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blog pages taking forever to load.


blog pages taking forever to load.

really ah...the last few days I didn't blog as my pages took forever to blog.

Anyway, I'll see how long this problem will last. I hope BlogSpot doesn't catch a virus as well....

I don't think its the ServerLogic thingy?

Well, anyway, next week's my Open Day.

JoeBoy came over yesterday with issues of the ParentThink magazine. Nov's issue would be quite interesting as it will feature a lot on brain power

(something that Kingsley would definitely love...muahahhahahahhahahah besides facials, brain food, geniuses, Mensa, organic food, organic this, organic that, and everything else which is something to do with organic or just the word organic like organic shampoo, organic conditioner, organic lotion...all the key words that will just light up that "lightbulb" in his brain. Muahahhahahahahah).

Anyway, today all the kids watched the Preschool Power 3 series for assembly ...although the older kids still complained about wanting to watch Hi-5, nothng beats a kid watching another kid doing adult work. They still like the dominoes chain reaction rippling effect and the cooking part definitely beats it. Ma ma mia!

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seriously, I can't even log browser seems to have trouble connecting to my blogspot......Sigh...these past two days. Posted by Hello
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Kids doing ADULTlike work. :-)


Kids doing ADULTlike work. :-)

Learning Through Play.

That would be the Unit that'll I'll have to research and do two papers when I start my intake in November. Can children learn through Play? Of course! As I have said before on how children can actually even learn from throwing stones into water, something which is self directed is considered play.

There's a whole issue just on the topic of play, all the developmental and cognitive theories on just Play itself, that it'll take up an entire chapter or even more on that...

Anyway, today I let my 6 year old kids watch this video which is from the Preschool Power 3 series.

The Preschool Power series is basically a Montessori based video showing kids doing adult work, such as sweeping & mopping, buttoning, cutting, doing work together or individually (with songs in the background), and of course, cooking/baking.

The kids range from ages 2 1/2 to 6 years. Its features young kids doing work, as opposed to adults doing it, which naturally would not interest young kids, since they'd assume that all adults would be able to do this...of course, watching other young kids doing things that you can't will normally interest you more, IF you are YOUNG kid. It's partly that competitive spirit, and also, tat I can do it by myself spirit in each kid for themselves.

The series is quite old (the main cast kids are already in their mid teens now), but the ideas that are presented in this series is still something new to Asians anyway. (Although pioneered by Montessori in the 1960s?) Sigh.
The kids were complaining that the video was boring, and kept complaining that they wanted to watch the Australian series of Hi-5, which I had shown a couple of weeks back....but then....

Anyway, the series they watched today featured a girl helping out and doing housework by herself , a boy doing watercolour mixing, a 5 yr old boy arranging dominoes to form a chain reaction, a girl baking French loaf, a 4 yrs boy making a bubble solution and then blowing it, children playing with scarfs, a girl folding chinese fans, and etc.

The children were wowing and woo-ing especially at the girl who baked her own french loaf, saying in Mandarin, "wah, small girl doing adult work!", at the boy arranging the dominoes and also the boy making and blowing his own bubbles, saying, wah, the boy can use many things to blow bubbles from...... and yet complaining they wanted to watch Hi-5 at the same time........tsk, tsk, tsk.

Later, when I was sending two of the 6 year olds home, i asked 2 girls who I sent back....."so, do u know how to make bubbles?".....they said, "very easy......put water in a bowl and two teaspoon of washing powder...." moving on to a discussion about, what kind of washing liquid can use? washing powder can or not?" Lolz. I told them I didn't know, so why don't you try it out by yourself and then you come and tell me after u do it? :-)

Later, I asked Michelle, so, can you make your own bread?
she said , no. My mom can't make bread. But my nanny can.

So I said to her, If you like, why don't u ask your nanny to teach you how to make bread?
You can tell your nanny taht you saw a video where this girl made bread all by herself, except when the daddy put the bread into the oven....that's very hot, so obviously you can't do it.
It's not that just need someone to show you how to make it, isn't it?

Oh really?, she asked disbelievingly.

Well, even if I showed u 10 times on how to make bread, and each time you were running around and weren't bothered to come and help out or even watch, do you think u can learn to make bread?
Michelle shrugged her head sideways.

As I left her at her nanny's and entered the elevator, I overheard her telling her nanny taht she had watched a girl on video making her own bread......

Well, I'll follow up on what happens to her....Till next time, folks!

