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To banter or not to banter, that is the question?


To banter or not to banter, that is the question?

Would I playfully talk freely about SEX for an hour or more just to pass away time?

That was the question in mind when I met up with Peng Guan with Annie last night. It started off on that note, and ended on the same note....I don't know if to be impressed, or smile. :-)

I'd say I'm not the kind of person who would playfully talk freely about that subject matter unless for a specific purpose. I'd disclose or find out more of another person. Well, sex to some people, (not the gender as in application forms, thank u very much. ha ha). is essentially quite a private manner.

Then again, I have actually spoken about it with friends. BT, the friend whom I spoke to, was surprised he could talk to me about it, as it was a subject most girls shy away from. Well, that was a serious talk, under all considerations, if anyone wanted to know. :-)

It's not exactly a subject you'd disclose too freely to a potential beau ever. Lolz. Would you? But sometimes you would like to talk about it to someone who is not of the same gender......

I can't exactly put my legs on a vacant chair in public (though I'd carefreely do that at home or when I'm just with friends) but not when their parents are around or if the older folks are there. Constant unconscious nagging reminders at the back of my mind beckons when I'm in public.

I'd say I AM amazed that two people can spend an hour just bantering on that......ha ha ha ha ha.

PG asked why had I not participated in the conversation, and to which I answered that it was not a topic I am exactly am comfortable talking about, but which I could smile and patiently listen to without ever speaking a word about it.

As it is, my final words which were left to their own interpretation,

There are people who may not talk about it freely,
But that does not it's not on their mind or don't do it,
And there's the other group who talk nonstop about it,
But hardly or don't actually do anything about it.


Well, this time it's not been 365 days since I met up with Peng Guan. Lolz.... I think he had a good time. With which aspect of the evening, that remains a question I have to ask him that. LOLz.
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4th Wave Concert


4th Wave Concert

I may not have managed to catch Chopin's free concerts this week, but I did go for a concert in my college. Only one piece by Chopin, and that is played by Alwyn Wong, which I think is Etude in C minor. or the one after...hmmm...

How was the performance of the students? It was pretty okay. There was a duet of this French song (I first heard it sung by Charlotte Church..can't remember the title of it , in French of course!)

Anyway, it's pretty cool that my USQ Connect website has Music Library I can listen to...of course, u'll need broadband to actually listen to it all day (not dial up, heavens of course! too maddeningly expensive!)

I heard this today on the USQ Connect. It's called Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo. Sounds surprisingly very modern, like some soundtrack of a movie...

Another composer whose pieces are quite modern sounding is Debussy. I thought he was from the 20th Century, but turns out he's not. Lolz. One of his famous pieces would be The Girl With Flacken Hair...

Hmm...I just found out that I can listen to Broadway music as well....Lolz. Isn't that marvellous?!!!!
well, that'd just mean that I don't have to go down to Tower Records now to look for classical music!

Bumped into Jane and Adeline earlier, who were copyng stuff off for their Internship Folders...which reminds's about time I did that. I'd have to e-mail Melanie to make an appointment with her next week, preferably when I hand in my Pre-liminary Essay.
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Click here.


Click here.

Click on the title link above if u want to see the rest of my birthday pictures at StarBucks :-)
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The serious chick in midst of retrospection. Posted by Hello
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Photo: Peng Guan

Photo: Peng Guan

My most witty partner in crime, Peng Guan. Drives each other mad to the point of distraction.. Ha ha ;-) Posted by Hello
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One bodacious cool chick. ;-) Posted by Hello
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My partner in crime, Who is Annie HU? Posted by Hello
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Birthday card


Birthday card

Hmmm....Kong just dropped by to pass me a birthday card....ha ha. He came from the Advance Guest Event earlier. But forgot the present with it coz it was at his home....lolz. Ok, I'm so not going to Advance any time soon yet, ok.

*Awwwwww.....isn't that sweet??*

My mom was so surprised when she heard me mention that I was out with Peng Guan on my birthday... *she had never heard me mention a person by the name of Peng Guan before...*
That's cause it was other people tat I hung around a lot with....

I was like..."So?" But seriously...Why AH? Ha ha.
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My birthday....

My birthday....

How was it...rather mellowed down, I say...* I must be getting old* I had to work in the's my holiday duty this week. The Power Teens Camp started today, Thursday.

Anyway, picked Annie up from her home, and we watched The Incredibles on Wednesday. Pretty cool family movie.Then after sent Annie back home coz she was SO tired..... (stupidest thing we ever did for my birthday!).

Met up with PG after at Bangsar Starbucks. Ha ha.....he had a hair cut........O Lord. *he's going to kill me if he reads this* Ha ha ha ha. OH NO!! What happened to my Kim Jae Woon? Boo hoo hooo....!!!

Just basically just chatted and caught up with new and old news. He's as funny as ever. Mad as ever as me...ok, We went almost crazy in the car....Ha ha ha h.....I'm not going to tell you what we did in the car though...

And guess what? My kids ChungTeng and SeeYin gave me a box of chocolates wishing me a Happy Birthday when I picked them up this morning....*Awwwww* How sweet. :-)
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Finally a quarter of a century years old!!


Finally a quarter of a century years old!!

I'm finally 25 years old!!! Alright baby!!

Wait while I make a wish ya... ;-)
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Feedback email to Berjaya GeorgeTown Hotel.


Feedback email to Berjaya GeorgeTown Hotel.

Hmm...u know what?

I just wrote an email to Berjaya GeorgeTown Hotel airing my comment and giving them feedback in regard to my stay there last week.

Man, I really get a thrill out of it. I told Annie yesterday that I was thinking of doing it.

And you know what? I did JUST THAT.

Let's see how the response to the e-mail will be :-)

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1st Asean International Chopin Piano Competition.


