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First attempt at smoking lamb

With Masterchef Australia on for five days consecutively (Sundays to Thursdays), and on repeat on Saturdays, it is no doubt that this program has had an effect of encouraging viewers to try out different cooking techniques in their own homes. 

Whilst at cooking school at TAFE, we did not really fiddle much with smoking our ingredients as a cooking techniques due to lack of time in class. In the past few episodes recently, a couple of the contestants have been using a smoking gun to smoke their sauces as well as their meats. 

A check on the internet reveals that a smoking gun costs at least $100 over. Since I am a DIY person, and cheapskate, I decided to not go that path. 

On Queen's Birthday, Anaconda was open. So I decided to take a run to the shops, and they were having sales. Good timing, I say. 

Since it also happened to be the day that my parents were flying off to KL, I decided to make dinner. So a kale salad with onions, sun dried tomatoes and lemon dressing it was, Smoked  Lamb, and hot steaming rice it was. 
Found the Gasmate smoker box for about 20 bucks,
and Apple Wood Pellets for $6.
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Visiting the National Gallery Victoria


I was recently made an organiser in the meetup group, Melbourne Friend Makers. Hence making use of the opportunity, I decided to organise a trip to the NGV about three days to the event.

After church, I headed down to the city and made my way to the NGV on a cold winter's day on a Sunday afternoon.The meetup app was being put to full use, with my constantly updating my whereabouts to the participants who had rsvped to come.

There were three floors at NGV, with Level 3 being contemporary art, Level 2 being the permanent art gallery for victorian paintings, and Level 1 for the permanent Asian art collection.

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Masterchef cooking frenzy

Life is settling down fairly consistently in Melbourne now.

I'm living in the western bit of Melbourne, near Hoppers Crossing. So if any of my readers happen to come by this area, pray leave me a note, and we may meet up for coffee. 

Gung Pou chicken with cashew nuts
The latest thing in my life is Masterchef. I've been sitting in with my mum and dad watching this show for the past month or so. It's now to to about 16 contestants, and it's been great fun watching how the different ingredients can be made into wonderful looking and tasty foods.
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