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Third day back in Sydney

Today was another quiet day in Belmore.

Khan and John, the landlord came to pick up the rent for the next two weeks. Khan, being the existential entrepreneur, wanted to contribute to my burgeoning day care business idea... it is a nice idea, but I can't really envision Khan as a business partner at this point of time.....

Tandoori chicken for $9 (Half bird)
Ricky was not working today, so he asked if I wanted to join him for dinner. He came with Hannah to come pick me up for dinner in Lakemba. We went to this Pakistani and Indian halal diner called the Desi Hut in Lakemba. The name looked familiar, but I could not place it in my memory.. hmmm.

Something that Ricky ordered... 
Nan bread.
The food wasn't too bad. The tandoori chicken tasted better having it with nan bread than on its own. I found it easier to eat after using cutlery to cut it up, and then picking at it with my fingers ala Indian. The chicken wasn't exactly the juiciest I've ever had, but it was manageable.

After dinner, I went to Edward's for lifegroup tonight.

Lifegroup at Edward's.
I went for my second driving lesson today. The second hour was much better than the first.. I hope the third hour would be much better. The driving instructor advised that I should book my driving exam date first, so I did. I reckon that what he said was wise, that at least I have a goal to look forward to in practising my driving skills.

Anyways, I had a short dialogue with Dai last night and he asked if I was going to visit Lentils? As stated before, I now have career priorities. Paying a visit to Lentils is no longer top on that list. If anyone from the restaurant wanted to pay me a visit, or meet up with me, there is something called the phone and also text messaging.

Just like my Bestie who is busy with two restaurants to run around and manage. Or a busy Jo and Ricky with a toddler Hannah can make time and space to contact me and meet-up on their days off, I do not see any excuses from anyone who is still single and unmarried as valid as that of a married couple.

Dai once said before, if anyone (including a man) wants to find me, they will. That includes him in the equation too. He needs to do what he says too. If one really wants to meet up with me, they can always create a reason to do so. No one is ever too busy. It's just a matter of priority.

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