Another thing was, one of my 4 yr old girls, Emily, after watching the video, came to class the next day with a paper fan she made herself. I asked....

Who made the fan for you?
I did. I made it all by myself. Emily answered.
Oh my, you must be a really clever girl to make your own fan. Where did you see anyone making the fan?

On tv. there, that girl making that fan, Emily replied...

And the chain reaction goes that....three other girls and the rest of the class decided to take some paper and make their own paper fans....LoLz.
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Fitness First: Marketing skills. LOLZ.

Fitness First: Marketing skills. LOLZ.

Hmm..yup. Vivien was the first person to call me after Melissa from Fitness First called her.

I nominated 30 people (3 pages long of names....) . Gonna take some time for Melissa to finish calling up the entire list and some work for her to do.

The first thing I encountered from Vivien was taht, Melissa had told her that the one day pass would expire soon. This comes to my mind.
Obviously, Melissa would be working on a commission. It's her job to make sure you enjoy yourself on that free trial and one day pass at the gym (or any other Membership Consultant) so that you would think about it and eventually sign up at the gym, regardless whether its the 12 month or 3 months minimum membership.

Anyway, the reason I wrote down 30 names, (i think I wrote this down before...)...
is because, I don't have to use my guest passes, and besides, and what a good way for my friends to try out the gym for at least one full day, all the equipments for Free lar. Since the service is complimentary anyway.

If a consultant says that the one day pass offer would expire soon, I'd think it's a marketing strategy to make you more anxious, ernest, eager to come in sooner to check it out. I think thats all Bull Shit!!

Seriously, would a consultant turn down a walk in customer, or any other guest who would like to check out the gym? Seriously think about that lar.

Of course, if I was bringing in a guest (nomintated that is), I'd have to inform one of the consultants when my guest is coming and which outlet I'd be going,
so that the staff there can prepare or get ready a trainer for my guest.

The nominated guest can either come in with me ( or to any other outlet after I get my ID card),

or go alone to the branch where I nominated them to try out the facilities. But then, they'll probably have informed the Consultant themselves that they were going in already without my prior knowledge.....

Basically, the first time guest would spend about 45 minutes with the trainer who would bring the guest around showing them all the equipments and how the place functions and stuff like that).

Anyway, for Fitness First their strategy is that, ( I THINK so that is and this is what actually happened)...
I came in almost one week before the month of Oct ended, and signed up for the month of Nov, I was given the rest of the month complimentary use of the facilities, without use of my membership card, since I can only get that in the month of November.

There is also an application fee, which one has to pay (in all normal gyms), and I think they would reduce it at the last week of the month prior to the next month so that the people would sign up in time for the next month. Of course they'll say that the offer hardly comes and depends on management. blah blah blah.....but that's all crap in my opinion.

So, basically play smart the next time lar, ya?

The package that comes after you join either for 3 months or 12 months, would be your free bag, earphone set, bottle, a sweat towel, vouchers (3 guest passes, 3 discount vouchers for the spa/facial/cosmetic treatments, 2 vouchers for 2 x Personal Trainer sessions.).

The facilities at all outlets varies, depending on place and how big the area is. The one in Summit is only one floor, and the one at PKS is 2 floors. The machines at each outlet varies, but the basic services are there.

There are group exercises (you can join all if you want, and have the energy level from Pilates, Line Dancing, Body Step, Body Pump, Body dunno-what, and dunno-what, HiLo, Yoga, etc), all kinds of equipment for isolation of each body muscle, the sauna room, the steambath room, some have that ball exercise equipment (whatever u call that),

Basically these are the things that you have to bring in when entering a gym,
1) bring two towels, one to wipe the sweat off your body after working with the equipment, and another towel after you shower. You obviously will not use the sweat towel after you shower, right?

2) exercise shoes (for group exercises- if any, jogging/running on treadmill, step machines, etc).

3) a water bottle.(to keep yourself from being dehydrated).

4) extra change of clothing.


Anyway, I went for my first two group exercises yesterday. Hmm.....from 7.45 to 9pm.
Hi Lo and Body Step. Next time, I'll just only take one class, and spend the rest of the time at the steambath room. I just dont have that kind of energy level to keep up, as the trainers really go at MAX speed. going faster and faster and faster that I cant keep up!! And definitely not on my first session!!!

Pilates seem more my kind of work out since it is slow and my heart can take that for now, LoLz.