1st Asean International Chopin Piano Competition.

Listening to classical music is one of my favourite past time.

Who listens to Chopin?

I'm quite interested to go for the following, but ..uh..I guess the hours are not right for those who are working.....

The 1st Asean International Chopin Piano Competition

Nov 24-26

Time: 9-12, 2-6pm,

Panggung Bandaraya, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur,

Performances are free to public and admission free.

Tel: 03-92861661


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Tetsu& Wife. He's quite funny actually..lolz. Posted by Hello Most of these pictures are from the Cultural Night.
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Yup..he's the one who sang and played the Kato?? and she played the keyboard for their performance Posted by Hello
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The Koreans, and Nepalese (they're actually Americans who represent Nepal) Posted by Hello
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Polly (Hongkie), me & Regina! hmm...maybe I should have just let my hair down.... Posted by Hello
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Sovichea. Has a fair complexion. What more can I say? :-) Posted by Hello
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Is that a Kato (or what do u call it ?) doesn't my pose just look cute? ;-) Posted by Hello
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Regina (ABC Jap delegate).... Posted by Hello
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Kimberly (from Ipoh) and me. I like my hair here and my cheeks are so *pinkish* ;-) Posted by Hello
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Tetsu (Jap delegate), Subedi (Korean delegate) and ME!!! Cute eh?? ;-)  Posted by Hello
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Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

To admit to absolute poverty of spirit and being destitute of divine wisdom and compassion places one in a position to receive the full ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Many of the KL-lites were quite overwhelmed and given new zeal by what they experienced and saw during the Penang Conference.

There were more delegates from other countries than from the local delegates itself! With a lot from Cambodia, Philippines, East & West Australia. Which doesn't speak much for the faith of the locals here!! We take things too easy.

Some of the countries may not be as resource, materially or financially rich, but they were spiritually rich!

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

The first FourSquare church in Cambodia started in 1994, and now, almost ten years later, there's almost 1200 churches over there.
We were told of the story of the orphans who had their orphanage building built on a land. The land that they built was bought for a very cheap price. Later it was found out that it was actually built on a land where many people had died during the war, and spirits roamed the place. The missionary (or the reverend- whoever it was), that bought the land said that he couldn't deal with those spirits, so he told the orphans that.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

These young orphans (in their preteens and early teens) were pure in spirit, decided that they will handle the spirits themselves. They fasted many days and prayed over it, and later when they arrived at the place, they decided to fast and pray somemore. Somehow, the Lord led them to walk around the haunted land (like Jericho!) about 7 times, and the spirits went away. Now they live in peace. Praise the Lord, AMEN!

Matthew 5: 1-12
The Be-Atittudes:
"And seeing the multitudes, Jesus went up into a mountain: and when He was set, His disciples came unto Him: And He opened His mouth, and taught them, saying,"

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

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Christmas Is Coming.

Christmas Is Coming.

Anyway, my church Calvary Revival Assembly in Tmn Desa (opposite theTaman Desa hospital) will tentatively be having these plans over the Chrismas season.

12th December (Sunday) A Christmas Carolling session at Abadi Villa Condominiums for their Christmas Celebration in the Evening.

19th December (Sunday)The church will be making a trip down to Kampung Tisong (somewhere inPerak?), for a Christmas service with the Orang Asli village there.We would be most probably hiring a bus to go.The trip would start about 8am till mid afternoon (about 3.30pm orlater).We would be collecting toys, books and clothes to be given away.

24th December (Friday) There will be a Christmas Eve session at the Church.7pm onwards.For gift exchange, please bring a gift that costs RM5 onwards.(or upto your generosity).

All are welcome to join. But please inform me if you want to go! For more information about the above events, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me!

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Today I had to forgo Asta's Open House and also Kong's WOW day to go for my classes and spend time as a family for my mum's birthday. We went to Planet Hollywood. Technically we celebrated my mom's birthday, my parent's 29th Anniversary and finally my birthday all-at-one-go!


Anyway, when I was in Penang, Vivien's friend, Andrew brought me, Gerard, Judy and their son, Brian around. He took us round and round and around until by the time I got home and wanted to go for the evening service, I was almost snoring when they they were having praise& worship.

I would like to upload pictures here, but my Hello software doesn't seem to work on this current computer. I had to upload the previous pictures through my brother's computer (and that's when he's NOT in!).

What's a *millionaire* question? According to Gerard, Andrew asked if I had a boyfriend. Ha ha ha........The funniest part was that I met his girlfriend not shortly after we were at the mall...
Gerard long as it's not *fiancee*, that's a different thing altogether..but seriously, from my point of view, a gf IS a gf.

Hmmm...u know what? About 3 ppl asked me that same question within the series of 3 days......
first is Andrew....then someone during the conference ;-) and finally another one after I returned from the Conference who asked if I met anyone during the conference....

*starts laughing loudly and rolling on the floor in stitches!*

Anyway, the funniest part was when Andrew drove us back to the Berjaya GeorgeTown Hotel, he took a long long way back. and totally got us confused about the directions of the place.
When I told my dad about it, he told us that the mall was actually RIGHT IN FRONT or within walking distance of the hotel. Hmmm....even if assumingly if Andrew wanted to spend more time with us, he didn't actually have to do that, did he? LoLz.

Brian followed me around a lot during the conference that a lot of people mistook him either for my son, my brother (that was Jeff MacKay) or he is my under-age lover...........*right*. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
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FourSquare 4th Tripartite Church Conference at Penang.


FourSquare 4th Tripartite Church Conference at Penang.

Just came back from the Conference yesterday on Friday.

How was it ? It is mostly a conference of members of churches under the FourSquare Umbrella around the world. My church is under that umbrella.

How was it? was quite good actually.

