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Day 1: Lifting my spirit of depression away

As depressed as I was, I still had plenty to keep me busy today. I took a walk around my neighbourhood just to free up my mind, and looked at all the gardens and plants around.

Two blocks away, I found out that Yoshi San, the chef who works in Manmaruya and is the sushi and fish chef lives there. I was as surprised as day to see him reading a book on the patio. It was his day off after all.

There was an apartment that has curry leaf plants, and  garden full of herbs and flowers along Sudbury Street.

I then went to the bank to help settle some financial issues for my brother, and went to Commonwealth Bank to learn to write cheques properly the Australian way. My business checking account is in Commonwealth Bank, so it made sense for me to go to the bank that supplied my cheques. Times have changed since 2006 when they only write one part of your name on the cheque in Toowoomba.

Anyways, I finally managed to get the offside mirror of the Honda Jazz VTI 2015 fixed. Because I was paying cash, the owner only charged me $280 for it, even issuing me a tax docket on top of it as well, rather than the $310 that he quote me earlier next week.
I finally settled to have my lunch  at 3.30pm after settling everything for the day at Diane's down the road.

So far, it's been a fairly good day to start in refreshing my spirit.

Tea at Diane's, Belmore.

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