I still haven't made an appointment with my Personal Trainer yet......when I have that time lar........wait till they call me first lar!

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1 Corinthians 10:23-24 : All things are permissable, BUT.....

1 Corinthians 10:23-24 : All things are permissable, BUT.....

I Corinthians 10: 23-24 : "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.

Another saying goes like this, “When planning your life, start at judgment day and work back.”
As Americans we like to take advantage of all rights and freedoms.
But as Christians, we are to walk by faith, not by sight. Living by sight means living for today.
But living by faith means living for eternity…looking ahead to judgment day.
When you live by faith, the payoff isn't so obvious today.
The true payoff for living by faith comes on that day.
Quote from:

On a human level, it brings me back to what JY had done that day at PD....Although she had the FREE choice to do what she wanted, and had done it, was she considerate about the consequences/chain reaction of her own actions?

1) Did she think about how others would respond?
2) Did she think about how others would react?
3) Did she realise tat MT would have been pretty embarrassed/shy to actually approach the girls for help?
4) How would her friend have felt when I reproached JY, even privately?
5) Did she realise how her actions would have inconvenienced others?

Basically, no matter how old a person is, regardless whether they're 25 or 40+, I don't think age is an excuse for acting immature. We just have to tell them, coz it's either,
1) their parents DIDN'T Teach them,
2) we are lousy friends coz we let them make a fool out of themselves,
3) they just didn't know better.

All ARE very VERY good reasons why we SHOULD not keep quiet when we SEE something so OBSTRUCTIVELY and ANNOYINGLY wrong which would continue to IMPEDE on either ourselves or others. Which is basically, COURAGE to STAND UP for yourselves and Others as well.

As no matter how popular a person is, it doesn't excuse their bad behaviour, or wrong choices they make. They will eventually get their just desserts, in God's eyes. As revenge belongs to the Lord, not mine.
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Important Dates.

Important Dates.

Woo hoo...

*Drum Roll* please...... dum dum dum dum....

and in order of the days to come.....

6th Nov: OPEN Day for kindergarten. (lots of Pre-Open Day preparation and staying back!!)

8th Nov: Monday. Orientation for USQ Bachelor Programme (in the evening that is).

10th Nov: Wednesday. School Holidays Start one day early for 2004~~ HOORAYYYYYYYY!!!!

17 Dec 2004 : CONVOCATION for my Montessori Course at Summit Hotel, Subang USJ (HOOORAY!!!!)


WEll, I'm not enrolling for the Theory ABRSM Exam. Well, I don't know if u call it ABRSM, but it is a UK based exam. Or whatever examining board it is. My Practical Exam would be under Guild & Hall, and no longer under the Japanese examination board. No doubt it'll be much more expensive, and tougher, in the least, if to mention so.
Hmm..I'm just gonna do as I play along. Well, basically it depends on your teacher's recommendation on which level of exam you are allowed to take isn't it ?? :-) So, who cares!

Technically, why am I even starting the intake in Nov?
Hmm...because financially, it will save my mom loads in living cost.......and the Assessment Units itself?
I can even start the course in March and do whatever I want and have all the free time from now till January.... I don't even know why I am bringing all this upon myself to study so much during my hoildays all within the next three months....SIGH.

Which I'd also be spending RM20k for another sem in AU....which IS A LOT...Oh well. Which would be RM15k less if i were to do it here.......paying only a quarter of what I'd be paying if I went on campus to study......(enough for first downpayment for a brand new Kelisa or Kancil......)


As I listen to Cat Stevens whilst writing this, I wonder. He converted to Islam about a score years or two ago. What's this thing about the Arabs and the Jewish?
Sure, Arabs came from Ishmael, and Jewish came from Isaac (father of Jacob, whose name changed to Israel). And their father was Abraham. Different mothers.
I really wonder why God even gave such a promise to Ishmael's mother. Then again, it was Sarah's undoing, that she HAD to offer Hagar as a concubine to Abraham. Well, succumbing to 'peer pressure' I guess? and she was 80 when she gave birth to Isaac.
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Fitness First


Fitness First

U know what ? I actually signed up for Fitness First. Muaha hahah

I nominated 30 people as my guests (probably good for their business). and the best part of being a guest is taht, I don't have to use the guest passes given to me unless for a very good reason. Ad hoc perhaps.