The first two days was pretty terrible, coz I didn't socialise with anyone at all. It was mostly ummm..exploring, observing and watching . Something like what I did during AsiaWorks.
But POOF, come Wednesday, there was this serious change. I don't know what happened, but everyone started socialising with everyone? It was so strange.The mood seemed to have changed. Well, I didn't exactly socialise much, but then again, I'm not that much of a socialiser. Ha ha.

There were Indonesians, Filipinos, very few Malaysians, (except those from Penang), Australians (East and Western Australians), Koreans, Japanese (Okinawa), Hongkies, Cambodians, Thais, and a lot that I can't remember.

When I spoke to Polly (a Hongkie), in Cantonese, the rest of her delegates were quite surprised, and asked where I hailed from. LoLz.
Let's see if I can remember their names.....
for the Jap delegates, there's Tetsu Uza and wife, Regina Hsieh (an American Chinese who's based in Jap), Jeff , a gaijin, from Portland Oregon, and etc.

There's also some Korean delegates, and a Nepalese man studying there (actually, not too sure about that).....

There's Kimberly Boey from Ipoh. He he. She's 14, but she looks likes she's in college. Anyone interested in a high school girl?

I was quite surprised to find Sovichea, a chinese fella among the Cambodians (who's much fairer than me!!) . There were abt 48 Cambodian delegates. Most of the Cambodians couldn't speak English, so he had to act as a translator for them. Hmm....he's actually about the 7th (or somewhere around there) Legal Eagle who studied in the States I've met so far....Ha ha ha....
Anyway, Malaysian law only recognises Law Studies that are done within the Commonwealth Countries....


Anyway, I had my my first USQ Learning About Play class on Friday. It another class.

My (CMS) Communication and Scholarship was more interesting. As SIC is a study partner with USQ, the former holds many other courses besides the Bachelor Childhood Studies. Anyway, as CMS is a prerequisite unit in all USQ courses, well, lo and behold, we had an equal number of both sexes for this particular unit. The lecturer was quite funny, and I kept laughing and laughing through out the entire class.

Due to my past experience with Asia Works, I now actually find this particular unit the most interesting. I've done Play as one of the main core subjects for the MCI course, so I find it particularly dull, since it's just basically repeating what I've already studied for the MCI exam. The fortunate part is that there are no exams for the Play units. WOO HOOO!!!

I just started on Communication and Scholarship, and for the first module, talks about the types of Communication Models there are.

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Went to Fitness First today.


Went to Fitness First today.

Well, today I was up by 9.15am (although I slept late yesterday!), and was at the gym by 10am. Yup, did BodyPump (Elaine) again! Hehe. There's this fella behind me who IS so unfriendly. Doesn't even *smile* at all. So chuen. (Thing is, I wonder is he just like me? Hopefully he is aware that he acts like that. Tsk Tsk Tsk.)

Anyway, after that had a break for less than an hour and went for my first Body Combat (Calvin). The class is pretty woah. Cool. I don't knw what track (as in the series it is), but IT definitely has been a LONG LONG time since I did any side kicks, scissors, front kicks, punches or any of that in a Long Long While. Its done to music, and pretty cool. But took a while to keep up! Lots of cardio work out. Lolz. But definitely beats cycling and running on tread mill. Lolz.
After the class, I got to know some ppl. Winnie and Daniel, who are ex-work mates. Then some others, Kenny Tham (whose gf I saw at the ladies dressing room), and finally, a Loong fella (can't remember his first name).

I wonder, what would my parents say if I brought home a guy who has a pierced eyebrow, wears earrings, and a tattoo on his forearm? LOLz. I'm sure he'll clean up his act even before coming. or when he goes to work. Ha ha ha ha. Actually, I wouldn't mind if he had a tattoo.......(just that people would talk though....).

Gawd, what's happening to my social life? I spent almost 5 hours at the gym today. Lolz. Oh well. I'll find a social life at the gym then. I only had my lunch at 4pm at Nathan's.........There goes my social-social life, and comes my gym life. Revolving around the gym, the trainers, and the other FF members.

Hmmmm...yup, I saw the trainer, May Lau today. She was VERY friendly today. Anyway, I was in a pretty good mood today. Whatever. Well, at least she isn't my personal trainer that I would have to make appointments with. Thank you very much.
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Where is that sense of responsibility?


Where is that sense of responsibility?

Today I made an appointment with this lady, May Lau, at the Fitness First Menara Axis at 1pm for my Personal Training. Its supposed to be a one on one training session, whereby the trainer will talk to me.

Well, anyway, first thing first, she was late. I waited for her for 10 minutes, before paging for her.
Secondly, she was very impatient. I mean, if a person has been a trainer for quite a while, they should know that most of us have never used training machines before. Nor even know how to do it. Whats this impatient look on your face if we can't manage the use of the machines? I don't see the rationale in it.
Third, she didn't really ask me about myself. She just showed me around, and was done within less than 30 minutes, not counting the time she was late. May didn't even ask me what my objectives were, what I wanted to do, nor even bothered about me. It was over before I even knew it. She just wanted to get the so-called training session over with and run off to do something else. Which wasn't very impressive.

I was pretty pissed off by the whole thing. Anyway, later when I was trying to figure out how to utilize a resistance equipment, this other member who was watching nearby showed me how to use it. His name was Wilfred (or something like that). I asked him about his training sessions. He said that he just joined as a member at the KLCC branch, and his first trainer was another bum, who halfway during his first 15 minutes of his training session, saw this girl coming in and lost attention on him.
Wil got so pissed off, that he spoke to another trainer, Paul, who was quite agitated at his fellow colleague's behaviour. His second trainer Paul, was more professional however.

I told him I did lodge a complaint about the front desk staff recently, and he was quite surprised to hear that.

