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Videos: Making kimchi (fermented pickled korean cabbage)

Kimchi fermenting (on 2nd Day)
I finally made my own video! It is never too late to learn how to use new applications!!
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Wish List 2018

It's that time of the year where I start making an annual wish list (nearing my birthday month, and Christmas month).

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Earn rewards and prizes with your fitness tracker

My Garmin Vivofit 3- 11,909 steps today!

Did you know that you can earn rewards with your fitness tracker?

I didn't realise the impact of it until recently. (Please take note that this post does have affiliate links.)
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Bought my new domain from Google Domains!


Bought my new domain from Google Domains!

It's taken me ages (years in real-time!) to finally take the leap, but I finally did it!

I finally bought my own domain. I bought my own domain off Blogger in just less than ten minutes.

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Medibank: Extras Cover Insurance

Medibank: Extras Cover Insurance

Medibank is one of the most popular insurance providers in Australia.

I was with them for a while when I was on a bridging working visa ten years ago (2008). Eight years later, I still decided to opt for them when I was deciding on the Extras Cover Insurance.

Spaceship Voyager Invest Mobile App


Spaceship Voyager Invest Mobile App

Recently, apart from the Raiz Invest App that I had written about, I came to know of Spaceship Voyager, another micro-investing platform that had been advertising a lot recently on social media.
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What is Passive Income?


What is Passive Income?

I've finally had the time to sit down and write another reflective blogpost.

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Pictures: Home Sweet Home!

After two whole days of cleaning out my living quarters, my house now looks livable...

Thanks to Elaine for coming over to help me spring clean this place.

My dining area 
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Raiz Invest (formerly known as Acorns Australia).


Raiz Invest (formerly known as Acorns Australia).

Today was my off day. I have had a tiring day, spent just cleaning out the house.

My neighbour-church friend, Elaine came over to my house to help me do an unexpected spring cleaning of the entire kitchen and sitting hall.

We pulled out the rotty - smell- dirty yellow carpet that has been scratched clean-into pieces by the kittens, cleared out all the expired sauces-bottles- practically every thing that looks like it was getting moldy and chucked it into black garbage bags and tied it up.

Then we headed off to Kmart nearby at Tarneit Central and bought some new display boxes to put the still edible and unopened packets of foods (and so the cats and bugs won't get to them in summer). LOL.

Unexpectedly, all of a sudden, she asked me this question, "are you investing in stocks?"..

I sheepishly answered "yes.. I'm just a beginner".
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Curtis Carroll: How I learned to read, and trade stocks -- in prison

I was randomly watching a video on Youtube, when I came across this video.

Curtis Carroll is an inmate at the San Quentin prison. He is serving a 54 year sentence for a crime he committed at 17.

He taught himself to read in prison, and was given the nickname "Wall Street" by inmates. He now tutors his inmates to be financial literate and to trade in the stock market all from within the prison walls.

This is his story.

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How to get out of debt


How to get out of debt

Ok, I am sure you clicked on this post because you were curious about how to reduce your debt, didn't you?

In the past one month since I picked up Pape's book, The Barefoot Investor, I have followed up on that information by searching on Google, reading up, and watching videos after videos on Youtube on how people saved their dollars, prepare their budgets, and up their income. 

The Barefoot Investor was like an epiphany! 

It was all about renewing the mind, being prepared to do things in a more economically effective way. It started me on a journey to look at how I was using my money, and how I was spending my money without a proper budget. 
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