Anyway, the Fitness First i enrolled at was the branch at Menara Summit, USJ. It's much smaller than the one in KL, but heck. Since i"m only enrolling for 3 months, its not that bad. I can stop after 3 months, though I pay a bit more lar. Whatever. Good time but in January, no longer, since it's a new semester, new kids, more head ache, more new kids crying, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention MCI internship. and BECH assignments, and exam.

Then there's the Theory Exams. I'm wondering should I even sign up for it now....SIGH. SIGH. SIGH. That's one worry off my mind if I don't enrol for it.

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Christian or Non-Christian?


Christian or Non-Christian?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

To gain the gift of eternal life is easy. But to live the life of a Christian and down this path is where it puts our faith to a test.
When Christ came into our lives, he gave us the promise of eternal life. To live a life of righteousness and faith.

Ever since i had that conversation with Annie about her Catholic beliefs, I have found many verses that has re-confirmed my faith, proven once and over again that life in Christ is through faith, and not through works. For we gain salvation through faith. It's all in the book of Romans. Works is through faith, and we do it as a part of our faith not for salvation, but because of our love for Christ.

It's not through praying through Mary, or to the Saints, putting up images of the saints or lighting the candles or the rosary, (which is already against the 10 commandments- Thou Shalt HAVE NO Graven Images MADES, either pictures or statues), and besides all these saints and Mary did not rise up from the dead. They may have died, and gone to heaven, but it was CHRIST who had come to Earth to DIE for OUR sins and Resurrected again so that he We Could have Eternal Life when WE die.

For we are all sons of Abraham, either by lineage or faith. And it was Jehovah who appeared to Abraham before he was circumised, and wat is the wisdom of Jehovah to appear before Abram when he was still uncircumsiced?

( for Abraham was the father of all Jewish and Arabs. He had two sons, Isaac, through which the Jewish people came from, and Ishmael, through which the Arabs came from (and the promise of God to Ishmaels' mother was fulfilled through their Prophet Mohammad. Yes, it's all in the Bible).

Circumcision is a practice by all Jewish people as part of their covenant with God and a religious practice after they crossed the Red Sea, and the law was given to Moses to be executed.

Gentiles is just a term for non-Jewish ppl (i.e. Chinese, Indians, etc) who do not need to be circumcised to show that we believe in Jesus, but it is through faith and not works. Circumcision here would be termed as works, because it is in the Jewish LAW that they have to be circumcised.

Abraham bore Isaac, who is father of Esau and Jacob, and Jacob is father of the 12 tribes of Israel (whose sons among them is Judah, and from him, is the royal lineage where Jesus Christ comes from).

Romans 4: 11-12 And he (Abraham) received the sign of circumscision, a seal of the righteousness that he had by faith while he was still uncircumcised, or before? It was not after, but before!

And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness that he had by faith while he was still uncircumcised, in order that the righteousness may be credited to them.

And he is also the father of the circumcised who not only are circumcised but who also walk in the footsteps of the faith that our father Abraham had before he was circumcised.

It was not through law that Abraham and his offspring received the promise that he would be heir of the world of the world, but through the righteousness that comes by faith.

For if those who live by law are heirs, faith has no value and the promise is worthless, because law brings wrath.

Romans 4:23 The words "it was credited to him" were written not for him alone, but also for us, to whom God will credit righteousness- for us who believe in Him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. He was delievered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.


Why do I say this? I have lived the un-righteous life. It is not by might, nor by power, but it is through His grace, and His Strength, that He has sustained me that I would have the strength to live a righteous life, and it is a fight worth fighting for. I'm not perfect, but when I am weak, and when I ask Him for strength, I would expect Him to give it, as I would Stand on His promises to Do So.

Living a Righteous Life:

Romans 6: 6 onwards: For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin- because anyone who has died has been freed from sin. Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with Him.

11: In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to Him as instruments of righteousness.

For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.

Romans 6:23, For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE in Christ JESUS our LORD.

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Hang Tuah is Chinese? I'd find that believable. I doubt there's any Malay by the name of Hang to begin with. Hang Li Po is a chinse.....get the what my friend theorised, she could probably be the daughter of one of the many many concubines of the Chinese emporer (as we all know tat he had probably a 100 concubines?) and all the Hang pahlawans are the ones who accompanied Hang Li Po to Melaka then are siblings or people from the same village. (as most chinese people who know their own history would know).

There is a village in Guangzhou where my ancestors live, SamShui, (3 Water) and a village called the Yong village, and everyone else who lives there goes by the sir name of Yong. and speaks Cantonese of course.
My parents and my uncles have gone there to survey the place, and we actually still have land there left by our ancestors. Cool, huh?

