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My gym membership problem solved!

Finally, I have an answer to my True Fitness gym problem. AMEN!
After pursuing it unceasingly for four months long distance (Melbourne to KL) every single week with phone calls every week to En. Azwan, and Ms. Gwen, I finally have an answer. Yes!

En.Azwan said that the Singapore HQ has given approval for my PT credits to be transferred back into my club membership. 

As such, I can now choose to do as I please with it, whether to sell, or to transfer it to the name of another person who wants to use the gym for 24 months. 

One less problem to settle, and off we to the next one on my list. 

Praise the Lord!

I'm so relieved. Truly and really, really relieved.

I can finally move on to more urgent issues now!

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