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It is not just about you.

On 9th March, when I was still getting up from bed that I had complained to the Lord.

Why did I have to intercede in prayer for the salvation for HT? He was NOT the most noble of men, and he too had bad intentions..

The Lord then proceeded to show me a vision- a square box, that was full of dirt. I knew what was coming. The square box went through a door, and when it came out through the door, it was a clean book. A clean slate.

The Lord then showed me His Heart:

My sacrifice was NOT just for you. It was also FOR him. He needs just as much compassion for the sins that he has committed just as much as for the sins that you had committed. 

I started to weep and repent of my selfishness.

Forgive me Father, for my inability to stand up for myself, and be assertive. Forgive me Father, for not having the faith and courage to share Your Word. 

Thank you, Lord for sacrificing your son Jesus Christ on the Cross for us. If you can sacrifice your life for us, I too can sacrifice my time and effort for him. 

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