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Eats: Bakar by BIG @ Taman Weng Lock, Bangsar.

Last Wednesday was a public holiday.

My cousins and I decided to make a trip to this off the path cafe in Bangsar for a lunch meet up.

I ended up driving to McDonalds in Jln Telawi as I had no idea where this cafe was, and did not want to get lost on my way there...
The open kitchen area.
The thoroughfare.
Chicken Salt Fries. 
I like the fries as they were quite crispy and had chicken salt. Of course, coming from an Australian culinary background, I would say that I would not pay RM15 for a canister of fries unless I was trying to impress some important guests, since I know how to make hand-cut fries myself.

Chicken Kebabs.

Chargrilled Chicken Leg

Me looking up in the air. 
Elaine and James with their children.
A very pregnant cousin Agnes and I. 
Everyone looking at the menu... 
Thanks Agnes for shouting us lunch on this joyous meet-up.

Well, what do I say? Of the dishes I've tried, the lamb (I think it is lamb.. I can't remember) seem to leave me the best impression. As for the rest, I think they are passable.

From some of the reviews that I have read, it seems that the dessert in this place seems to be amazing. Desserts are extremely finicky to make and take years of experience to perfect making them. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to sample them, and one of them being the Charcoal Pavlova.

Perhaps, next time!

Bakar @Bangsar Address: 11B,
Lorong Kurau,
Taman Weng Lock Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

 T: +603 2280 0073

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