Do you know taht there are many Muslim chinese in China itself? Hang Li Po was probably a muslim chinse, I'd say.

Memang betul kan kalau saya cakap betul? Semua yang baca artikel berikut tidak boleh menafikan apa yang di proklamasikannya. Lagipun, adalah hakikatnya yang seorang Professor Melayu telah menulis artikel tersebut. Memanglah ahli sejarahwan memang nak meng-agung agungkan sejarah orang Melayu. Tapilah, fikirlah sekejap dahulu, ya?
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Mod Blog

Mod Blog

Mod blog? I have problem understanding HTML. Not to mention have problem just with the positioning of the Tag Chat box with my Blogspot here ..which is not in line with the entries.

NaNoWriMo...I think I"ll sign up for that and see how it goes...he he.

Anyway, just came from Midvalley with Ai Ling...
Well, what can I say? Some of us are contented with our lives and some aren't. I'm not contented with what I have. In a way, I am ambitious, but then again, I have considerations to look at. Watched StepFord Wives. This must be one of the IT movies in the past, that Christina Ricci would mention it in one of her her 2000s movies I saw on Astro abt her with this partly spastic fella.
Ai Ling came over to borrow some management books, and all the books from me. My mom mentioned it to my bro and he started complain. I retorted, Hello, half of those books are mine. Besides if you're not using it, let someone benefit from it.

Really, my bro needs someone to give him a nice kick in the ass, or else he'll start talking like one that is worst than a 3 year old. Once I start doing that, he'll do anything to keep me quiet. Muah ha ha!!

I bought The Passion of the Christ VCD which costs RM19.90. Who wants a copy, please ask me to burn the 2 vcds for you ya. :-) yeah yeah. Boot Leg. Whatever.

The concert yesterday afternoon was ok lar. A bit stressful, but all in the day's work. Kong and Sayf came over to help out. Really kind and helpful of them.

Anybody ever thought of working in a MNC bank? Hmmm...thing is, I don't like numbers and I hate counting, even money. Why do u never see me think of working in a bank? Advertising, publishing and journalism is more of my thing lar....My parents had a hard time trying to teach me basic maths skills as a kid. Mua Ha Ha....then again, each of us have different talents. Its a matter whether we make use of it lor.

I got my letter from Summit College about my USQ Bach Early Childhood programme!! Wooohhh!!! Abt time. I've to head there on Monday to review the Offer Letter apparently. Wish me luck you people, yeah.

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Xanga has virus?


Xanga has virus?

Are you kidding? No wonder I could not access it....nor edit it. SIGH.
Apparently some virus which is stealing and phishing passwords and stuff like that. SCARY. I hope nobody does, especially if any of my entries here are of mine. What a mean thing to do. Phishing passwords.


Anyway, went down to the Australian Education Fair at Mandarin Oriental Hotel today.
I went down to British Council, hoping to apply for the video membership. But guess what?
The videos were all in Cassette Tapes. Big bulky cassette tapes. I wouldn't mind signing up. Problem is, neither does my home even have a video cassette player!!! British Council, you all very outdated already lar!!!
Buy new VCDS/DVDS larr!!!!!

I spoke to one of the course counsellors from TooWoomBa. She said that the 3 year Bachelor course entitles to Teacher Registration, but only the Honours course allows higher pay. Hmmm..Dunno true or false or not lar....

It's been raining cats and dogs the past few weeks or was it days? Sayf says his place in Kajang is flooded!! Woah.... anyway, was supposed to meet up Ben at 2.30, but apparently he was at Pure Life Society with the kids. One of the other LPs, Iris was there. Apparently he had met up with Celine earlier there. Iris was late, and by the time I came in, it was already raining cats and dogs. I had to use my car light reflector board to cover myself from the rain.... sigh.
Actually, it's my second time to PureLife Society. By the time we reached the hotel, it was already past 4.30, and still raining. sigh.

Tomorrow is my kindy's concert and convo. I'm the emcee. Wish me luck and all the best in my emcee-ing!!!!!

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Fitness First.....or not?


Fitness First.....or not?

Today I just came back from Fitness First. It was my first visit there, and I was nominated by Asta to go as a guest.

How was my experience there? Well, I found the concept of the "passport" concept, whereby one interchange usage of any of the club's branches without incurring any cost, as often, and as when one likes it, something to my liking.
The entire place has all kinds of exercise equipment for practically isolation of each muscle of the body!! Montessori in action!!

