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Seventh day back in Kuala Lumpur

It's good when you know you are on top of your tasks.

The Asus K401L
That's how I work. I always have a calendar to write out what I have to do two to three weeks ahead of time. It does not mean that I necessarily execute what I have planned out, but it helps me to work out my schedule and my social life more effectively.

These are the tasks that I have completed so far: 
1) Got my new Asus laptop. The Asus K401L. It costs RM2748 with 4 GB DDR3L + 4GB DDR3L. 

Unfortunately I was cuckolded into believing the Electronics and IT Fair at Midvalley would have a range of computers on sale. However that was not the case, so I ended up heading to the second floor of Midvalley to look at Asus computers instead. 

I wanted a laptop that I could play games like SIMS 3 at the very least... so the salesperson didn't recommend me any of the Ultrabook series models, but the K401L which has a better performing graphic card. 

It's also cheaper than the Zenbook by RM1000 so that was sweet. All new Asus laptops come with a two year international warranty, so that is sweet too in case my laptop decides to kill itself in Sydney. 

2) Bought a 64GB Kingston USB drive for RM80. That apparently is able to contain all the personal files and data on my computer.. (just tells you I don't have much..)  >_<

3) Meddled with the Yamaha E433 keyboard at home. Apparently the rhythm chip seems to be broken, so I now have to get it serviced (if I want to take it back to Sydney.. but I don't really know if I want to lug it around at this time yet). If servicing cost more than half the price of the keyboard, I would rather just get a second hand model on Gumtree. Apparently the retail price of the keyboard is roughly RM1300 ish. 

4) I did check out the hand blenders... I think I will just get one in Sydney from Target or Big W. Prices are roughly the same, and there are more models available in Sydney anyways. 

5) My new Mi4i arrived the same day as when I bought my laptop.. So I had a lot of transferring of data to do between the two new toys.... 

The Mi 4i has about 32GB of internal memory... much like the Iphones. It doesn't have a slot for removable external SD memory card, so now I have to transfer music files and sync data if I want to transfer music into the new phone.

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