Anyway, later, I was trying to see how I could go about and speak to the trainer. As in NOT GET PUSHED around. I saw this guy, Anthony, talking to another trainer, a "Mr.Cool", I shall call him. I asked the former how he went about making his personal training sessions, and he told me that initially that he had the same problem that I had told him about. He introduced his trainer to me, and well..ALL was solved. Lolz.

Basically, Mr.Cool asked me what I wanted from coming to the gym, WHAT DO I WANT FROM COMING TO A GYM?, how my diet intake was like, how often did I exercise before, those kind of questions. He took down my number and told me he'd call me after the Raya festivals. Man, I wonder why this May Lau person couldn't do that. Tsk. Tsk Tsk. He told me that he'd teach me and give me some information on how to go about using the equipment and stuff like that. What a really well, professional, caring trainer, who really takes his job SERIOUSLY. I wonder why aren't there any more like that !!!!

Well, ironically..........later when I was getting ready to go back.....May Lau came along. He asked me how my workout was getting along and said that she saw me doing Body Pump classes earlier. (Yup, I did BodyPump classes again, and this time around I had no problem adjusting to it. My hands didnt ache, and one hour didn't seem like enough at all!! LOLZ).

Inside my mind was thinking, Whats this lady up to? She asked if everything was alright, why do I look like I'm so angry...etc etc etc. I have a feeling inside that someone MUST have tipped her off....
Oh well. My Gain, Your Loss, as Annie so succinctly said to RenKai for drinking all of the Wheat Grass the other day......LOLZ.

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Dieting on White Kidney Beans Extract?


Dieting on White Kidney Beans Extract?

Ha ha ha ha. U have gotta be kidding.

Anyway, that's what I read from the magazine that Laynie showed me recently.

Actually, anything that contains White Kidney Beans Extract would help to neutralise the starch aka. carbohydrates that we take in. Since we can't give up on carbo for the sake of energy, we could use some
other carbo neutralizer instead??


Swanson Vitamins:



Yesterday, Annie came with me to the Fitness First Menara Axis.
We had quite a good time at the place. One hour doing Body Pump exercise. Maddening.

I can feel the after effects of it. LOLZ. we're both tired as...vegetables today. Can hardly move!!! Ha ha ha.
I can't believe I made an appointment with the trainer tomorrow at 1pm. Lolz.

Anyway, Annie wasn't too pleased with one of the Frontline Staff, a Miss Linda.

She was exceptionally NOT courteous, hardly smiled at all, was Friendly NOT.
Not to mention, I saw her applying nail polish in the midst of the other staff!!!
Goodness Gracious!! Not in front of the customers!!

Annie kept complaining about it. And complaining and complaining. (Annie, if u didn't know, used to work in the hotel as a frontline staff).

I wanted to write a hardcopy letter of complaint. I wasn't very sure how long it would take to reach the Club Manager, so what I did was, last night, when I got home after my joy ride and movie, Shark Tales, with Ailing and bro at One Utama, I logged online and went to and wrote a feedback through the website.

I promptly got a reply in return today when I checked my yahoo account this morning. This is the reply to me in the email.

Dear Chea Yee,
Thank you for the valuable feedback. Melissa did not inform Axis staff ofyour impending friend's visit.
My sincere apologise, since Melissa is attached to the Summit club communications were not extended.
Linda has been reprimanded for doing things not supposed to be done at front desk.
I would like to invite your friend and you back to Axis club for another complimentary workout.
Pls let me know when would suit you best.


S. K. Chan,
Club General Manager,
Fitness First Menara Axis,
2, Jalan 51A/223,
46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 3320.
Fax: 7956 4320."

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Ayu's mother and sis. They barely speak much English. Posted by Hello
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The group of 6 yr kids who would be leaving for Elementary School next year. The girls are really sweet! Posted by Hello
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My colleague, Ambigai, and her wise cracking padner- ME! Posted by Hello
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The wee japanese girl, Ayu Ota in her Jap attire. Kawaii des!! She's leaving for Jap school next year.
Behind me is Velex, this incessantly cheeky 3 yr old boy. Posted by Hello



I can't believe I forgot Asta's birthday!! It was on the tip of my tongue yesterday and that nagging feeling that I should have asked her........SIGH.. SIGH. SIGH.

I can't believe that. Not to mention almost loads of people's birthday!!! My mom's. Mine. and the presents I'll have to be going around to get. there's actually loads more, but I don't keep in touch with them, so that doesn't count at all.

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It's holiday time again!!
Today is our Party Day! I got a present from Joon Kit and will upload the pix, if any are interested.
Balloons, junk food. More junk food. And loads of Junk Food!

Hmm...the last few days have been quite hectic. Open Day was not bad.
Most of my parents came except for about four parents.

Well, anyway, one of my kids, Emily, met with an accident whilst playing with the swing. She was pushed off by another of the kids, and flew under the swing!! Her face was quite badly bruised all over. I cleaned her face and put some medication on it. Initially, she was crying a lot for a while, but when her classmates came into the office (the classroom is just beside it!), she decided to run off and be a pest, running up and down the classroom. So much for her face being bruised!
Anyway, we (the teachers) were lambasted by the doctor over the phone, whom Emily was taken to by her mother, for not informing her so that she could have been taken to the doctor early. Oh well...Mistake on our part. Well, we learn from there, isn't it? Emily's mother was surprisingly understanding......but no news of what the father had to say......which is very curious, isn't it? .......

Well, that aside, I had my Distance Learning USQ Bachelor Childhood Studies Orientation at SIC last night. The moment I looked at the textbooks, and turned over the pages, my hands were already shaking....undergraduate work. No more spoon feeding. No more late submissions (hopefully!). Most is self study and lots of research work for the course. Thankfully, it is mostly assignment based, and less focused on exams.

