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Gardening in Melbourne Summer

It was a sunny morning in Melbourne today. Last night, I bought some mulch from Bunnings Altona, and decided to tend to my garden. My water bill actually advises people to mulch their garden to save on water costs. That which I have done.

I went to Officeworks Altona last night get a couple of A3 posters laminated. That cost about $3 each piece. Of the course, the question running through my mind was would it have been better if I had bought an A3 laminator instead?

Yet when I think about it, the chances of me actually using an A3 laminator is far and few in between compared to that of a the A4 when I had bought mine from The Good Guys. I could have got a cheaper A3 one, but oh well.

My cherry tomatoes are growing pretty much better now. Thanks to Hai who helped to build the trellis. Who knew that cherry tomatoes could grow that big and tall, and take up so much space.

If ever you wanted to start a garden, it is a good idea to head to the Botanical Gardens or somewhere and do a bit of research so you know what you end up dealing with.

I have so many cherry tomatoes fruiting, that I have no idea what to do with it. Even Elaine, and Amy have to keep coming up with more creative ways to incorporate tomatoes into their food. Lolol.

Hai brought over a mango seedling for me, which I have since transplanted over to a bigger pot. It is in a bit of a precarious state as I don't know if it will end up surviving.

I already have a lot of trouble with the kumquat which has yet to progress beyond the seedling stage, and is such a slow grower. Two months down, it will be winter and I can't say much for its growth.

I am starting to think about greenhouse designs now, though I don't actually think I will need it till at least the  begining of April when the weather starts to change. Hai said he will help me in that aspect, so I do need to have a closer look at greenhouse designs as the weather changes.

Jo asked me to come over to Sydney (when does she ever not?). I was thinking about it, and I thought Easter may be a good time. 

The weather would have cooled down by then, and there won't be as many hot spells that I can at least abandon my many plants for a couple of days. I might as well go somewhere as all my close friends will be away.

Of course, if anyone wants to take a trip with me to Sydney, that is not a problem either. I just can't help with you with the accommodation though.

I would like some company down to Sydney. It would make good conversation. Good company always makes good conversation. :-) 
Classic cherry tomato spaghetti

The tomato trellis Hai built.

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