirty* SMS from strangers.


Of course that didn't happen to me. Thank you very much.

I would definitely display and give out the number to everyone I know so they can harrass the sender.

Hmm. In relation to this, I have an experience with really really real Real Life Jerks.

Many years ago, I'd say I was a very different person.


Nerdy? Ha ha.

Well, not too long ago.

People change.

Well, before my friend, LLC went to UK, I mostly hung out with her.
(Those who have known me all this while will know that of course).
I've known her since elementary school up till now. But haven't kept in touch with her.

I used to think that she was The Goddess. Anywhere I went, guys would practically fall at her feet.

They still do now.


Seriously. I thought guys who didn't think she was The Goddess must be mad

(ok. that was how I used to think when I was younger.)

Needless to say, that didn't help my self-esteem very much.

Anyway, she used to go out with these guys.

Now that I think about it (well, actually it's not now...but actually, I thought about it a couple of years back before I was even with my ex-bf).
the guys she dated.. well... they are not exactly outstanding people.

(I've to thank Jane Yong for helping me with that! Thanks, Jane!)

With ethics. So to say.

Out of all the guys she dated, there was only one I had respect for, that was Alex.
He was one of the sweetest fellas around. Ya. I still keep in touch with him till now anyway. But NO TIME.

There were two guys LLC dated that really repulses me now even when I think about it.

Ok, one she met online right before she left for UK.

She was so deliriously in *lust* with him. More for his looks, I'd say.

Anyway, to cut to the story, I did met up with him lots after she left.

Sometimes with his friends, sometimes just him alone.

He used to talk so much about her, about how much he wanted to go to UK to see her, etc, etc, etc.

I just listened halfway and dreamed away not listening to his boring talk.

Well, there was one night that he totally crossed the line.

We were in the car. This was at night on New Year's Day after my chapel service.

I had just gone home and he asked if I wanted to go for a drink.

Anyway, whilst we were in the car listening to the radio, I was minding my own business and stuff.


Ok. let's just say that I lost my respect for him.

What happened, you ask?

Yeah. He tried to make a pass at me.

Anyway, I told CL what happened.

He asked me why did I tell her. (stupid man).

I didn't even bother answering him after that.

Turns out later that he was Co-Habiting with a girl and tried to hide it from her....


My ex did ask what happened, but I didn't really like talking about it.

And I hardly mentioned it.

No. I didn't tell my parents what happened. Horrors! Dunno what my dad would have done!

But let's just say I was pretty disgusted with CL's ex for behaving like that.

The other was this guy, Baxter, who tried to ask me to go have a fling with him whilst I was still with my ex.

Fling by his definition, meant SEX.

*Rolls eyes*

Of course I told my ex. He wasn't too pleased. But he wanted me to see how far Baxter would go.

When CL came back, we had an argument when I told her what happened.

I was totally shocked coz I couldn't believe the story he told her.

Baxter told her that he thought I was one of those *gwai-gwai* goody -goody girls who would not do anything.......well. THAT. He told her that he was just having some fun and wanted to see if I would take his bait, but knowing me, he knew I wouldn't go anywhere that far coz he totally believed I was extremely nerdy and would still not be dating anyone.

Yeah right.

Worst to come, she actually agreed with him for doing that and believed her instead of me.

I am sure that he knew that I would tell her, but the fact that she believed him instead of me was too much for me to take.

I can't believe her Disloyalty. And Betrayal at that.

I was so UPSET.

And I thought that she was like the world's most STUPIDEST girl.

She may have a Bachelors in Materials Engineering (Honours First Class) but when it comes to guys, she cant even earn up to Certificate level.

I think she was pissed that her ex-es would actually go as low as to try to make a pass at me.

She was, in my eyes, trying to protect her image with this Baxter.

Which come to think, they are just as stupid as she is.

Well, she can for all she wanted. It's not like I care about him. Baxter is a loser.

Speaking of which, he was one of those candidates in CLEO'S 50 Bachelor 2003.

Now we know what kind of guys they actually do nominate into The CLEO Bachelor, don't we?

I didn't meet up or talk to her that time when she came back. That was last year. 2003.

Do I still keep in touch with her?

Yeah. But I don't really think that high of her like I used to.

We're not in high school anymore.

Thank You Very Much.



I didn't go for the talk on Tuesday.

After watching The Apprentice, I decided to let SY do it the hard way.

