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Fulfilment of a prophecy that is due.

I had a hard time falling asleep on Wednesday night due to the Autumn heat, and had to open the door of the hall to let some fresh air in.

It seems to me that everything seems to be coming together all at once. The Lord brought to my remembrance that exactly ten years ago, in 2007, when I was at uni, a housemate of mine, Norine had decided to knock on my door one fine day, and prophesied into my life that she had seen me in a vision wearing a wedding dress.

It was not so much about the vision that I actually would have believed her, but rather she had actually accurately described to me exactly what I was thinking a few days before that, and the emotions that I was going through even when I had kept silent about it to everyone, which had been the truth.

Due to the busyness of life, and its many distractions, I had forgotten about this said prophecy which I had thought was probably my housemate crapping and trying to mind her own business...

However, when I started fasting in February this year, I started to feel in my spirit that I kept getting this unction that the Lord was preparing me for the next season in my life; which was to meet the person that He had been preparing for me to walk down the aisle with.

And again, the Lord brought to my remembrance this prophecy from 10 years ago...

This distinct feeling has got even stronger today as I was writing down in my notebook, as the Lord brought into my remembrance the dream where I had received the strict letter from Aaron.

For me, it was the sense that not only had I been given a warning, but the fact that some doors are to remain closed in order for me to pursue specifically this prophecy that He had already given me.

This actually did lead me to ask, why did the Lord specifically asked me to pray for the salvation of one, but not the other?

Why is he preventing me from getting entangled with one, but not the other? Should we not be praying for the salvation of each unsaved person we come into contact with?

Is there a purpose the Lord knows that only by my being that link in the middle, and praying for the salvation of this person, that He could ultimately achieve His purposes into this person's life?

I feel the winds of change blowing, and in my spirit, that upon my return to Melbourne, more things I have been praying for will start to come to pass, with the arrival of a new season, and a new assignment to task.


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