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I bought a Good Life gym membership

I recently joined Good Life Health Club.
The membership I opted for was the passport membership. There are two of its clubs in Wyndham Vale area, one being in Hoppers Crossing that has a heated swimming pool, a heated water massage pool. The other in Point Cook has 24 hours access, which is great if I want to go after hours.

I used to think that gym memberships were not useful, but with the inconsistent weather here in Melbourne, and I now have the option to head to the gym after hours (when I cant run during my normal hours). It is only ten mins drive (or less) from where I live. I can be more effective with my work in the daytime, and then head for group classes at night. After class, I will then go home and go straight to bed after.

Further, in winter, the sun sets at 5pm. When it sets this early, and the weather this cold, most people prefer to stay home and just go to bed.

My friend, Elaine Tan from Hope Sydney had invited me to visit this gym whom she is a member of. It's always more motivating when you have mates to go with. :-)

How I went about looking for the gym deals was first searching online for group deals online, so I bought one for 20 odd dollars. It gave me about a 28 days pass to the gym. (Of course I want to be prepared and do my homework before speaking to the membership consultant).

My membership fees are roughly about 17 dollars for the passport type, and I can also bring one member in during the weekends, and on Friday without needing them to get a guest pass separately. (no doubt guests may have to sign in their names, and the consultant will call to follow up, but that is another story altogether).

 I am bringing my mom to the pool. A heated pool is most useful in winter, and I didn't have to fork out more money to join a separate swimming club here in Wyndham Vale.

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