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You save money when you know a second language.

Knowing a second language helps. In fact, knowing a second language anywhere in the world helps. And this really applies in Australia, especially when there are other ethnic groups.

It helps economically in terms of getting a much better rate for services and rates.
Where I used to live in the Korean community areas around Sydney, my Korean friends always helped me to secure a cheaper transport to the aiport, than say what you pay should you find on the "official" English language websites you find off the web.

If the service retails for say, $85 at an official English language speaking transport company, the Asian ones will charge $50.00. They are mostly private, and will advertise at their local Asian communities, or in their own ethnic languages. (no help to those who don't speak any other foreign languages).

The same applies in Mandarin as well. Most of these sites charge at least 1/3 cheaper than what you would find on a site that only serves in English language.

The same applies also in Asian publications, facial salons, etc.

If you were to make a booking for a facial salon at an English language facial salon, they would always ask you to make the payment first, or give your credit card details. If you are late, they will deduct every minute first, and require you to give 24 hours notice for any changes.

I have yet to go for a facial service in an Asian salon that requires me to pre-pay before my service, and normally just require me to pay after the service is completed. It's pretty easy going in the Asian salons (for reasons that only we know).

The sad thing is, I can't read, write or type the Chinese script, so it doesn't help me when I try to search. I could ask someone who spoke in Cantonese, to refer me to someone, or tried to read advertisements with my limited Chinese knowledge, or use Google Translate app (technology these days!) and hope they spoke Cantonese on the other line.


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