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Eats: The Hound @ Taman OUG

Finally here is a post of a special cafe for man's best friend. Yes,  you guessed it!  It's a cafe especially for dogs..!

On Sunday, Bestie brought me for a  tea outing to this place called The Hound.

I am actually quite surprised to find that we actually have a dog cafe in OUG.

Wonders beyond wonders.
Operating hours.

Stairway leading up.
Glass door.

Owners with their dogs in the exterior confined area. 
Area for dogs to ease themselves.
Dog Decor.
Cookie, the sad eye looking cute in-house beagle.

Dog framings.

Bestie really likes his Long Black coffee.

Cafe area.

How do I like the place? It's quite unique, and now we have cafes popping up for dogs, cats and all kinds of pets.... Even if you aren't there to bring your pets, you can still admire and appreciate other people's dogs and puppies. 

I cant really comment on the cakes or food, as we didn't order any, and I only had a tea. 

It is a fancy place to bring your pets and socialise with other owners (aka.  business opportunities). I would prefer that the council  actually have a park for dogs to run in, but one can only dream, coming from a Muslim country. 

The Hound Cafe OUG 44-A, 
Jalan Hujan Emas 4, Taman Overseas Union Garden, 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Daily, 11am-8pm. 
Tel: 03-7971-2144

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