When one signs up, each receives a hiking bag, an earphone set, a waterbottle , a face towel, 3 guests passes, free unlimited coffee/ tea/ soft drinks/ water at the pantry, unlimited usage of all facilities, free dance/group classes, and nominates about 10 people to come in as guests to try out the facilities (with a trainer) for free.
Initial members have to commit for one year each time, and pay an application fee, one month's advance, and the final month's deposit.

The facilities that I like about the place was the SteamBath (good for body and facials ;-), Sauna, the Group Dance exercises (which is a good way to meet people), and the fact that I can go to any club in Malaysia to use it (such as Menara Maxis, Menara Axis, Summit USJ, etc).

I wouldn't mind joining the club, but its my consideration about the time I can commit to it that makes it a problem for me...Sigh. I don't want to make the same mistake as I did for my previous exams....

Anyway, I handed in my article to Joe for the Parent Think mag by 4pm today. I test-drived it with some friends, JK, Chin Mun and Ben. They said the article was fine...however, Chin Mun said that the article's conclusion wasn't in line with the I added a more suitable conclusion, and was then ready to GO! Chin Mun, Chin Mun .......being a College level lecturer...that's what you'll get lar...
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Well apparently Cool Edit 2000 and the Acoustica MP3 CD burner are both trial versions. Now isn't that interesting. We still need the red and white connector audio cable to connect to the headphone jack to connect to the computer. Posted by Hello
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Another day before kindy full dress rehearsal.


Another day before kindy full dress rehearsal.

My brother (due to my mom's insistence), managed to record all the songs from the tape into the computer, by way of using a cd/cassette/mp3 radio player, using a cable to connect it to the computer. He downloaded a software, Cool Edit 2000, and converted the tunes into wav. format. Later he will (or anyone else ) will rearrange the songs, and burn it onto a cd for the concert.

I'll be the emcee, "Masters of Ceremony", so to speak. After listening to YC's description of the EMCEE, I think I really have to make a good job out of it.

Agnes has actually ripped off songs and downloaded stuff from the Net and burned cds to give as gifts. I still have no idea how these technical stuff works...well, u didnt see me taking up an IT course in the first place, did ya?

Met up with AL earlier. I was just discussing with her about the PD trip. Come to think of it, it's not a wonder if BT thinks like JY. And to label JY as the "in" crowd? Hello, just because u may even be considered in the "in" group, doesn't mean that will excuse your ego-centric inconsiderate behaviour, which may piss people off. BT may be good in IT and other stuff. But that doesn't mean that you can just dump the friend that you had brought along, especially if she/he is a stranger to the group. Your main priority would be your friend getting along in with the group, and not be left feeling like an outsider.
Well, maybe guys think like that "he/she should be old enough to sleep by themselves", but I beg to differ. It's pretty inconsiderate as a friend, and that's my stand.

EL says I might look the secular type, but that doesn't mean that I really am, isn't it? ;-)

Romans 12:2, "…And be not conform to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God."

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Theory exams?  You bet!!


Theory exams? You bet!!

Today I was at my organ class. My teacher asked me if I wanted to take up the Theory exams next year. Meaning to say, I'd be concentrating on theory work and less on practical playing up until my exams are over....hmmm.. do I really want to do that? It would really make me focus on my theory, which is essential for high grade exams and definitely knowledge of theory would be very very helpful for my practical playing. Yeah. Most probably I would do that!

Anyway, one of my SGL said he was going to come and watch at my kindy convocation. He he. That'd be interesting. I don't know how many of the AW mates would actually be interested to help out and volunteer at the show. It'd be cool, nonetheless.

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New blogging session as of now.....

New blogging session as of now.....

From Xanga to Google.... blogging site. Not only the fact that I can upload pictures to this website for no premium, I also have a chat program cum photo upload client that comes working with it. From Google, of course.
Anyway, there wont be any chat box. Actually the chat box takes a while to load. It is not necessarily fast and slows down the page. I think it may be possible to add that to the script somewhere, but so far I haven't seen any blogger sites with a chat box yet.

Anyway, here's some interesting news on cellphone jammers on MSN today.
They should install it in churches and theatres....for the sake of people's mental peace and well being.

The only thing I dont like about this so far is on how to link to other people's blog. I still dont know how to do that. What with my poor knowledge of HTML. :-(

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