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December update

It's been about four months since I have written a post.

I've been trying to get my website up and running, but that has taken ages to update and set-up. Nothing seems to be running on time anyways! I am still in the midst of changing more features about the website.

Let me just update you on the important stuff that has happened to me in the last four months.

1) I found permanent part-time work as a Teacher/Assistant in a Montessori long day care centre nearby.

The main classroom teacher was away for about 8 weeks, so I came in straight into the classroom in the role as the class teacher. When the main classroom teacher returned, I decided to make the transition into part time work, and to assist her instead of being the class teacher.

I have found the work to be less stressful, and much better on my back, as I was starting to get health issues.

2) I completed a 5km walk with City 2 Sea  on 12th Nov.

Not a great long distance, but at least it broke the long plateau in the last two years.

Due to spinal back issues, I had to change from doing a 15k  down to a 5k walk. I have already been doing close to 10k walks on weekends at the beach, but getting the medal for completing the 5k walk was just a nice testament to the achievement.

3) Winter has passed, and summer is upon us.

Not much has been happening, but am trying to get back into the swing of getting fit again, and going to the gym and long walks again with summer upon us. The weather has been really hot recently, going to as high as 40 degrees celcius on some days.

4) Learning more about the different garden plants.

I  am now unofficially "the gardener" at my work place. I am probably the only one who knows anything about wooden stakes, transplanting seedlings, and pruning more than any of the other staff on board. ROTFL. 

I have learnt more about the different techniques used to plant and prune winter and summer plants, i.e. sunflowers, pumpkins, tomatoes, coriander, strawberries, lettuce, mint, beetroot, potatoes, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, and how they grow.

Most importantly, I think it is probably more practical to plant vegetables and herbs that the general consumer would use. Perhaps not carrots, or even beetroot, but more valuable and pricey ones like ginger, taro, and also maybe peanuts.

5) I currently have a house mate. He's a 27 year old maternal cousin. Not really sure how much of his company that I enjoy. I have to mind him a lot considering he's more than one decade older than I am. >_<

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