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Marriage on my mind

The last four weeks have been a whirl wind....
True, that the Holy Spirit prodded me to pray for HT's salvation. 

However, through the past week of four weeks of travailing, I had a sense that the Lord was preparing me for something much further down the line. 

After experiencing, and watching the failure of the few marriages of my friends in church, I told myself that I did not want the same for me. 

One factor that stood out to me why these marriages fail was the fact that the women (and the men) who went into these marriages did not prepare for the realities of married life. Not only that, they did not sought God, nor did they pray for their spouses, and their union. Lacking wisdom, and practical common sense, it was not a wonder why they sought divorce after just two years.

The reason I specifically pointed out the women were because I know their stories, and they were my own close friends. I knew their shortcomings, and because I myself was not married, I was not in the position to give advice. 

However, I was watching, and quietly observing. 

Today I went to the Werribee Zoo, and had to pick CB from the Williams Landing station airport. Before meeting her, I again prayed to the Lord for her salvation. I asked the Lord that I would have the courage to broach the subject of her faith, and whether she had believed in God. 

Thank you, Holy Spirit for that first pilot test that went smoothly. CB did say that she grew up in a Christian environment, but it was obvious from the conversation that she did not know Christ, nor understood what it meant to have a relationship with Christ. I do believe that my prayers for her (however few they were) had perhaps prepared the soil for this conversation with her. 

Somehow through the conversation, I felt led to say that I had a feeling that the Lord was preparing me for my next step in life, which was marriage. I did not know why it just came "out that way". I told her that when I do get married, I will no longer be able to actively participate in the meetup activities.

Probably feeling surprised, CB then asked me how I knew I would be getting married. However I could not give her an answer...

My answer was it was a "knowing".  I said "I had no idea, but I know".

I told her that after the few weeks of interceding for HT, the idea had been fleeting through my mind that I was being prepared not just to pray for him, but also that it would also become a habit that would be essential as I prepared for marriage in this season...

At this point, I see through the glass darkly. As I wait upon the Lord, the Holy Spirit will lead me as I faithfully and obediently move in the direction that He leads me.

Indeed, perhaps the Lord has been waiting for me to seek Him. As I step out in obedience, He will bless me with the desires of my heart.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

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