The current External course is mostly assignment based, as it is an In-Service Course, meaning that it expects students to be already within a preschool working environment, and the assignments written are more on practical application and less focused on examination. However, if it is an on-campus course, most probably it will focus more on research and exam based assessment. The units done are the same, however, perhaps the weightage and assessment focus would be different. Which is giving me jitterss.....since i HATE examinations!

I'm doing the Semester 3 (Summer Break) which is the same time that USQ starts its Summer break. Technically my course isn't available during the summer break on campus, however, since ours is a Distance Learning course, it's available lar.

Anyway, I saw JY whilst on my way back from class today. She SCREAMED so loud from the car I could hear her from far away! Mad woman ALERT. Woah! That girl is taking LP also! Well, good for her. I'm sure it'll do her some good.
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I've decided to follow the bible, when it comes to wisdom.

If you know a person is a FOOL, and has no capacity of listening or learning, you can try a few times, but if they continue in that manner, and also give you abuse for what is tot advice on your part, well, dont bother giving your advice.

A person who is wise, or loves knowledge, will listen when you give advice to him.

A person with too much pride, will lead to his downfall. I know lots of people who have too much pride, not humble, and think they are much more important than the rest. They are going to have lots of trouble.

Isn't it so that, it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven, than it is to get a camel through the eye of a needle! Isn't that true? Rich men think that they don't need God, coz they already have what they want.
But don't know that whatever they have COMES from God? God can take whatever is theirs away if He wants to!!

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Wisdom calls out to us!

Wisdom calls out to us!

Proverbs 9:

6 Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of understanding.

7 "Whoever corrects a mocker invites insult; whoever rebukes a wicked man incurs abuse.

8 Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

9 Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning.

10 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

11: 2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Proverbs 12: 1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

15 The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.

16 A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.

23 A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself, but the heart of fools blurts out folly.

13: 10 Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.
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article's printed out

article's printed out

Haha. I saw the article I wrote printed out..with my name on it!! WoAh! yup, it's in the Parent Think mag!!!

I was so surprised it was a 3 page article..coz I kept writing and writing, and didn't bother to count.


Watched the movie, The Manchurian Candidate at Midvalley earlier. Hmm..what do I think of the movie? Well, it's a nice movie. But none of that is of much interest to me. The acting by Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep is good. Christopher Walken is good, both as the good guy in this movie here as the incumbent candidate for presidency, and also as the bad guy, in Stepford Wives. He has acted also in Catch Me If You Can, as Abignale Senior, which is quite a contrast to the roles in the recent movies. It's quite a number of stretching roles, that I have seen him in recently.

Anyway, I just don't like anything about mind control, or any forms of it, as I had mentioned earlier, in my earlier posts. Why does anyone want to resort to mind control? The very fact that one wants to use mind control, is a sign that the person using it is a very insecure person. He doesn't trust himself, and also a fact that the former has low self esteem.

Peng Guan finally called! Like ages!! it's been almost 346 days since I've met up with him. One entire year. I think we probably only meet ONCE a year. Lolz. Ha ha ha.

That's what I mean being honest. I'm not a lazy person. It's just that there are times that I can be extremely blur on what is happening. So, that's the time, where I think one has to be honest to avoid misunderstanding. Muah Muah Muah.
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Censored, ISA, SS?


Censored, ISA, SS?

According to what the person in the post above said, she was visited by the Secret Service for commenting about the US President. Well, I don't know what she wrote, coz I didn't read the post. Or whatever bullshit.

Imagine being visited by the ISA

....whatever happened to FREEDOM of speech in the UNited States?
Doesn't UNITED STATES stand for FREEDOM of speech, blah blah blah and all that bull shit.?

If that happens in Malaysia, very understandable. We don't have Freedom of Speech, not in the media, not even in the newspapers. It is true, NOT? Everything is censored. Everything MUST be pro-government, or else the ISA would come knocking down your door. Say one bad word about the government, and POOF, there goes your life!!!

Go live in China and live with the communists, for all I can say. Those bastard scardey cats.

That poor innocent Annie girl. She was just commenting, saying what she had in mind. (whatever it was). How can we NOT say whats whats on our mind? What is a blog for if not to comment? U mean, u want us to be voiceless people, without any point of view? A country's politician should thrive on the criticism of the people. Disregard and discern the right and positive views.

Thank God for Badawi, however. He has brought much changes to Malaysia, good that is. He is a loving, humble man, righting the wrong that the current predecessor *duh, who else*, has wrought upon this country. But that doesn't change the fact that everyone goes around in a hush-hush manner, being so afraid that the ISA would catch them if they say something bad or critical about the country. *ROLLS EYES*.

Seriously, LIVE JOURNAL has lost its credibility. If really, someone reported her. I hope taht Blogger doesn't do that????

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Robert Kiyosaki


Robert Kiyosaki

Well, who'd expect me to bump into Syaf and the bunch of the other LPs at Robert Kiyosaki's seminar tonight?
There was Ash, and a bunch of the LP 79, 80 and 81.

Anyway, the first part of the seminar was quite slow paced. I think Robert was quite tired looking.
Then towards later half of the seminar, he got rid of the translators, coz they took up too much time, and he sounded much better. :-) ( ok, i changed my seats to right in front of the screen, so of course, that was much better..!! )

Hmmm...I don't think I'm complaining or whining too much about the PD trip. As it is, Young pointed out, from such a small scenario, how is it that I'm playing the game of life from such this sample scenario?
I have the right to get angry. I have my own point of view.
I can already tell what kind of people they are in most of their life, (or parts of it), just from that sample scenario.


Now, that's something to think about.

What is it that I could have done to make things better, instead of waiting for others to do it?

Did I choose to do it, or is that my natural reaction?
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Victim Sites for your perusal.


