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New goals, and new resolutions.

In the new year, new goals and resolutions are to be made. In small achievable goals.

As they say, 'sikit- sikit, nanti jadi bukit'.
So my three main goals for this year is:

Health: - Keep healthy and fit to develop good stamina to manage the childcare centre, that will reduce my chances of falling ill. It means not over stressing myself that I will get sick, and eating well.
- To keep myself mentally and emotionally strong.

- To further develop my skills to be assertive, and to communicate well with parents.
- To learn to promote the good name of the school, and behave in a way that will raise the image of my business.
- To find a method or system that will help me keep on top of my paperwork and necessary errands for smooth running of the school.

Social life: 
- Develop my social skills: to communicate well with my partner to be, and to speak up when I see a problem occurring (meaning to not run away from the problem) .
- To make an effort to spend time developing good friendships with people from the church that I will attend.
- To develop good friendships with people from my meetup group, more so from those who live in neighboring suburbs, and also to be able to let go of the reigns when the time comes.

Spiritual life: 
- To continue to try to listen to God's voice (it's not easy with so many distractions, I know.. but I have to try).
- To pray, and read the bible on a more consistent basis, at least a chapter every three days if I forget.

In order to meet my goals, I will have to:
- To further refine my short term goals into achievable tasks, and goals.
- To review my goals every two to three months, and adapt as needed. 
- To ask for help when needed.

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