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My cats in a Melbourne winter.

Moving to a house where you can't bring the cats indoors is an experience. Once the current owner moves out, she says it is possible then...

Anyways, it has been an interesting experience watching how the cats have adapted to the changes in the new environment. I used to live in a ginormous double storey house with cats as my only companions. But now the dynamics has changed moving into a smaller house with a lot more noise and more chatter..

The cats currently reside in the garage (so our cars are parked outside). So far they have explored the outdoors and they even know which room I sleep in...

I've brought along their cat toys, their cat bed, well,  basically all their worldly cat belongings.

To make their residence a little more comfortable, I've gone shopping at the local Bunnings in Hoppers Crossing.

To keep the cats from sleeping in an entirely dark room on their own, I've purchased the Click Nightguard Rechargeable Torch from Bunnings. It is a night light with motion detection features, that also comes with its own detachable torch.

The torch automatically emits a bright blue light when motion is detected. Otherwise, it is just a pale blue light on its base.

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Photos: Wild Action Petting Zoo came to my school.

Thought I would like to post some cute photos from school recently. 

The man in the photo is the zoologist from Wild Action. They go around schools, bringing animals for kindy incursion visits, as part of their many learning programs for children.   

It was my first time face to face petting a few different kinds of four legged lizards, and two different types of snakes. There was also an owl, a koala (that smelled a mix of eucalyptus leaves and gum tree leaves), a tortoise and a couple of other animals too. 

I finally realised why they called owls as "mou tou ying" in cantonese.... (cat-head-eagle)... the owl has eyes that looks like the eyes of my cats. LOL. 

Koalas can sleep up to 20 hours, and poop 200 times a day.
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The Two Dreams.

The Two Dreams.

Hi, readers...

It has been ages since I updated this blog. A lot has happened since I wrote. Some good, mostly bad.
Well, bad in the sense that it is bad, but I know it is a good learning experience for me no matter how bad it has been.

My parents came to visit in April for about two weeks. They helped me to clean the garden.
My father basically managed to clear the garden of all the grass and weeds in a matter of one week-ish! That is totally amazing for a man of 70+ years old. My mother helped me to clean out the house. Then they put the house out for rent.

After three years, I am now back to renting a room as my humble abode. Along with my one year old adolescent cats, Atlas and Thor, we moved out in the middle of a chilly Autumn.

It is a big change from having to look after a big house with four rooms and keeping it clean, vacuuming all the time, and keeping it dust free.
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