Victim Sites for your perusal.

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Another day

Another day

My holidays start on the 10th....and I'm going down to Penang the week after. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Anyway, tonight I'm going with Hussein to Mines for this talk by Robert Kiyoshaki, or someone by that name. I don't know how he got the tickets, or what exactly the talk is about, but hei, why turn down a chance to learn something new? :-)

Yes, Syaf. thank you for coming to read my blog........I think you're the only AW person whom I've given the URL to........though lots of others have asked as well....LoLz. Leave something in the chat box as well. :-)


In regard to the Victim excerpt, I have a question here if anyone cares to answer....

Lets say someone comes from a broken home, whereby the father left the family for someone else.
The child feels abandoned by the father, but only has the mother to live on.
Or it could be that both the parents are divorced, and they have to juggle the child between them.

When the child grows up, and starts a relationship, would this have any affect on his relationships? I'd think so.

In one of my friend's cases, she refused to be in a relationship, stating that she is not interested in one. Lots of people figured taht she must be a one of those Strong Woman, or Lesbian, worst. Ha ha. She denies this vehemently, but the results says for themselves. Otherwise, she seems like any other normal attractive brainy healthy woman.

Another is, if the child gets into a relationship, the person could actually be quite insecure, and dependent emotionally on the other person. Of course, if the mate doesn't mind being depended on emotionally, thats fine for both of them.

As it is, a child who had grown up abandoned, may be afraid that their mate may "abandon" them like how their father/mother did, and not so much about what their partner did. They perceive themselves as being abandoned, although there was actually no such thought on their partner's mind of ever doing such. Strange, how most of us don't realise that. :-)

Enlightened, anyone?
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Victim approach?

Victim approach?

On Monday, I called up JY, and told her what and how I felt of what happened at PD. Naturally, IC was with her. I'm not sure how she took it, but she took the victim approach, stating that there was no one to blame, and she was drunk, and it was all a total misunderstanding, adding as well that I shouldn't have taken it so seriously.

What do I say to that? First, I'm glad I told her how I felt. Its been something on my mind all this while, and it's a relief to get it off my chest.
I definitely don't really know how she'll take it. BUT, for one thing, someone has got to tell that girl, or else she'll never know. I know lots of people, who have terrible tantrums, or think that others are trying to challenge them, when I bring up an issue. Among which are lots of people taht I know, even in my own family, and my current circle of friends. I think they'll know themselves best. without my having to mention it at all... :-)

Some sulk for days, saying that I'm bias or being unfair, etc, etc. Well, no one would bring up a criticism, if they even would think of it. Most of the time, most of us don't dare to bring up or tell someone we know, what we think is not right, for fear of creating trouble. True?

What about me? Of course, this is all talk. I'm not perfect myself. I have trouble doing that. But I'd just like to point this out to whoever who happens to read this entry what it is I'm trying to highlight.

OF COURSE, the question comes again,

Why are you pretending that it doesn't exist?

Basically, there are two ways one can go about it.
1) I can choose to not tell the person that I know the latter has a problem, and pretend that it doesn't exist, so we can both go and live our happy quiet lives, in harmony and without quarrel. Basically, I'd be Selfish. Selfish you say? Why would I not want someone to know he has a bad habit?
As it is, I'd be because I know that if the person change, it'd be a threat to me, either in terms of socially, or maybe it'll affect my popularity or vice versa. True?

2) I can care enough to tell the person what I think. It doesn't matter if the person likes it or not, but the most important thing is that, I as a friend had and have done my part. If the person cant take the truth, that is totally their own business. Of course, I'd have to be discerning enough to know the right circumstances to bring up the subject that I have in mind.

Basically, the Final Decision is left to me and what kind of experiences that I want to create for myself.

Think about that.


Yesterday, I spoke to my ex-bf online. I know that I've broken up with him, and I know his character well enough. Anyway, I know that he isn't exactly the caring kind of person who would give you his kind attention, or does somethng caring for a girl, if he wasn't interested in her. Well, that's him. as another friend of ours had pointed out as well....(which is another girl he chased at one time as well..;-)

I told him that I felt that we haven't had a proper conversation in a while. Technically, I don't really know what his reaction/response was. Well, he already has a gf now. Ha ha. Which is his own business. But really, guys being guys, they're always and will get arrogant if their ex-gf approach them. I'd think he'd be thinking like that. Lolz.

Anyway, he said that he was insulted that I told him such, and gave me the reason being that he was busy with work mostly. Ha ha ha...but left out the part of the new gf. ;-) Ha ha ha.....Anyway, not to say that I didn't try. But guys WILL be guys. LoLz. I still haven't got an answer besides the "I'm Busy" reason. We'll see.....

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Excerpt from Mitch Messer’s Managing Anger


Excerpt from Mitch Messer’s Managing Anger

As children, we were vulnerable to perceiving the bad things that happened to us as if they were personal victimizations. We took our deprivations and grievances personally, as a loss of our self-worth.

Now, as adults, we have the same predisposition to play the Victim role when there is no victimization. For instance, when we do not get a promotion, we feel unfairly deprived, victimized, and out of control. This unfairness makes us angry, but our definition of unfair is not objective, it is subjective: “Fairness means getting my way. Life is unfair to me when I don’t get my way. How can they do this to me?”

The managers feel they have promoted the better employee on the basis of objective considerations, but we, as victims waiting for a place to happen, are not interested in objectivity or real fairness. We have our own private considerations, grievances and anger. The victimization has just happened. This negative situation has confirmed us in our unhappy role. This is not living. This is merely existing from one painful victimization to another.

The tip-off to The Victim Syndrome lies in the words: “To me.” That is the victim in us talking. Our antidote to playing this childish role from kindergarten (“The teacher held up everyone’s picture but mine. Why did she do that to me?”) is our self-respect.

