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Finishing the 12th day of fasting.

I finished my 12th day of fast on Thursday. (13th April 2017)
I stopped on the 12th day as my parents were flying in on Friday. It is not a good time to fast when family is around, as it should be a time of bonding and socialising. (which includes mum's cooking!)

I've learnt a lot more about the difficulties of fasting, as well as the different types of fasts available. Among them which I had practised is the one meal a day, two meals a day, and Daniel Fast.

As Melbourne winter can be harsh and cold, and to keep myself from getting sick and still keep warm, I will opt for a Daniel Fast, refraining from meat and seafood, fried food, sweeteners, and caffeine (that means coffee too!)

The Daniel Fast is essentially like a vegan fast, but with more restrictions that only allows unleavened bread, and only whole grains like brown rice is allowed.

Daniel Fast recipes suitable for winter:

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