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Ah Lian: Home based hairdresser

I just had a hair cut and hair perm. It was at one of those ajummas that provide hairstyling services at home, and charges a pittance for services rendered.

Apparently my grandmother and aunties have been utilising her services for years and years, and she visits my grandmother who is now house ridden as the latter can't walk.

She used to have her own hair studio but moved on to just home services. Ah Lian only provides basic services like hair cut, perm and colour.

Ah Lian only works only on one customer at a time, so you need to make your appointment days ahead. 

For hair cut, she charges Rm15.
For cold hair perm, the charges start from Rm85. Prices will go up as the stockist will increase charges with the next billing due to the lowering of the Ringgit. Sigh. 

Her contacts:
Ah Lian
Address: 45 Jalan Lazat, Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Before hair cut.
After cut, before cold perm. 
After cut and perm... A bit funny this hairdo.. let me look for better picture..
Yup, her home address.

This picture is taken the next day, without hair blowing and a new pair of frames. Not too shabby looking, and not as much styling required on a daily basis. So it's okay lar. 

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