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I missed my flight back to Melbourne.

So a fortnight ago, I made my trip to Sydney. It was a good time of catching up with old mates from Lentils, as well as some from my meetup group. I actually even missed my flight.

My mind was in the clouds, perhaps). So this is the story of what happened.

It was an exasperating experience, to say the least. But what was funny was how the entire transaction transpired.

I had gone to pay a penalty fee/transfer fee of 50 bucks in order for the airlines to transfer my flight from the 3.25pm to the 6.25pm flight. The transaction went as it should. I keyed in my pin with my debit card, then the lady issued me a receipt and gave me a new flight ticket.

When I reached home, I went online on my desktop to check my Internet banking transactions. I could not find the transaction.

Maybe I had mistaken it, and had done a PayPass transaction, which would have taken up to 7 days to appear. Then I went to bed. The next day I checked again. Still the transaction had not appeared.......

Finally I decided to check the debit card receipt..... Turned out there is a 'code 51. Card declined. Refer card issuer.'

So it turned out that neither I, nor the service assistant had realised what happened.

I still keep the receipt as a keepsake. :-)

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