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God's favour upon me?

I should have been preparing something I would have written for Writers' Social meetup for Saturday afternoon, but my mind has been elsewhere. 
Anyways, so I ended up heading at the very last minute to the nearby Woolworths in the morning to get a journal notebook.

The book you see me holding actually cost $6,  and I took three. When I scanned it at the counter, the price came up to $18. (It's still the same price when I checked later on the Woolworths website...)

However, when I found it at the  shelf, I thought it said $2 each.. I told the sales assistant I was going back to the shelf to check the tag price. It turned out there was no yellow tag (which means half price) for this particular journal book, but it actually costs $6 each.

So I quickly decided on a yellow spiral notebook as the next best thing (which cost $4) as I still needed one for the meetup today.

When I returned to the sales counter, the same assistant said: 'Where have you been? The notebook actually cost $2 each!'

I was surprised, because even if it was half price each, it would be $3 each, and not $2..
Anyways, as I had to run for the train, I ended up paying for the first three journal books I had chosen.

It wasn't actually on sale...  And yes, I only paid $6. 💓 #FavourUponMe

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