In the Apprentice, the employee gets fired for:

simply saying things out of context,

not contributing,

not saying anything or staying behind,

for being pushed around or not standing up for themselves,

if the group doesn't like him/her, (they think he's a bastard/bitch)

or if the individual doesn't get along with the group,

cant market the product (or doing sales),

not servicing,

not being responsible,

not being able to communicate clearly,

not being able to delegate well.

Traits that we all could cultivate and use if we want to be successful in a business :-)

Traits that I have been reminded of.

I think it's a good strategy that Trump has used to not only garner popularity and make profit of.

If anyone wants to run any of his businesses, of course, he'd need to have most of the traits above!

Anyway, I did not hear from SY until the day of the meeting, and she called me from her house one hour before the meeting started!

I didn't pick up the call.

She didn't follow up or seem very enthusiastic about it. Seeming which, if that happens now, what would happen if I need help after I have been enrolled, right?

You know, she may read this blog and read whatever I've written.

But what, you say?

She just has to learn to do sales through trial and error and analyse the target audience if she wants to do sales. (Hei, it's all in our Human Comms text book if she had read all of it already!).


If the sales person wants to sell a product, they have to *sell* the product to the buyer and explain by terms of how it would meet their needs and wants.

More than that, is also the *human* touch.

Is the salesperson only INTERESTED in selling the product for sake of numbers, or in me as a person?

Well, I choose the latter. She only seemed interested in the former, which I wasn't too pleased.

Some buyers buy for the sake of pleasing the seller (could be a pretty girl, a friend).

Well, I wasn't too pleased as I remember BT telling me that he was *sponsored* by his friends to join! (he didn't pay the membership fee!).
They seemed very very enthusiastic about the whole thing, and followed up to remind him to go , like the night before.

Which none of the percentage above I got. Hmm..

Perhaps I should just tell SY her mistakes when I see her tonight.
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The status of pre-school teachers in Malaysia.


The status of pre-school teachers in Malaysia.

What do you visualise when someone mentions that they are "pre-school teachers?"

I have been in this line for a while. I've known and met the preschool teachers in this field.
What is my perspective?

Granted, lots of pre-school teachers in Malaysia are not trained. In what sense?

Lots of them come out with a Form 5 education (SPM) and think that they are TOO qualified to teach preschoolers. That all pre-schoolers need to know is to learn A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, and that teaching pre-schoolers is peanuts.


What is my opinion?


How can any preschool teachers tell anyone that they are fully trained if they've not heard terms/words/people like,

the acronym P.I.L.E.S,

Piaget, Freud, Parten, Montessori, Holistic development, Normalization, Attachment, Manipulatives,
Scaffolding, Play, Observation,

or at the very least The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

and etc.

That's a bloody bullshit un-trained employee. (I shall not even dare to call her a teacher).


In Australia, to be even qualified or work as a pre-school teacher, one needs to have a 4 year Bachelor of Education (Honours), before one is qualified to teach. That also adds to the credit point system when one applies for PR in Australia.

Employees who hold a 3 year Bachelor of Childhood Studies can only be employed as the principal. Granted, I can truthfully say, teachers there are more highly paid than the managers because of the extra year of studies.

When I was reading through my Value of Play textbook today, I was reminded of my childhood time. How rare is it to find a keen observant trained teacher who is patient and sensitive to the needs of a child?

Regarding the current-parents-pushing-the-pre-school-kids-to-excel-academically-trend that is happening in Malaysia as well in other parts of Asia, what most that I reflected upon was the use of play in terms of helping children socialise and playing with other children. A lot of developmentally delayed or special needs children have trouble entering play sessions with other normal kids.

What a lot of pre-school teachers here lack is that understanding that, how children are as kids,
will affect them as they grow, is if it is not dealt with as a child.

How is Play a cornerstone of Development?

Parents are always pushing kids to excel academically, but forget the socialisation part of the child's development. As a result, I'd say, many kids grow up to excel academically but the personality is stilted.

Below are some traits that adults take for granted, but expect children to have as they grow and start relationships. If they don't practise, how can they acquire good traits, may I BOLDLY ask?

Play develops Symbolic Thought.
The ability to transform objects or situations, through the use of imagination, into meanings that are different from the original object/situation forms the foundation for intellectual development and communication.
Symbolic Role Play is a trait relevant to adults in the sense that it allows a chld to create pretend roles and situations without the use of costumes and props. Children move from playing using props to without props.
It is relevant to adult life, as for situations where props are not available such as in confrontations,
interviews, thinking long term and egocentrism.
It also requires mental effort on the part of the child, where "they engage in symbolic transformations in their play, the use of objects which do not resemble what they symbolise calls for mental effort....The greater the distance, the more intellectually demanding play becomes."
Playing with peers requires perspectivism, in which the ability to take viewpoint of others in order to negotiate group play situations.
How is this relevant to adult life? People are seen to be egocentric when they are not able to take to understand or take on another person's viewpoint.
I still know someone who is SO like that.....(shall not name names!)