We can replace our unhappy role as the victim with an identity as a worthwhile human being whether we get our way or not. We can say to ourselves, “Could it be that I am perceiving victimization where no victimization is intended? Even if it is intended, I am still not a victim. It is regrettable, and I wish it hadn’t happened, but I am a worthwhile human being in spite of it, no more and no less than anyone else.”

Coping With The Victim
When people are angry at us for causing them a grievance, being late, divorcing them or firing them from their job because the plant is closing, we can assume there is an element of victimhood in their rage. If there is not, there is no harm done, but there usually is. This perception of personal victimization makes their pain worse than it needs

to be and more difficult to deal with.

We can relieve their painful overreaction to the reality situation by identifying the victim component for them. They are not aware that they are playing this role. They have been doing it for years. It comes naturally to them now. We can say, “I am sorry you are feeling victimized by all this,” and that is true. We regret that it is happening. This does not mean we caused the victimization.

Or, we can say, “Could it be that you are perceiving this as a victimization? Well, it really isn’t. It’s regrettable. I wish it weren’t happening, but you are not a victim. You are a worthwhile human being in spite of it. On that basis, you can get on with your life and do even better than you have done before.” That is emotional first aid. We haven’t cured them of their predisposition to feel victimized, but we have treated them with respect in spite of their imperfections. We didn’t take their unpleasant imperfections personally. We did not allow them to victimize us.

Vignette: Victim Of Waste
Penny knew her husband Dick had been victimized as a child. She knew he was still predisposed to perceive things as victimization when they were not.

She was twenty minutes late for a rare lunch date with him downtown. He was furious when she got there. Wasting Time makes him angry, feeling out of control makes him angry, and perceiving himself as the victim of her tardiness makes him the angriest of all. She didn’t defend herself because she knew she was not the issue and time wasn’t the issue. His anger was the issue. She had learned to say, “I’m sorry you are feeling victimized by my lateness, but that was not my intention. I don’t blame you for being angry.” She did not say it in a patronizing, pseudo-clinical way, as if she were talking to a problem child. She had the right words and the right music. She had disengaged from Dick’s mischief, but not from him. She spoke to him as one imperfect human being to another.

Dick was able to let go of his anger and fear of being hurt by someone he loved, as he had been hurt so many times when he was growing up. His anger subsided and he felt understood and validated. With Penny’s help, his role as his wife’s victim was being replaced with an identity of his own as a worthwhile human being. They went on with their lunch.

Vignette: Victim Of A Victim
Gina met Woodie at a single’s dance. He was charming. They seemed to hit it off from the very start. He had moved from out of town and had no family here, just a few friends. For the first few months, everything was fine. Then they started to argue, as couples do. After a few more months, he began beating her. Gina didn’t think too much of it because she had seen her father hit her mother plenty of times. “That’s what involved people do. They hit each other.”

The beatings got worse. She lost her feelings for him and wanted to break up. He stalked her on her way home from work. She became afraid of him. She was not his lover anymore. She was his victim.

In counseling, Gina learned to see Woodie as someone who perceived himself as Life’s Victim. In his eyes, everyone was against him and for no good reason. He was perceiving her ending the relationship as a deprivation. He wasn’t getting what he wanted when he wanted it, which was instantly. This loss of her availability was a grievance. He did not appreciate grievances. They made him angry. His anger was not accessible to him. He could not identify it as such or relieve it. He could never see how he contributed to the negative things that happened to him. It was never his fault.

That weekend, he called her on the phone for a date, as charming as he was the night they met. Gina had learned to identify this tactic as The Old Charmeroo and she knew how dangerously deceptive it was.She arranged to see him so she could tell him in person that it was over. That was her first mistake. She should have told him right then on the phone. He insisted on changing their rendezvous from a neighborhood café to a fancier restaurant out in the country. She went along with it to avoid displeasing him. That was her second mistake. She should have stayed with her original agenda instead of surrendering control to him. Her pleasingness set her up to be victimized by this self-preoccupied “victim turned victimizer.” He was in control and he was going to use his control destructively. This is the only way he knew how to use it. It was consistent with his self-contempt.

Woodie got her out in the country, away from everyone. He was angry at her for not giving him his way, for depriving him of her company, and for inconveniencing him. In his eyes, these offenses constituted victimization and he felt entitled to punish her for her crimes against him.

He hit her harder than he ever had before. She was truly frightened and she knew she was in big trouble. Fortunately for her, she had learned to disengage from such mischief and to do the unexpected. Instead of yelling and screaming, which he would see as another rejection, another victimization, she asked herself, “What is the last thing he expects me to do?”

He expected her to accuse him of hurting her, to order him to stop, or to threaten him with the law, which she knew was a joke. She did not do any of these useless things. She talked about herself, not in a self-pitying way, which could only invite more abuse and scorn, but in a new way, as a person in her own right. She was making it happen, “I’m all right. It’s OK. I’m fine.” She was reassuring him that she was not going to get revenge on him and that he wasn’t going to succeed in provoking her into doing anything that would give him an excuse for escalating the madness.

He pushed her out of the car and drove off. She walked to a gas station and called a cab. She never saw him again. She knows he is still out there, working on his next victim, but there is nothing she can do to prevent it. Some problems cannot be solved. That is regrettable. But she is alive and out of harm’s way. She is not a pleaser anymore. She is no longer a victim looking for a place to happen. These roles have been replaced with a well-earned identity as a worthwhile human being in her own right. She is not compatible with victimizers anymore. She went through the fire and came out stronger than she went in. She is compatible with self-respecting human beings.
This is an Excerpt from Mitch Messer’s Managing Anger

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Personality tests from

Personality tests from

Recently I did a profile test at You'd have to pay to get communicate with a match but what the heck...the test itself is worth doing for the go ahead and do it....

