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Uber Eats- Derby Day weekend city deliveries


Uber Eats- Derby Day weekend city deliveries

Yesterday was Derby Day in Melbourne. It was the first of the Melbourne Cup Raceday where females have an excuse to dress up in black and white and men in their suits to head to the race course. 

Meanwhile, I was busy in the city attempting my hand at deliveries.

Here's a few things I have learnt:

Food Not Ready: 
Out of the ten trips I made yesterday, at least four were not ready by the time I arrived. Two of them were pizza orders, one was a stacked order for burgers and chips, and was a night order for fish and chips.

Due to being thumbdowned by a customer last week for a 'late delivery', I've learnt the best way to protect myself from being unfairly rated and to correct the ETA for deliveries was to click the 'food not ready' button. 

Delivering in the city: 
7 out of 10 times, the deliveries involved parking the car, and delivering to someone in a city high rise apartment. 

This involved paging the unit, taking the lift (which sometimes worked, and sometimes didn't) multiple times, and also entering the rider's home. 

Do I like it? Not really. 
I'd rather do it in the suburbs as it will be way more easier without all the high rise nonsense.
I wasn't doing it alone, so that was okay. It's acrually easier in the suburbs than in the city. 

Lunch times during the weekday:
Based on my experience last week, and this, I have found many delivery orders coming through around Werribee suburb in between lunch and dinner times. Once dinner time came, the orders seemed to stop. 

I can only speculate this is because most drivers finish their day jobs around 5pm, and are returning home. By about 7pm, there is a bigger pool of drivers waiting for order pings to come through. 

Orders in the City (on Derby Day weekend): 
There wasn't many orders coming through at 12pm to 1.30pm (only about 3 in the city). Also there was a boost promotion at that time. 

So we decided to just take a break for lunch and resume during dinner time at 5pm. 

Between 5pm up till about 9pm, orders started coming through more successively. We started in South Melbourne, driving up all the way to St Kilda, into the CBD, and then back to South Melbourne. 

We also tried again after dinner (after 10pm), but only one order came through.

I can't speculate why there were few orders today during lunch time. Considering it was Derby Day, it is possible many people were away at the racegrounds, hence the explanation for the lack of orders. Further to that, many of the Uber ridesharing drivers were congregating there. 

There are many variables to why there were few orders coming through on a Saturday lunch time in the city. 

Last weekend between 3pm to 9pm, I had many orders coming through between Altona and Williamstown suburbs. 

Granted, it was during a non peak time, and after lunch. Altona and Williamstown aren't exactly hot areas brimming with restaurants and eateries, but I had averaged about 8 trips in the four hours, averaging about $10 a trip alone.

Is it worth doing? Of course it is. 

Apart of being a side hustle that brings you some income (faster than passive income through EBay, or selling ads on your website), you can include car maintenance and service on the deductions when you do your tax returns at the end of the Australian financial year. 

What do you think? Will you consider doing UberEats? 

If you do, check out my invite link at: 

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Wishlist: Birthday and Christmas 2018

It's that time of the year... first day into November, I've already received emails from all the retailers congratulating me of my birthday month (and asking me to redeem my birthday credits). 

I can't really think of what I want for wish list as I ended up getting a lot of it on my own 😂😂

So to make it more challenging, a Wishlist shall have items I can't get on my own (so it can remain a wish list).

1) Skincare products from Aesop from the parsley range, or Dermalogica for dehydrated skin. I generally use Aesop, as you don't need much of its products and it lasts a long time. The Dermalogica range is also available Australia wide without worries.
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I recently signed up to become an Uber Eats driver in Melbourne, Victoria.

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