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Third day back in Kuala Lumpur.

Coffee at Encore with Remus on Monday.
Its three days since my return to KL. Here's an update.
1) Met up with bestie Remus Chong for tea on the Monday.

It's a pleasant wonderful feeling to know you are always able to call up your bestie and spend time with them without ever having to explain yourself. :-)

My bestie is not sweet, but crazy. Straight to the point. That's why we get along so well. It's not like we did not have our sticking points in the beginning, and yes, we have our disagreements.. but we get over it, and we communicate. but aren't all lasting friendships like that? :-)

At Remus' restaurant for lunch.
2) Drove mom's Honda Civic and picked Zayin up to Jaya 33.

How's my driving? Just need to work on the parallel parking. Good work considering I didn't drive for 7 months :-)

3) Managed to get the process of fixing up the issue of my membership at Jaya33, and start the process of selling the Personal Training sessions. I am going to pray for this sale to happen. Anyone interested to purchase my PT sessions?

It's half price of the published rate now. And no, although the management says it is expired, they need to take the plight of the personal trainers who would not get paid unless they have sessions signed off.
Lucky number today is 1112. 
3) Renewed my passport at the Immigration Office near Publika. It was good that I picked Tuesday to go as the waiting time was only one minute after taking a number. There was no crowd, and it was really quiet according to the officer who took my details down. And no, everything is digitised now, even photographs. I paid RM200 for my passport renewal.

4) Went to get my eyes checked (I dislike doing eye inspections) and made an order for a new pair of glasses with lens by Hoya Blue Control technology. I did not want to get the new prescriptions, but the optician said that if i don't, I may be at risk of having Lazy Eye or the Amblyopia condition affecting my left eyes in future. Cost was about RM500 ish...

5) Went to get my gold bracelet from Poh Kong fixed. There is a RM20 charge at pickup (or they might waive it if I am lucky!)

RM3.50 for four salted duck eggs.. These eggs are like gold in Australia!

6) Last but not least, my bestie Remus is thinking of heading to Bali in two weeks time. He did issue me an invite to go as well, but I was hesitant because I dont really need people talking about it if its just both of us appearing to go... 

So now I've another friend, Zayin who seems interested to go. We shall see what happens. 

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