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15th Day back in Kuala Lumpur

I finally managed to find time to pay a visit to Poh Poh (grandma) today.
Poh Poh is 92 years old and has lots to say even for her age..  she was saying that the protocol within my family now has changed since my brother is now married; which will be evident when Chinese New Year comes next year, as we would have to start having reunion dinners within our own family, since my elder brother has "a family unit" now. My mother knows how the protocols go coz she was mentioning it to me a few days back...

But anyways, that was just a distraction in this entry...

Its the 15th Day of my trip back to KL. I would like to head out tonight but it seems tomorrow is the start of the week. Bestie is still in Bali, so I don't have a play mate to hang out with. Arrrggghh..

I want to head to Big Baba to check out how Uncle Wee makes the sweet sour Ayam Buah Keluak but it is closed on Monday.. Maybe I will just watch more episodes of Unique Eats on The Food Network tonight.

Ayam Buah Keluak at Big Baba. YUM.
My emotions are swinging between being happy and sad and erratically between these ends. I have my reasons for returning to Sydney (apart from just trying to start a business), yet at the same time feeling rather sentimental and nostalgic at the thought of leaving. It always happens on my trips back.. but this time I have no idea how long I would be leaving.

My Bestie is in Bali..  I initially thought I may want to join him for a trip there.. but I decided against it.

My dad did ask me about it, so I will explain..  I have a good rapport with my Bestie, and we do lots of things together, having conversation on topics like F&B management, checking out new restaurants, decor themes and dining concepts, and the like. However going on a solo overseas trip with him at this point of time may cause needless unnecessary misunderstanding to others in regards to our friendship (if you understand my gist).

Not to mention a bad complexion and a face that breaks out even more in hot weather. Did I tell you I went to Bali at the beginning of this year with some Meetup friends? End of story.

Staying back here will just be more productive use of my time.

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