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9th Day of Fasting- P.U.S.H

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I started calling up True Fitness in February this year to settle my membership account. It is a gym I used to frequent in Malaysia near SS14.

I've been calling them to settle a gym account which I opened in Jan 2013, and had been trying to close. Unfortunately, due to some foolish impulsive buy of PT sessions, I had to keep it alive for the last four years, though I was overseas in Sydney.

Finally, I told myself that this year I was going to close the account as I wanted peace. I made countless weekly calls to the club Manager, En. Azwan every Tuesday night..

He was wonderfully patient, and was trying to get approval from the Singapore HQ for approval to open up my account, where all the information of my personal training sessions had mysteriously disappeared.....

Every week that I called, he just said that he had not received any response from the HQ about my case. As my suspension period expires on 14th of April (which is four days from now!), I was getting more and more desperate. 

As I had many other issues apart from this to settle, I decided it was time to get on my knees to start fasting and praying... 

When you are in the midst of hunger pangs, your body gets tired, and your temper will start to flare with impatience...

I was asking myself, "Really, God, are you even listening? Are You up there? Why does it seem like  there is nothing happening?"

After what seems like eternity, with no reply coming from God, or from man, finally on the evening of Day 9 of my desperate fasting and praying, En. Azwan told me a brilliant idea he just suddenly thought of...

If it works out, I can transfer all the monies in my account to True Spa (which is one of their subsidiaries) into my mother's name, so she can use it for all the massages and facials she wants.

Until I get an answer, I have to continue fasting and praying.

As they say, P.U.S.H- Pray (and Fast) till Something Happens. 

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