The ones that I posted are those that I think is true of me....but those that I didn't post (so u obviously COULDN't Be able to read..are those I didn't relate to...)

Following are 3 Relationship Strengths from your Personality Profile:
1. Chea Yee has an excellent sense of humor and tends to see humor in events spontaneously.

2. Chea Yee is generally good at cooling down tense situations in a relationship.

3. Chea Yee is optimistic and tends to make others feel good about themselves
The four things your friends say about you: ?

What are three of your BEST life-skills?
1.Sharing my beliefs through teaching, participation, and example
2.Achieving personal goals
3.Continuing to expand my knowledge and awareness

What are the THREE things for which you are MOST thankful?
1. My family's health and wellbeing.

2. The fact that I'm alive and surviving.

3. Christ's love for me.

7. Other than your appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you?
I smile a lot to myself. A LOT!

Describe one thing about yourself that only your best friends know.

I am absolutely QUIRKY!You'll get used to if after you know me.

What are five things that you "can't live without?"

1. My handphone.

2. Friends

3. $$$.

What do I look for in a mate? ok, these are down to the best 10 I could choose...
Must Haves:
Sense of Humor...
I must have someone who is sharp and can enjoy the humorous side of life.
Strong Character...
I must have a partner who is honest and strong enough to do the right thing.
I must have someone whose educational achievements match my own.
I must have someone who isn't afraid to take a risk and who sees life as an adventure.
Conflict Resolver...
I must have a partner who will work to resolve rather than win arguments or conflicts within our relationship.
I must have a partner who will give me space to be my own person. VERY IMPORTANT!!
Style and Appearance...
I must have someone who cares about the way they look and dress and has a sense of personal style.
I am a Christian. I must have someone with a similar deep commitment to spirituality, who shares my beliefs.
I must have a partner who shares my desire to achieve high financial and/or career goals.
I must have someone who is willing to explore our sexual desires with passion and understanding.

Can't Stands:
I can't stand someone whose main topic of conversation is himself/herself.
I can't stand someone who is belittling, impatient or hateful to people in any situation.
I can't stand someone who sees material items as a measure of success.
I can't stand someone who is unable to accept blame or see fault in their own actions.
While I understand that religious conviction is a positive trait, I can't stand someone who is self-righteous and feels that their particular faith is the only one that matters.
I can't stand someone who is not emotionally mature.
I can't stand someone who focuses on imperfection.
I can't stand someone who is so tightfisted as to be impractical.
Foul Mouthed...
I can't stand someone who swears or uses inappropriate language or humor.
I can't stand someone who has a careless and irresponsible manner when with others.

Smoking... I don't like people smoking in my face. Thank you very much!

Many different factors determine the communication styles with which you are most comfortable. Some individuals thrive on the challenge of pointed criticism, while others are at their best in a nurturing environment where criticism is offered as a suggestion for improvement. Each of us has a unique set of requirements and preferences.

Below is a list of communication styles that will mesh well with your own.

Having a partner who understands and practices these traits is important to your long-term happiness.

Plan interactions which support dreams and goals.

Support ideas for change with facts, figures and logic.

Offer opinions and ideas that are stimulating.

Leave plenty of time for socializing and relating.

Be sincere and use a tone of voice that shows sincerity.

Share specific ideas to carry out an action.

Allow time to ask questions.

Be prepared to listen to many stories.

Take time during explanations.

Keep the conversation at the discussion level, rather than confrontation.

Be stimulating, fun-loving, and fast-moving.

In general, human beings are defined by their needs and individuals by their wants. Your emotional wants are especially important when establishing with whom you are compatible. While answering the Relationship Questionnaire you established a pattern of basic, subconscious wants. This section of the report was produced by analyzing those patterns. Our wants change as we mature and obtain our life goals. You may find it valuable to revisit this section periodically to see how your wants have changed.

You may want:
Activities involving contact with many people.

Support of your ideas and dreams.

An audience to perform to and entertain.

No close supervision--you don't want people to hang over your shoulder.

Excitement and variety of activities.

A support system to help you get things done.

Recognition of skills and ability.


Equal relations with others.

Acceptance in a variety of groups.

When in a relationship, how much personal space do you generally find you need?

I CANT see the guy too often. I get sick of them. It happens!

Which of the following scenarios would make you more nervous?
A- making a presentation to 500 people
B- a long car ride with a person you just met
C- talking about your deepest fears with your lover
D- meeting with the president of the company you work for

Best answer: B

Would you rather date someone who is:
A-very busy, with a sometimes chaotic schedule, who books time with you in advance
B-busy, with a structured schedule, you know what days the person will be available for fun
C-slightly busy, who works during the day and is available most nights
D-not busy and has lots of free time

Answer: B

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person?
A- By any definition, I am very ambitious.
B- I have clear goals and sometimes consider myself ambitious.
C- I am pursuing some life goals, but am not a very ambitious person.
D- I consider myself quite content as is.

Answer: C

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OS uninstalled.

OS uninstalled.

Well, my bro uninstalled the computer..i wouldn't say the OS is being uninstalled...just that my brother removed some stuff..whatever there it's now back to the drawing board.

The files are still there somewhere in the computer drives, but we just have to dig it out..the essentials, that is.

Went shopping with Kong last night at Midvalley. Wanted to get some proper sports shoes. Anyway, looking at the price of the shoes.. the ones I got are mid price range and very affordable compared to the Nike, Adidas, Sketchers..blah blah blah brand. The sports shoe I got costs the same price as a normal pair of Vincci sandals..Woah....that's how so-called cheap IT IS.

Now, I'm wondering if designers and Vincci are over charging for their sandals..which is just a flimsy pair of plastic, heels and some design and they just simply put a price tag over it.

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