It involves inventing strategies. When playing with games, "the player is required to reflect on the relationship of all the players within the framework of the rules".

"These and similar meta-cognitive demands on the skilled games player require even further levels of distancing in order to view both social and symbolic behaviour from an objective stance- and then use that information to formulate a strategy" (Kamii & Devries, 1980; Zan, 1996).

Distancing- degree to which a transformed object represents what it is intended to symbolize.
I find it relevant to me, because as a child, I remember one time, I was so pissed off with losing a game of Monopoly with my family that I totally threw everything apart. and I was nine years old!!
Horrors! I can still remember what my mom said after that!

I can still remember that from long long ago...Thank gawd I don't do that anymore!!! Pity my valuables and makeup..

Playing involves Problem Solving

Flexibility in thinking that allows one to solve a problem from a fresh perspective or use a tool in a unique way is highly valued in the literature on critical thinking (Adams, 1976)

It is the same way as how an adult would talk through a problem, and the consequences they would face.

Research on children who are popular with peers indicates that childrn who are flexible in their thinking frequently come up with unique alternatives for resolving disputes and suggesting compromise.
"Conflicts and subsequent negotiations that occur as children shift from actors "in play" to directors "out of" play, force children to consider the perspectives of their playmates."
"Play based curricula can be beneficial for those children who are unable to resolve problems when they arise. This includes many children with emotional disturbances and children with developmental delays. ...Extended opportunities to interact with peers in play can support the development of problem solving skills."
Finally, something that includes scaffolding from the teacher. When children are not able to join in games or children, the tendency is that teachers will scold the children and expect them to let the "outsider" join in.

Do you for one instance even think that works? That RARELY RARELY works. I know, coz i was one of the outsiders before. Yup. When I was younger. 14 years old to be exact. The other kids just pulled a face and disliked the teacher more.


Anyway, back to the point (Guardian of the Gate) states that ways a sensitive pre-school teacher helps to intervene include introducing an accessory and suggesting a new role, among others. I believe that teachers, trained teachers, that is, can help mould and effectively change a child's outlook in life and how she approaches it. IN THE LONG RUN.

What do I say to that? I had to learn all this as a growing adult. And now there's even classes being held for adults on learning how to hold conversations and to enter social circles.


If only we learnt that as a kid in KINDERGARTEN!!
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Putting into practice what I have Learnt.

Putting into practice what I have Learnt.

What came into mind?

I've a cousin (those who knows me well enough should be able to guess who it is I'm referring to) who majored in Mass Communications. This is a wholly service line. Mass Communications.
She majored in Mass Comm. But when she communicates with me, she is worst than someone who has never majored in Mass Communications.

She askes me the same question over and over again. So unethical in the way she presents herself.
Worst to add to it, a huge ballistic EGO.

She can be so bloody transparent and not realise it.

Where is that aspect of training-ship, may I ask?

Gerard argued that this was not practicable in Malaysia. For Engineering that is.

But Mass Comm? Hello. I can communicate and interact better than you do (my cousin that is) at the rate you are doing.

I say this, because when I study my current two units, the Value of Play and CMS (Communications) unit, I see a lot of relevance in it. I am able to relate to what I have read.

Granted that I have not actually started on the Play (trying to digest the information that I have taken in of late).
and it's DUE like, soon!

Don't people put into practice what they have learnt?

That is SO SAD.

On a lighter note, my mother was pretty curious about the whole Talent company thing. She was quite pleased apparently.

Anyway, I've always wanted to try out this kinda stuff.

A totally new and adventurous venture for me!! * CAN'T WAIT!!"
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Mmm..mmm.mmm. mmm.

Mmm..mmm.mmm. mmm.

*Yummy* *Yummy* *Yummy*...

I can just feel it........mmm....mmm mmmm.

What is it that is so deliciously yummy, you may ask?

Hmmm ;-)

That's a secret. For me to know..and not for you to find out. ;-)


I found out a secret recently. Or more to the point. A very good tip.

The other day, when I got home, I miao-ed at the door.
No cat answered. Well, actually, the gate was locked.
Then I barked.

Guess what?

A symphony of barks by the neighbourhood dog-gy orhestra sang a bark-y reply in return.

Their owners came out to utter a halting reply to their dog-gy choir!

He he.

