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First day back in Sydney.

I had a good three hour sleep after returning home to Belmore this afternoon.
Considering it's a three hour difference between Malaysia and Sydney, perhaps I really needed it.

The first person to greet me after reaching home today is Neha and Nauman, my housemates... Oh well, it would have been nice to have someone pick me up from the airport.. unfortunately some dreams were not meant to be yet.

I managed to catch up on TVB's Captain of Destiny online tonight (Cheung Po Tsai). With barely five episodes to go, the scriptwriters obviously had to cut off some characters to end the story. The episodes online go concurrently (and probably bootlegged copied and uploaded) with the series that is currently showing on Astro Demand, so I can't watch any faster than what is being screened.

My Learners driving licence arrived in the mail when I was away. It was a wise thing to sit for the driving theory before my trip to KL, so I could just focus on the practical driving aspect.

Dai had offered to help me with the driving practices, however he's been a busy bee lately working straight four-day streaks, and I don't know if he can really find the time. I really do need to get my own thing going..

The first thing I have done now was to go online to book a driving licence online for Wednesday afternoon. It is with this company called Prestige Driving School. It costs 45AUD for their first introductory lesson. I am not sure how well the lesson will go (hopefully it will go well with the driving instructor). The subsequent lessons cost $55, and $160 for rent of car and a pre-exam driving lesson.

I wouldn't mind heading to Lentils for a visit, but I decided perhaps I'll give Lentils a pass until I have my things settled. The few people that I know at Lentils have already left, gone travelling, or moved back to their home countries... Margot, Kyle, Jeebak. What a good lot of people they are...hmmph.

It's just like I won't go to Little Jakarta, or Big Baba just in case Remus was there. Even if he was, he would be busy working, and that's not being really productive unless you wanted to spend your time volunteering. If I wanted to see Remus, I'd send him a text, and asked where he was. He'll then let me know what he was doing, or he'll just randomly send me a text or call better still, and ask if we wanted to do something together.

In a nutshell, if anyone really cares about you, and wanted to see you, they'll come and look for you regardless.

Having spent time with my Bestie in KL, I kind of got used to the routine that we had sort of set out in the last three weeks. Perhaps I should have gone on the trip to Bali with him, perhaps not, I don't know? It actually would have been a nice trip, but I would have preferred a place like Jakarta, or Thailand which allows for more exploring by foot.

Unfortunately Zen is currently preggers, so it was now relegated to Bestie to do both the male and female thing with me. In a way, I have become dependent on my friendship with Remus, though he and I were always doing our own thing. Out of all my mates apart from Zen, he was probably the most consistent.

It is nice that Remus doesn't mind (perhaps he likes being mothered... haha, but guys never let on what they are thinking anyways). I just remembered the time when Remus came into Big Baba, and his shirt was so terribly crinkled (like he just got out of bed and just put on the first shirt he could find, which he did!) that I had to nag at him. Kah Shiong just sat quietly laughing there amused at the spectacle. Remus didn't say much but just ate his lunch, chatted with Kah Shiong, and smiled. LOL.

Remus came to my house on Sunday to pick me up for tea, and also met TY.. it was a nice meeting of the minds, and TY ended up staying longer than expected. Lol. It's nice to have friends who are in the entrepreneurial line. Keeping that connection is important, and I would like to find that connection too in Sydney.

I should continue to keep doing my own thing to keep my mind sane. At least in this first one week, when homesickness is at its strongest, else I will end up having a mental emotional break down.

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