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Eats: Rockpool Bar & Grill (Crown Melbourne)

I recently went  with some mates to Rockpool Bar and Grill at the Crown. Initially we were there to see if we could gain walk in entrance to the Conservatory, but , alas! 

That place was booked out! *hint*  Bookings are necessary!

In the end, we headed next door to the very expensive, high end Rockpool Grill instead. It was my first time in a such a fancy place in a very long time, so that was a nice treat.  :-)

To start, we ordered oysters for entree. .
Freshly Shucked Oysters with Mignonette Sauce. (above)
Sautéed Duck Liver and Pine Mushrooms on Soft Polenta with Grilled Chestnuts (below). 
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