Good tip to use next time u are walking alone in a neighbourhood and u see only dogs in the district. ;-)
Car is fixed.

Car is fixed.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!!

He he.

Met up with Peng Guan for lunch at 12.30. Made it in time for the interview. Woooohhh!! loads to tell. Loads to tell!!

The journey to Peng Guan's workplace (shall not reveal name of place out of respect for his privacy).
was fraught with congestion, tiredness and traffic. Sigh. But it was worth it. Mwa ha ha.


Peng Guan looks good in a pink long sleeved collar t-shirt and tie.

(Duh. Don't most people who work in banks or any kind of sales look the same?)

Mwa ha ha ha ha.

You know....educators are not supposed to be colour biased.......with all the ethical reasons of equality of colours,


mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yeah. Back to my original statement.


He looks good.


I seriously mean it.

I shall not comment further lest his ego goes up any higher. ;-) (he reads this blog, in case you didn't know)

Anyway, he was supposed to take a copy of the ParentThink. Which he *forgot*.

Bad friend. Bad bad friend!

Speaking of which, I've always thought that guys in collared polo shirts, coats, and work attire (long sleeved obviously!) preferably and extremely *sexy* compared to in casual wear ;-)

Anyway, I made it in time for the interview at Wisma Goldhill. Apparently, it's the same place that JK and I had gone for my interview last year at this realty firm. That time, he had to drive me. So no wonder I didn't know how to get much for my Sense of Direction. (S.O.D). Ha ha. The parking charges are RM3 for the first hour, followed by RM 2 per subsequent hour.


The interview was cool.

I AM most talkative. :-)

Lea says I have the potential to be a model. Well, part-time model in this context.

Hmm...we'll see.. We'll see. Anyway, I've to attend 6 x 1 1/2 hours of grooming classes almost every Saturday (most probably excluding Christmas, duh!) at Istana Hotel, 5pm!
I'd have to provide a pair of stilleto shoes (dunno how many inches),
sponsor my own Bobbi Brown cosmetics (which estimate about RM300-800++)
and finally,
my own portfolio of pictures (as in an album).

Classes start this Saturday evening!!

The classes are interactive, which will show me who work my facial expression, deportment, catwalk, makeup and poses in front of the camera.

Seems like a good idea. Since I've already got my own portfolio of beautiful pix... ;-)
(i remember Brenda saying this to Donna when they were France, Beverly Hills 90210)
Hmmm..and then Kelly had an affair with Luke Perry after that....and Brenda had a flirtatious affair with Dean Cain, pretending to be French. blah blah blah.

Anyway, after that, I got my car meter fixed at this independently run garage at Mobil along Old Klang Road. The store is run by this man called Ah Long. He charged me about RM35 for the whole procedure. Okay. So now my RPM and the wiring is totally fixed.....sigh.....why didn't I get it fixed earlier?

Peng Guan, go get yours done!
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All in a day's work.

All in a day's work.


woke up at 11.

Watched The Apprentice summary episode. U know what? It is a good show. Realistic to the sense that I can learn something from it. Really good. Donald Trump is not a millionaire coz he slept around on the bed u know.

Hmmm..emailed Melanie for appointment.

Called trainer WaiYan of Fitness First Summit to set appointment.

Called the Dental Faculty of PPUM.

Drove out to have my brunch at 12.30.

Went to the office. Collected my cheque.

Gave Mercy the receipts for her perusal.

Took the manila cardboards for mounting.

Read the Play chapter.

Sent the maid back at 5.

Drove to Fitness First by 5.20.

Turns out no BODY PUMP today!!! Sigh.

And Body Combat was packed to the max! I bailed out after the first track and talked to Joseph (The trainer)

Hmmm...Yeah. Body Combat is dangerous coz I almost got kicked in my face last week.......will not elaborate on that....

Joseph is the free-lance trainer for Body Pump whose class I went to at Summit on Friday after I handed in my CMS essay. His worst than Nami by a lot.

Hmmm..Asta FFK. I wonder what happened to her.

Then headed down to One Utama to meet up with some of my Basic mates. Juni. Gerard. Esther. KMT. (yup. I know u'll be reading this).

Anyways, I'm meeting Peng Guan tomorrow for lunch.
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Wish Lists 2004.

A repeat of my Wish List:

On a lighter note, Here's my wishlist. Please refer to Divabat's post on Wish Lists....since it's coming to Christmas holidays anyway....he he.

Here is my wishlist of the things I would random order. (If I can think of anymore than 10 or less!).
1. A new camera (better than my Kodak EasyShare version for those of you who have seen it. There's no lighting and sometimes the pics taken look REAL bad.).

