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Eats: Yes! Indeed Thai @ Belmore

On Friday night, my housemates invited me to join them for dinner at this place nearby in Belmore. We went to this Thai diner, Yes! Indeed Thai near our home.

The place has the sign Halal displayed proudly outside, making it ceremoniously appropriate for both Muslims and those of the Jewish faith.  

Chicken spring rolls.
For appetizers, my housemate, Nauman ordered chicken spring rolls, vegetarian spring rolls (not pictured), and chicken satay. I had two of the chicken spring rolls. I quite liked the chicken spring roll. It was done quite well, and crispy and tasty.
Chicken satay    
Tom Yum soup
I liked the soup. It had the right balance of sweet and sourness that was delightful. We ordered two bowls to share between five persons.

Vegetarian laksa 
Green curry served with rice.
I ordered the Spicy hokkien beef noodles 

Dinner was quite a gregarious affair. It used to be just three of us, in my home; but ever since two other housemates have moved in next door, it has become like a five person party dinner almost every night (when I do join in.) :-) 

There were about five of us sharing appetisers, mains and drinks. Dinner came up to about Aud100 for five of us. There was also Singapore noodles (not pictured), but it was a rather forgettable dish.

This place is not that crowded as its located rather out of town. The dining area was quite spacious, and air conditioned, with wooden seats and plush pillows. 

There was quite a lot leftover after the meal, so I would recommend that diners bring their own takeaway containers as the food portions are fairly generous. 

Recommendations: The chicken spring rolls, and tom yum soup. They are really good.

341 Burwood Road, Belmore. 

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