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Eats: Yasaka Ramen, Sydney

After the usual Tuesday meetup at the Shark Hotel, we headed off to this diner called the Yasaka Ramen on Liverpool St.  

Yes, that's Nicolas and Malin..
Front of the shop
Customers at the single bar seating
Upstairs one level
Sauces and condiments
Hologram from the projector
Different kinds of Tonkotsu soup bases.
The menu offers a selection of donburi, and tonkotsu ramen soups. Being a ramen shop, I decided to order the ramen (what's the point of heading to a ramen shop if I ordered donburi, right?)

Their specials for summer. 

I believe this is the Kokumaro.
Makoto wasn't too impressed with his.

I ordered the Yasaka Ramen.
Neither was I.

Cant remember what this is... they all look too alike..
Malin ordered this. Cant for the life of mine remember what it was.

Food: The shop claims that their noodles are hand made. The noodles were fairly chewy, with a fair good portion of bamboo shoots, and scallion.

In terms of taste, there is a general consensus from the small sample of people I asked... the taste of the broth could be better. I have to say that in comparison to the ramen in Manmaruya, the latter is miles ahead in terms of taste winning hands down. It is lacking that 'kick' that could make me go "wow" at it.

Service: It was quick, and fast. We had a lady come to our table of ten (and more) to take our orders.

If you wanted a quick ramen snack, by all means come here for your ramen craving. However, if you were looking for great tasting broth, there are other diners one can travel a bit out further to find a better one.

126 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000

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