2. A new PDA cum Phone cum Camera (Cool huh? I like KMT's one..but it's bloody expensive, and I've other things I could do with my money, like SAVING up.). Especially features like browsing using GPRS, Bluetooth, Microsoft Office (very very convenient!), Photos and stuff!

3. Manicure, and Spa Beauty Vouchers: Whitening facials, Moisturing facials and body treatments, massages, etc (haven't done any of that in a long long time), but in a location I'm familiar with, of course.

4. Book and stationary vouchers (preferably at MPH, as stuff in Kinokuniya KLCC is just so TOO expensive and not worth it.).

5. Hmmm...come to think about it....yup. A new laptop would be cool. with all the works DVD, sound system. speed, WiFi connection. etc. YUMMY.

6. A new hunky, sexy, adorably yummy and lusty boyfriend to go at it like rabbits. (Ha ha ha ha. Like that's gonna happen any time soon.)

7. A swanky gift debit card from HSBC. He he he. One to go shopping with. Seen it lots last year but never thought about it.

8. Another new watch. I got one recently. But that's hardly multipurpose you know. Aack.

9. A new lady's purse. my black bought-in-OZ-made-in-China doesn't count as a Lady's purse.

10. Do they have Bobbi Brown Gift vouchers? (Since i need to get them for my grooming classes....)

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This morning, I woke up at 9 (quite early considering it's my work holidays! Shall not be deemed a school holiday, since I'm no longer in high school. Thank You very much).

My dad was in the kitchen having his breakfast. The conversation went like this.

"Why are you up so early?"

"I've a class at 11.30."


"No. Organ class. I need to practise before the class starts."

"Ah. So you won't wake up for any other reasons besides that?.."

"I don't see the reason too....besides Holidays are the best time to sleep coz u can't do that any other time..."

We talked. 15 minutes conversation. He had to rush off for some meeting about the two Koi fishes that had just died yessterday. Poor fishes. (Not that I care anyway. I'm more into dogs and cats).

About what I planned to do after my studies. I said, to go with the flow of what happens.

"Soon Kei Jee Yeen".

But I plan to have one feet in the journalism realm.
My dad knows that my being in the preschool line isn't exactly the kind of experience that I need right now or really want.

Besides, if I want to have a column about childhood education issues,
that would definitely be something to think about.

I finally went to collect my cheque from Joe's office. Well, it is a starting point for me to think about more serious issues.

I managed to find my way there without a map. Now, ain't I a smart girl, eh? ;-)
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Smarter men?

Smarter men?

You know what?

I like my men, or future MAN to be smarter than me.

Why? I dunno.

Hmmm....maybe a bit like my father. What can I say? My father figure, my dad influenced me a lot.

I WANT a decisive man.

Who knows what he wants from life.

Who is willing to take risks.

Who is not Over-Sensitive.

Who is not like lalang. Goes with the wind.

Knows WHO he is.

He need not necessarily be handsome.

Must have sense of humour. Be witty.

Have a sarcastic sense of humour (or try to be in some ways.)

Gets along with me.

Accepts me FOR who I AM.

Of not, he can go FLY.

Is Ambitious. Willing to Work Hard.

Patient with People.

A Gentleman. Open Doors.

Means What he says.

Adorably cute (in my eyes anyway). Mwa ha ha.

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Face Ad Interview

Face Ad Interview

Yup. I have an interview lined up for Thursday at 2.15pm near Jln Raja Chulan.

I have to dress smart casual. I'm feeling kinda freaky over it. Arrgghh.. Wish me best of freakin luck ya. And hopefully you guys will see my pretty face at some above-the-line AND print ads in months to come ;-)

Nominated Vivien, Sathia, KMT and PG for the Fitness First. I think the marketing ppl will call them soon.

Whoever wants to go to Fitness First or check it out for a trial visit, please ask me to nominate your name in. I'd gladly be of service!!!

Would I want to sign up as an Amway member? I really have no idea. Granted that I was pissed off with SY on Saturday, but the fact is that it IS a business opportunity nonetheless. There's no free money nor business anywhere. My mother said I should go to see or learn something new from there. Apparently.
SY NEEDS more experience in persuasive selling. SIGH.

Ya. I complained about it to Young. Did I mention that? Its easier for me to relate this in the context to people who are either currently doing their LP or have already completed it. Young did put it into a certain perspective.

Soul Winning is something like enrolment. But it is not something to enhance another person's life. Then again, it is written that It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Luke 18:25)
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