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My favourite desserts.

My favourite desserts are: tiramisu, lemon meringue tarts, salted caramel sauce in no favourite order.

The first time I really fell in love with tiramisu was when I was visiting Singapore, and my friend, Bryan and I went to Watami. I ordered the matcha tiramisu.

I enjoyed it so much that I returned again just to have that. The bartender gave me another one on the house as I was sitting at the counter, and perhaps he really was enjoying my chat with him. #LOL

However, when I tried to order the same thing in their Malaysian counterpart, it was truly a let down.

I also love lemon meringue tarts. Really, I love the tartness of the lemon curd more than anything else.

These days, if I was craving for tiramisu, I normally make it at home and stuff myself crazy... although I do keep it for guests first :-)

Lemon meringue tarts are a little more tedious to make as the process is longer, and it has three separate parts of the process which requires lots of cooking processes. If it was just for my own, its just easier to head to Green Jolly cafe next door to order one and save my cooking time. I might consider making lemon butter/curd when lemons are more in season.

As it is, strawberries are in season now, so it's probably better to just work with seasonal fruits as they come.

Salted caramel sauce is by the far the easiest of all the sauces to make.

In terms of complexity, its on par with the tiramisu, but can be cooked all in one pot to go.

I love all three.

Which one do you like?

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