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In a sleepy stupor

I've slept off the last four days of my life. I had a temperature, and I basically done nothing but slept, got up, made something to eat, and then went back to sleep.

This morning when the alarm rang at 7am , I was debating whether to get up. Then at 9am (exactly after the school next door starts), I heard someone knocking at my door.

I knew it was an enquiry -_-

I had to get up and answer the door. I tried to  look presentable. Dressed in blue track pants and a knit top (not your typical pink bunny pyjamas, OK?) I had not brushed my teeth either (I'm surprised she didn't smell it...). 
Bad idea, CY. (but you were sick, so you're excused).

I took down her details, showed the parent around the house, and gave her a brochure.

When I told Elaine later about what happened, I could have sworn she could have hit her forehead against the wall (but she was driving, so that was not possible.). 

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